Coolest Demo Contest

RFID Journal's Coolest Demo Contest highlights the many applications and capabilities of radio frequency identification solutions. Attendees can rate each demo through the RFID Connect smartphone app by clicking MORE, choosing Coolest Demo, selecting the exhibitor and then awarding it one to 10 stars.

Featured participants:

Farsens | Booth 320H:

> EPC C1G2 Battery-Free Gamepad

What is Logical Association of tags?
We will bring wireless and battery-free gaming controllers together with arcade games for people to play with. Gamepads are built with UHF RFID passive tags and will communicate with commercial UHF RFID readers.

microsensys GmbH | Booth 837:

> The contactless measurement and visualization of physical values

With one eye on current measured values

Where temperature, pressure or humidity is analog measured with a thermometer, barometer or hygrometer, the use of innovative RFID technology offers new advantages. The potential uses of TELID® sensor transponders are varied and each application is subject to their own requirements. The small, robust lenses with a diameter of 14 millimeters offer the combination of a passive RFID tag and a low power sensor module. With the help of an RFID read-write device the corresponding physical value can be contactless determined and stored in the internal memory of the transponder if needed. The user gets not only an objective measurement value but also can clearly identify the object to be judged simultaneously.

Contactless measurement and visualization of physical quantities by pushing of a button in the blink of an eye.

Together with the RFID read/write interface iID®POCKETwork and RFID sensor transponders of the TELID® product line the contactless measurement and visualization of physical values such as temperature, humidity, pressure or inclination is done in no time.

For example, the TELID®231 with its integrated sensor in addition to the standard features of an RFID tag allows the measurement of temperature and humidity. The power supply for identifying and measuring is provided by the RF field of the POCKETwork. While holding the scan button of the POCKETwork on the OLED display of this RFID reader, the temperature in degrees Celsius and the relative humidity in percent is displayed. The measured values and unique sensor transponder number can be transmitted to an HOST via Bluetooth or USB either get stored with a time stamp in the memory of the sensor transponder itself and/or in the internal memory of the POCKETwork.

Because the sensor transponders remain on the measurement object, they simultaneously provide a unique identification of the measuring point. In addition to storing identification data, the implemented memory allows calibration values and other information about the measuring point to be saved. The transponders can also be used in harsh environments. ISO-defined standard interfaces allow low-cost evaluation technology. The tiny sensor systems communicate mainly with standard RF readers and customary mobile data systems such as industrial handhelds, smart phones or laptops. In particular, due to the low power consumption and optimum data rate, the RF-technology based on the ISO 14443 standard is proving to be the most appropriate.

In many industrial applications, wired measurement is costly or subject to special approvals and therefore extremely expensive. With the use of RFID technology, wireless measurement of physical values is possible with the simplest, mobile implementation. Incidental application costs are reduced and measurement processes much easier.

Omni-ID | Booth 718:


Details coming soon.


> CROSS RFID - Mind the gap

ORIDAO launches its CROSS RFID Development Kit

Back in 2014, ORIDAO introduced the CROSS RFID concept, bridging the gap between industrial wireless protocols and passive UHF RFID.

CROSS RFID combines the best of both worlds:

• The blazing-fast inventory and pairing time to a multitude of connected devices, ultra-low power consumption along with complete interoperability with the EPC UHF Gen2 standard.

• The long-distance communication range, rich functional content and robust data exchange of the best available industrial wireless protocols.

CROSS RFID technology is available through ORIDAO product lines, or under license for integration within customer's Tags or connected devices. ORIDAO is now proposing its CROSS RFID development kit for customers willing to evaluate the technology and easily develop functional demonstrators.

The CROSS RFID platform features:

– Full EPC UHF Gen2 compatibility and interoperability with readers and middlewares
– 8KB of EPC User Memory
– 32 bits microcontroller-based architecture supporting customer's application specific programs
– 64 KB of microcontroller Flash Memory for code and data storage
– 16 KB of microcontroller RAM
– SPI, I2C, UART digital interfaces to field bus and sensors
– Dedicated high speed interface for resistive sensors
– Distance estimation: wireless accesss to Tag's RSSI
– Battery management: wireless access to battery status
– Embedded security: Authentication, data encryption and integrity

A license-free software environment is provided for customers's specific development on the CROSS RFID platform and PC based user Interface.

