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June 23, 2015


  • Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Radio frequency identification technology has matured and is being used by a growing number of companies across many industries. But the percentage of businesses in any one sector that is using RFID remains small. RFID solution providers can accelerate—or retard—adoption by the strategies they embrace. In this webinar, you will learn what helps foster adoption, what slows it and what strategies your company can take to move the RFID market—and your business—in the right direction. » Learn More

Why Now Is the Right Time for NFC Smart Packaging: Introducing OpenSense Technology from Thinfilm
Are you a brand marketer looking for fresh, innovative ways to interact with your customers at point-of-purchase AND post-purchase? Or a product innovator seeking alternative means to counteract product tampering in the supply chain? Look no further. Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm), a global leader in printed electronics and a key innovator in the Internet of Things, has launched an exciting new Near Field Communication (NFC) sensor tag technology that will revolutionize how brands can track products across the supply chain, and enhance consumer engagement.
How to Increase Business Efficiencies and Save Money With New Integrated RFID and GPS Solutions
Locate money while finding and communicating with personnel, vehicles and valuable assets! What you’ll learn from the experts: • New technologies for remotely locating, communicating with, monitoring and controlling assets • Why they are better • How soon after deployment the business efficiencies and money saving start • How other Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results and expanding their uses—real-life cases from some of the largest companies in their respective fields • How these technologies support real-time location system, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things capabilities
Winning in Apparel Retail With RFID: Today and Tomorrow
Omnichannel. Smart dressing rooms. Cycle counting. Continuous visibility. Hardware. Inventory accuracy. As an apparel retailer or brand owner, you have probably come across these and other terms while researching RFID. But where should you start building your business case? Which of these are real benefits or concerns, and which are on the horizon? What solutions will best position your company to leverage an investment in item-level RFID to win both today and tomorrow?
Transforming Your Supply Chain for the Future: Setting the Stage to Impact Your Bottom Line
With declining reimbursements, rising product costs and an increased focus on the patient experience, the time for action is now. Each year, there is up to 30 percent waste in Physician Preference Items (PPI) in the supply chain, amounting to an estimated $5 billion in annual losses. A lack of action is no longer an option; the traditional supply-chain model is a thing of the past. Imagine a world with no more expired products, a large reduction in expedited product shipments and real-time visibility into inventory. This is no longer a dream. It is a reality fueled by the growth of RFID technology, logistics and inventory-management solutions capable of offering dramatically increased efficiency and cost savings, which cascade across entire health-care systems. RFID technology can link producers, purchasers and distributors that reduce waste, allow visibility of inventory in real time, enhance charge capture, and improve patient safety and clinical satisfaction—while creating a fully functional end-to-end supply chain.
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