Joe White
VP, RFID Business Development & Market Development, Motorola

Joe White, vice president of Business Development & Market Development for RFID at Motorola, Inc. (formerly Symbol), has directed the design, development, and implementation of UHF RFID systems since March 2001. Prior to the acquisition, Mr. White was vice president of Product Management and oversaw the growth of the company's product portfolio of tags, readers, and system. He also managed a number of successful customer implementations, which included custom RFID tag & system designs. Most recently, Joe is leading the development of Symbol's PICA tag assembly system. Previously, Mr. White was the Sr. Director of Product Development for CAIS Internet, a leading Internet services provider. In his management responsibilities he oversaw the development and management of the CAIS product lines for four strategic business units. Mr. White has also held a number of other leadership roles involving pioneering new technologies and bringing them to market maturity such as Internet Protocol, Web Hosting, Broadband DSL, and wireless internet products, to name a few.