RFID in Retail

June 12, 2012 — 11 AM to 1 PM EDT

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During this virtual event, hear how retailers worldwide are using RFID to track individual items and improve inventory accuracy, and to have products on shelves when customers want to buy them. In addition, obtain an update on the VICS Item Level RFID Initiative, which is helping to develop standard ways of deploying the technology, as well as best practices.

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11:00 AMWelcome and Introduction
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:05 AMGetting Started: Key Considerations for RFID Pilots and Deployments
Retailers looking to pilot or deploy radio frequency identification should ask many questions, such as: What categories should be considered? How many items should be tagged in order to gain insight into a business case? How many stores must be included in a pilot or early deployment? Who tags items, and when does this take place? And what read points are required? During this session, the answers to these and many other questions pertaining to a successful pilot or early-stage deployment will be explored.
Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean and Wells Fargo Professor, College of Business, Auburn University
11:25 AMGame-Changing Innovation, Low-Cost UHF Paper Labels for the Retail Industry
TAGEOS' "inlay-less" paper labels are drastically reducing manufacturing costs, by removing the PET layer and using a patented, cutting-edge new antenna technology. In this session, learn about the unique manufacturing process used by TAGEOS to produce high-quality and low-cost labels, including an anti-tampering feature that will specifically fit the retail/CPG industry segments, as well as ease adoption. Hear a case study dealing with the retail jewelry industry, walking attendees through the deployment and benefits of RFID at one DC, as well as more than 80 shops.
Lucien Repellin, VP of Business Development, TAGEOS
11:40 AMSupply Chain Applications
RFID technology can dramatically improve supply chain operations. This session will cover outbound audits to ensure 100 percent shipping accuracy, receiving, electronic proof of delivery and other applications.
Jay Craft, VP Product Development, VF Jeanswear, LP
David Cromhout, RFID Research Center Research Director, University of Arkansas
12:05 PMChip-Based Serialization Strategies and Options
Zebra Technologies and Mid-South Marking Systems will discuss various methods of item-level serialization for RFID tags using chip-based technology. The ability to guarantee the uniqueness of serialized items without relying on software is attractive to many users. Multiple methods have recently arisen—both chip-dependent solutions and strategies for the new Multi-Vendor Chip-Based Serialization (MCS) system. Learn what is available now, and what will be available in the near future.
Brett Wilkerson, Director of RFID Sales and Systems Integration, Mid-South Marking Systems
McLeod Williamson, RFID Business Development, Zebra Technologies
12:35 PMCase Study: Item-Level Tagging at Macy's
Macy's is RFID-enabling its stores by asking suppliers to apply passive UHF tags to "replenishment items"—products regularly stocked and automatically resupplied when sold to customers. The goods being tagged consist of size-intensive replenishment categories, such as men's and women's undergarments, men's slacks, denim apparel and women's shoes, accounting for approximately 30 percent of the retailer's sales. Learn how the solution is being used to reduce out-of-stocks on store shelves, and why the firm expects that the effort will lead to increased sales revenue.
Bill Connell, Senior VP of Logistics and Operations, Macy's
12:55 PMClosing Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal