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Solution-Provider Session: Byways and RFID: What Can Go Wrong?

Solution Provider Session Session
The presentation is an introduction to Byways and how the company supports retailers by ensuring that RFID-enabled products survive the rigors of manufacturing processes and freight, but still work when they arrive in store. RFID is the buzzword in retail at the moment, and rightly so—the benefits are significant. However, there is no point in investing heavily in an RFID project only to find that your products can't be read when they reach stores. This presentation will guide you through the steps Byways has put in place with its customers, including River Island and its suppliers, to ensure that this doesn't happen, and to make sure that RFID works for you. River Island is one of the United Kingdom's largest apparel retailers, with more than 350 stores. Its solutions have helped it to achieve significant benefits through the adoption of RFID technology.