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Product Announcements


The FEIG ELECTRONICS CPRMUX is a small, inexpensive four-channel antenna multiplexer designed to connect multiple antennas to the ID CPR74 NFC reader module. Matching hole patterns permit the modules to stack compactly above or below one another.

AsReader - New Handheld RFID Reader Locates Tags Within Centimeters

AsReader's ASR-R250G reader, paired with a smartphone, employs software from RFLocus and can display the locations of tagged items in 3D from a range of about 10 meters.

RFID Inc - Model S4 UHF Reader 866 to 928 MHz

RFID, Inc.’s new Model S4 UHF Reader can port up to 4 Antennas with addressing achieving read ranges up to 75 feet with anti-collision technology (the ability to read multiple RFID Tags).

Advanced Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag ICs from STMicroelectronics Combine Long-Range Contactless Communication with Fast Transfer Mode

The new advanced ST25DV dynamic-tag ICs are the latest addition to the ST25 NFC/RFID product family that come with a rich featured contactless RF interface and I2C bus

GuardRFID releases world’s lowest profile asset tag with tamper detection making tracking even the smallest items possible

AT-5BLF Asset Tag rounds out Company’s widest selection of the smallest, toughest & longest-lasting tags in the industry

Farsens Unveils The Rocky100

Farsens unveils the Rocky100, the RFID chip to bring your products to their full IoT potential.


GIGA-TMS will launch series new products to meet the popular applications in the market.

Siemens - Simatic RF300 - Features For The Future

The Simatic RF300 RFID system has been innovated with the addition of a new generation of readers. With their updated design and considerably improved functionality, the new readers are even more versatile and at the same time fully compatible with the first generation.

FEIG Electronics Upgraded CPR44 NFC Reader: The CPR74

FEIG Electronics is proud to announce an upgrade to our popular CPR44 NFC reader: the CPR74.

SenseStone Presents Dual-frequency Tags and Small-Size SMD Packaged Tags

SenseStone has been continuously devoting to become the world's most professional solution provider of the UHF RFID specific tags.

Metalcraft announces Universal Micro RFID Tag

Tiny tag offers long read range, flexible mounting on a range of materials