RFID in Oil & Gas

September 22, 2009 — 11 AM to 2 PM EDT

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Zebra Enterprise Solutions

The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group, comprising petroleum, petrochemical and services companies, RFID vendors and an academic think tank, hopes to develop a common approach to deploying RFID across the energy sector. This virtual event will examine the benefits RFID could provide to chemical, gas and oil companies, and explore the challenges that must be overcome to achieve such benefits.

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11:05 AMCase Study: Global Oil Company Uses RFID on Rigs, at Refineries and Across Remote Pipelines
In this session, hear how BP is employing RFID technology to monitor assets across its rigs and among personnel at its refineries, as well as to secure transportation pipelines.
Curt Smith, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, BP
11:25 AMQ&A With Speaker
11:30 AMHow RFID Is Being Used in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil Field Application
The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group will outline the current state of RFID deployments in the oil and gas sector, and explain how companies are employing radio frequency identification across the entire value chain.
Sam Falsafi, Co-founder, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
Konrad Konarski, Co-founder, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
11:50 AMQ&A With Speakers
11:55 AMSecurity and Safety Solutions for RFID in Oil and Gas
To examine the performance of mobility and active RFID technology in harsh environments with significant interference from large metallic constructions, Texas A&M's RFID Lab has developed, implemented and tested a muster and zoning stations system at its firefighting training site, in collaboration with multiple private industries. In this session, the presenter will share details from the deployment of such a system for personnel tracking at an offshore application, for safety and security purposes.
Dr. Ben Zoghi, Professor & Director, RFID/Sensor Laboratory, Texas A&M University
12:00 PMQ&A With Speaker
12:20 PMHow Auto ID Is Being Used to Track Remote Workers Across 4,000 Miles of Gulf Coast Pipeline
Dow Chemical, the world's second-largest petrochemical company, will discuss how it tracks remote maintenance workers along 4,000 miles of its Gulf Coast Pipeline, using intrinsically safe wireless technologies.
Gary Smith, Senior Supply Chain Specialist, RFID, GPS, Auto ID Expertise Center, Dow Chemical
12:40 PMQ&A With Speaker
12:45 PMRFID for Natural Gas Service Providers
In this session, Southern California Gas, a division of Sempra Energy, will discuss how it is using RFID technology to track natural gas consumption and business assets.
Jim Pilant, SAP Business Process Designer, Sempra Utilities
1:00 PMQ&A With Speaker
1:05 PMThe Benefits of Real-Time Asset Management and Tracking Solutions in Extreme Environments
Companies in the process manufacturing industry, such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction and energy are facing increasing pressure to improve operational safety and efficiency, as well as financial results. In these harsh and complex environments, proper asset management, personnel safety and equipment maintenance are not just regulatory issues; they are paramount to the success and health of the business. By using RFID and RTLS technologies to automate critical business processes, Zebra Enterprise Solutions delivers scalable, robust and reliable real-time asset management solutions that protect profitability and provide end-to-end visibility to streamline everyday tracking of materials, equipment and personnel in process. This enables companies to improve personnel safety, increase operational efficiency and profitability. Hear how Zebra Enterprise Solutions deployed a real-world evacuation management tracking solution for BP and learn how your company can deploy such solutions in harsh environments.
Samuel Levy, VP, Sales Engineering, Zebra Technologies
Phill Bartlett, Sales Engineer and System Architect, Zebra Technologies
1:15 PMQ&A With Speakers
1:20 PMUsing RFID in the World's Harshest Conditions
Energy companies operate in some of Earth's harshest conditions, from the frigid waters of the North Sea to the searing heat of the Middle Eastern deserts. These businesses also need to track a wide variety of assets composed of metal, which has been a challenge with RFID. In this session, two leading experts on specialty RFID tags will discuss the various options available today, explaining when and where each can be used under the most challenging operating conditions.
Dr. Pat King, Founder, Technologies ROI, LLC
Jason Brewer, Tag Specialist, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
1:30 PMQ&A With Speakers
1:40 PMCase Study: National Oilwell Varco
In this session, National Oilwell Varco, one of the world's largest producers of oil-field equipment, will share how it is employing radio frequency identification to track mooring, surface and sub-sea assets. Learn how the company is utilizing RFID to track and service assets across its supply chain.
Ashe Menon, Product Line Manager for RigMS - RFID based Asset Management, National Oilwell Varco
1:55 PMQ&A With Speaker
2:00 PMVirtual Event Concludes