Who Should Attend

Among those who will benefit from attending RFID in Aerospace and Defense are:

Senior executives: It's critical that senior executives with operational responsibilities understand both the cost of RFID systems and the many benefits the technology can provide, so they can prioritize projects and ensure successful deployments. This event is an opportunity for busy managers to get up to speed on these issues quickly.

Supply-chain professionals: One of the greatest benefits of using RFID technologies is that it can help to improve supply-chain efficiencies. Many companies tagging for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as aerospace firms, are not taking advantage of the technology internally. This event will reveal how they can do that.

Plant managers: RFID technology is ideal for tracking work-in-process, parts, parts bins and tools. Plant managers attending RFID in Aerospace and Defense will learn how to deploy a cost-effective system that meets all of their needs, both now and in the long term.

Financial executives: It's important to manage the investment in an RFID system and find cost-effective solutions, to achieve a return on investment from any deployment. Financial managers will benefit from hearing about the costs as well as the benefits of RFID technologies.

IT professionals: Information technology is a critical component of any RFID system, and this event will educate professionals in the IT department about how they can integrate RFID into existing back-end systems.

Compliance officers: RFID technology allows companies to capture information—automatically and often with no human involvement—about what's happening in the real world, so it is the perfect tool for ensuring your company complies with all government regulations and customer requirements.

We offer special group discounts, which makes sending several people affordable.

Hear What Attendees Say About RFID Journal Events:

"I had originally decided to only attend the Long Beach RFID Journal conference, but then I decided to add on the fast-track RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate training. Best decision I could've made—the training, coupled with the conference, really gave me a clear way ahead for my organization. The networking alone is worth the trip. Good job, RFID Journal!"
Ben Fortier, Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent, Canadian Department of National Defence

"The discussions and vendor presentations open up many applications for our industry. There are always new ways presented to solve many of the same issues we face."
Steve Luhnow, Boeing

"This is my third RFID Journal event. My favorite part is the conference seminars, where you really get to understand how RFID is used for value rather than just talk about the tags."
Floris Kleijn, CHEP

"Excellent event. Very informative."
Chris Hanebeck, Revere Security

"[RFID Journal events] have done volumes for my continued education and ability to bring worthwhile applications back to my company."
Kirk Zauderer, Manheim

"Often, conference seminars are merely marketing opportunities for sponsors and uninspiring. This environment provided a truly value-added educatory experience."
Paul Dolnick, Growth Management Services

"RFID Journal events have been a first-class event from the very beginning."
Mike O'Shea, Kimberly-Clark

"I found the day very engaging and useful!"
Allison Pedley, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre