Olivier Burah

Mr. Burah is a pioneer in the area of Automatic Data Capture (ADC) for supply chain applications with more than 20 years experience in the field. Mr. Burah's experience in ADC began in the 1980's. Working for Barcode Industry, he successfully contributed to the establishment of the barcode market in Europe and was instrumental in putting in place the first barcode solutions in France. A key executive at UBI (United Barcode Industry), Mr. Burah led the international development of the company and opened head offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America Mr. Burah then took a new initiative with Intermec where he led the merger of UBI, Intermec and Norand. Prior to joining TAGSYS, Mr. Burah spearheaded the development of new supply chain execution software at Apriso. Mr. Burah is a graduate of IFG and IAE in Paris.