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RFID in High Tech 2013 has Concluded.

RFID in High Tech 2013 has Concluded.

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RFID in the High-Tech Value Chain

Radio frequency identification technologies are delivering benefits along the entire value chain in the high-technology sector. Industry leaders are using RFID technology to track printed circuit boards, providing visibility and process efficiencies at manufacturing plants. Device manufacturers are utilizing embedded RFID technology to provide new capabilities, such as premise-aware security and in-transit device locking, in order to reduce theft and diversion. And companies hosting large data centers are employing RFID to track assets.

RFID in High Tech was designed by RFID Journal to help companies, product and application designers, and electronics retailers understand how RFID is being used today to improve operations and enable product differentiation in the highly competitive world of consumer electronics.

This is the only event where you will:

  • Hear speakers from leading end-user companies candidly discuss how they are using RFID to achieve business benefits within their operations
  • Learn from visionary speakers pioneering new applications enabled by embedded RFID technology
  • Meet the leading end users, experts and RFID solution providers
  • And so much more!
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Conference Agenda

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October 2, 2013

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8:00 AMFast Track Training
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October 3, 2013

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8:30 AMWelcome Coffee
9:00 AMOpening Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
9:15 AMIntel and the Future of Consumer Electronics
Intel has developed a platform for embedding UHF RFID into consumer electronics. A number of OEMs have used this Intel platform to develop Windows 8-based tablets that implement embedded RFID functionality using Impinj's Monza X chip. Many companies are finding innovative uses for this embedded UHF RFID technology, including the ability to restrict access to data or devices based on location. Learn how Intel is pioneering embedded RFID, and how it is delivering new capabilities and benefits to electronics manufacturers, retailers, corporate IT departments and service providers.
Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, Senior Principal Technologist, Intel
10:00 AMChip Maker Uses RFID to Reduce Labor Costs and Improve On-Time Delivery
Silicon chip manufacturer TowerJazz not only produces high-memory radio frequency identification chips, but is now employing Wi-Fi-based RFID technology at one of its own fabrication facilities to track work-in-progress. The solution consists of battery-powered Wi-Fi tags on batches of wafers, exciters to pinpoint a tag's location, and software to determine at which workstation or on which rack wafers are located during manufacturing. The location data is forwarded to the company's dispatch software, which then updates the lot's status. At any time during manufacturing, the firm can review the physical location history for each lot in the process of being manufactured. Learn how accurate, real-time RFID data improved efficiencies and increased on-time delivery.
Dale Bogan, Production Director, TowerJazz
10:45 AMNetworking Break
11:15 AMReal-Time Visibility and ROI in the Data Center
Does your company really have a handle on its servers, routers and network equipment? Data-center acquisitions, consolidations and the dynamic movement of IT assets quickly lead to physical inventories and financial records being out of sync. RFID solutions deliver real-time business intelligence and an immediate return on investment, as well as faster, more accurate inventories, better asset utilization and improved accountability. Hear how the Social Security Administration and others are using RFID to track IT assets nationally.
Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global Solution
12:00 PMChange Management and Adoption: Asset Tracking Via RFID at Cisco
Cisco Systems has long been one of the world's most sophisticated users of information technology. Managing that infrastructure, from a physical standpoint, can be challenging. The company considered key policy, process and technology solutions, including the use of RFID to enable it to quickly identify and locate individual servers, storage devices and other assets. Learn how Cisco managed change and drove adoption.
Maryanne Flynn, Director, Operations, Cisco Systems
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
12:45 PMLunch Break
2:15 PMHow NFC Can Enhance Events, Payments and Social Networking
Having worked with numerous large-scale music festivals, sports stadiums and conference events, RFID Academia, a leading consulting and systems integration firm, will explain how NFC technology works (its components and how to communicate with them) and, more importantly, how to develop NFC-enabled apps and integrate this technology into your offerings. Learn what you need to know to leverage NFC to maximum effect.
Anthony Palermo, Director, Business Development, RFID Academia
3:00 PMNFC Case Study: Evenko’s Osheaga Music Festival
Hear a large-scale concert promoter and a major festival sponsor explain the challenges they faced, as well as how they determined that NFC technology could deliver the benefits they needed. Learn what impact the technology had on their social reach, and the practical uses they were able to gain from their NFC investment. NFC technology, like a mobile app, is unavoidable in the event-management space, and this is an opportunity to have a great discussion about what's happening now—and what to expect in the future.
Pat Sandrin, Marketing Manager, Evenko
3:45 PMNetworking Break
4:15 PMSmarter Operations in High Tech With RFID
Applied Materials (AMAT) is a provider of equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, flat-panel display, solar photovoltaic products and related industries. AMAT's Metal Deposition Products (MDP) group has transformed its lab operations by deploying an RFID-based asset-visibility solution. The company has optimized the utilization of its assets, reduced unnecessary purchases, improved productivity and minimized compliance risks, by effectively tracking the identity, location, movement, status, ownership and service-management parameters of its equipment, components and consumables. Learn more about MDP's experiences with deploying an enterprise-class asset-visibility solution for smarter engineering operations.
Dinesh Saigal, Senior Manager, Applications Laboratory, Applied Materials
5:00 PMTaking a Strategic Approach to RFID
Learn the difference between short-term tactical applications of RFID and a long-term strategic approach that can enhance your company's major goal, whether that involves being a low-cost producer of electronics or delivering the most cutting-edge electronic gadgets. The advantages of taking a strategic approach will be explained, and attendees will learn how to take a step-by-step approach to developing an RFID strategy that best serves a company's long-term interests.
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
5:45 PMClosing Remarks
5:50 PMConference Concludes
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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

RFID in High Tech is produced by RFID Journal, the World's RFID Authority.

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