The CROSS RFID platform allows:

– Short and long distance identification
– Instant and secure long-distance pairing with distant devices
– Instant long-distance wireless multi-sensor measurements or data logging with smart alarm
management – Long-distance secure wireless interface with smart system for shared data access

Phase IV Engineering | Booth 320A:

> Aircraft RFID Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS)

RFID battery-free pressure and temperature sensor – Use a hand held reader to take the tire pressure and temperate on a for Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and LearJet wheel.

> Embedded High Precision RFID Rebar Strain Sensor for Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Verify that a tunnel structure is safe by reading a rebar strain sensor that is embedded inside the tunnel concrete structure.

> World's Smallest Wireless Temperature Sensor – Food Processing RFID Temperature Sensor

Take the internal temperature of a meatball with a battery-free RFID sensor that is the world’s smallest wireless temperature sensor.

> Food Storage Battery-Free RFID Temperature Monitoring Sensor – Credit Card Size

Monitor a refrigerator temperature with a battery-free wireless RFID sensor.

> World's Smallest Sealed Temperature Data Logger with RFID Interface

Use the world’s smallest and lowest density sealed data logger to monitor a high-pressure cooking process by leveraging RFID technology for the wireless communication link.

> Dairy Cow Internal Core Body Temperature RFID Temperature Sening Bolus

Check if your dairy cow has a fever with a battery-free RFID internal cow temperature bolus.

> Embedded Bridge Deck Moisture and Temperature Metal-Mount Battery-Free RFID Sensor

Read through asphalt to see if your metal bridge deck is wet with a battery-free RFID sensor.

Serialio | Booth 915:

> NFC Reader Connects Simultaneously To Multiple Bluetooth Hosts

Worlds only NFC reader with Bluetooth HID, SPP, and BLE capabilities able to communicate NFC scans simultaneously to multiple Bluetooth hosts. Single NFC reader can send NFC reads simultaneously to multiple devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X, and more. Connect to older SPP & HID capable hosts, and new BLE capable hosts individually or simultaneously. Two-way NFC communication for iOS apps without MFi (Made For iOS) compliance requirements. Provides multi-gate ticket check-in solutions previously unavailable. New solutions possible for training, and 100% auditing with interactive mobile applications. Versions available for industrial environments, crush-resistant, water-resistant and even water submersible versions available. NFC engines available for iClass, PROX HID, ICODE, MiFare, Felica, AWID, Casi-Rusco, ISO 15693, ISO 14444, Cardax, EM410X/Rosslare, Hitag , Honeywell Nexwatch, Indala, Keri , Kantech ioProx, ReadyKey Pro, SecuraKey RadioKey, XceedID, and Sielox. Readers and solutions Bluetooth multi-host capability for other RFID technologies such as ISO 18000 EPC Class1 Gen2, and livestock tags, available on contract. has been providing innovative mobile solutions for over 23 years. In 2001 provided the world's first NFC-RFID reader Bluetooth connected to the Linux based Sharp Zaurs SL-5500. In 2003 first to connect Bluetooth NFC reader to Palm Treo. In 2004 provided Bluetooth NFC reader solutions for BlackBerry. Come visit our booth and discuss your solution needs.

SML | Booth 804:

> Creating Value Instead of Complexity with Clarity Item-Level RFID

SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions will show a demo in its booth featuring its best-in-class Clarity item-level RFID software. This demo will showcase Clarity on iOS as well as "standard" handheld RFID hardware, and demonstrate cycle counting, replenishment, Geiger counter, and other features all in a realistic environment featuring clothing displays and SML RFID tags. You'll witness firsthand the data and analytics Clarity makes available to your company, enhancing business intelligence in new and exciting ways. Come see how the latest UI and process-driven features make RFID simpler than ever to implement across the enterprise, driving increased sales, reduced inventory, lower shrink and omnichannel execution.