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January 22, 2015

The Internet of Things is a broad term being used to cover technologies that give network connectivity to everyday objects, from wearable computers to common products. What's behind all the excitement about the Internet of Things? How will companies benefit from IOT technologies? What will be the impact on consumers? What strategies should companies use to take advantage of IOT technologies, and which technologies will dominate the IOT. During this virtual event, leading experts will answer these and other questions about the Internet of Things. » View Agenda


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The Current State of the Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
  • The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Security and Privacy
  • Wearable Technology—Connecting With Customers Via RFID
  • Closing Remarks
All RFID Journal virtual events are archived for on-demand viewing, so if you are too busy to participate live in one of our virtual events, you can view the recorded session when your schedule permits. Click on a headline to view the corresponding virtual event.
RFID in Manufacturing 2014
Manufacturing companies across many industries are employing RFID to achieve major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. Hear how leading manufacturing firms are using RFID to achieve benefits today.
RFID in Harsh Environments 2014
Companies in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction and energy industries are using RFID technology to improve operational safety and efficiency, as well as financial results. In this virtual event, learn how the technology can be used for asset tracking, personnel safety and equipment maintenance, as well as to speed production and shipping processes in harsh and complex environments.
RFID in Retail 2014
Retail and apparel companies have been among the early adopters of RFID technologies, both internally and within their shared supply chains. Hear how retailers worldwide are using RFID to track individual items and improve inventory accuracy, and to have products on shelves when customers want to buy them.
RFID in Aerospace and Aviation VE 2014
This virtual event is designed specifically for airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance firms and others looking to understand how radio frequency identification can improve their supply chains and reduce costs. Without leaving your desk, hear how leading companies in aerospace and aviation are using RFID to achieve benefits today.
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