RFID Standards and Best Practices in Oil and Gas

September 01, 2011 — 11 AM to 12:15 PM EDT

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Oil and Gas RFID Solution

RFID in Energy, taking place at the Sheraton North Hotel in Houston, TX on September 20, 2011, is co-hosted by the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group. The group, comprising petroleum, petrochemical and services companies, as well as RFID vendors and universities, is driving industry adoption, education and standards development regarding RFID-based systems within the petroleum and petrochemical market space.

This virtual event will feature some of the speakers in the RFID in Energy conference, who will address the benefits that RFID can provide to utility companies, chemical, gas and oil firms, as well as the challenges that must be overcome to achieve such benefits. Register today and get an advance look at some early results, before the conference opens.

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11:00 AMWelcome and Introduction
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:05 AMRFID Stored Equipment Schematics and Mission Critical Data
Energy companies often operate in remote regions of the world, where Internet access is not always available or robust. Yet technicians need quick access to critical part information to make repairs. This session will explain the capability of RFID technology to hold equipment schematics for maintenance, repair, overhaul and operations activities for equipment in the oil and gas sector.
11:25 AMRFID Data Standards for the Oil and Gas Industry
As an important part of its overall mission, the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group engages in collaborative work with its members and various end-users of the oil and gas industry. The presenter will share how the group is developing standards for Frac-Iron, OCTG Products, and other oil field equipment in addition to the implications that these standards will have for open-loop RFID tracking and tracing of equipment in the upstream.
Dr. Pat King, Global Director of RFID Standards, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
11:45 AMRFID from Manufacturer to the Production Platform
The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group will share various global programs developed to support the use of RFID technologies for end-to-end tracking and tracing of high-value equipment from the point of manufacturing to the production platforms. The presenter will explain the value of such track-and-trace systems and the technologies used, and detail various case studies of real-world oil field companies supporting these initiatives.
Sam Falsafi, Co-founder, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
12:05 PMClosing Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal