RFID for Yard Management

September 27, 2011 — 11 AM to 1 PM EDT

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This virtual event will feature case studies discussing the use of radio frequency identification in yard management to facilitate the ability to track the location and status of all vehicles, as well as their associated inventory throughout a yard, in real time. Sessions will cover efficient equipment-yard inventory management, including how to employ radio frequency identification to automatically track the amount of inventory on hand, where and to whom it is being delivered, for how long it has been outstanding, and how often it is used.

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11:00 AMWelcome and Introduction
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:05 AMUsing RFID to Deploy Assets in Oil and Gas Laydown Yards
Learn how one of the world's largest logistics providers for offshore oil and gas exploration and production employs EPC RFID technologies to support the management of equipment at its laydown yards and shipyards. In this session, the firm will discuss the value of RFID technology to manage the location and identification of a variety of owned, consigned and rental equipment. This firm, a leading innovator, is exploiting the latest long-read-range and highly durable RFID technologies in environments and applications previously unaddressed.
Hubert Bass, Systems Manager, Edison Chouest Offshore, C-Logistics Division
11:30 AMRFID for Tracking Military Vehicles and Material
The leading command for the pre-provisioning of cargo ships with military equipment employed RFID to achieve accurate manifests and streamline operations. Before developing a passive RFID system to track which equipment was in its yard, and to monitor how the various items were loaded and unloaded, the command often experienced incorrect counts and lost the identity of valuable assets. This presentation will include video footage demonstrating impressive gains in yard management, vehicle identification and labor savings, versus previously deployed methods.
Lyle Layher, MPS Plans Management Branch, Blount Island Command, U.S. Marine Corps
11:55 AMRFID-Enabled Yard Management
In order to reduce inbound and outbound trailer bottlenecks, as well as enhance operating procedures while streamlining operations, a logistics-management firm is uniquely employing passive RFID technologies at an enterprise level, across multiple distribution centers, for one of the largest trucking firms in the United States. This is proving to be a much more cost-effective and long-term reliable solution than active RFID-, GSM- or GPS-based systems. Hear how a yard-management solution is reducing inbound and outbound trailer bottlenecks, allowing the company to build effective yard plans, enhance operating procedures and streamline operations.
Chuck Bealke, VP, Retalix
12:25 PMAchieving Active RFID Performance With Passive RFID Economics
The maturation of highly durable, long-read range, fit-for-purpose passive RFID tags, combined with the advent of long-read range passive RFID systems with RTLS capabilities, as well as innovative mobile RFID reader platforms, is revolutionizing the ability of organizations to track assets in a variety of yard environments, at much lower initial infrastructure and tag costs, and with the long-term advantages of long-lived tags that do not require batteries.
Andre Coté , SVP Business Development, Omni-ID
1:00 PMVirtual Event Concludes