Just as a conference is a series of seminars held in a single location, virtual events are a series of webinars offered via the Internet. RFID Journal's virtual events are presented by subject-matter experts and thought leaders presenting the latest information regarding business and technology issues related to the use of radio frequency identification. These live, interactive programs offer a convenient way to learn how companies are employing RFID to improve the way they do business, and to have presenters answer specific questions. Don't miss our next virtual event—see our calendar below.

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Virtual Event

RFID in Retail

September 11, 2014

11 AM to 1 PM EDT

During this virtual event, hear how retailers worldwide are using RFID to track individual items and improve inventory accuracy, and to have products on shelves when customers want to buy them. In addition, obtain an update on the VICS Item Level RFID Initiative, which is helping to develop.... » LEARN MORE

Virtual Event

RFID in Harsh Environments

October 08, 2014

11 AM to 1 PM EDT

Companies in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction and energy industries are using RFID-enabled technologies to increase operational safety and efficiency, as well as improve financial results. During this virtual event, learn how RFID can be used for asset tracking, personnel safety and.... » LEARN MORE

Virtual Event

RFID in Manufacturing

November 06, 2014

11 AM to 1 PM EST

Manufacturing companies across many industries are employing RFID to achieve major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. Hear how leading manufacturing firms are using RFID to achieve benefits.... » LEARN MORE