Philip Calderbank
Director Global Marketing RFID & Security, Avery Dennison Information & Brand Management Division

Phil Calderbank is Director of Global Marketing for Avery Dennison Retail Information Services division. The RIS division converts RFID tickets and labels, which are sold to garment suppliers and retailers through the operations direct sales teams.

Phil's first experience of RFID was the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games where he was responsible for a team which provided fully integrated CCTV and RFID based Access Control to the sport stadiums. The system was a big success and to date still represents one of the world's largest RFID systems integration programs. Since then Phil has helped retailers around the world to implement RFID Item Level Tagging.

Phil has held senior positions in both Europe and America working in both Loss Prevention EAS systems as well as RFID. Prior to joining Avery Dennison Phil was 13 years at Sensormatic, Florida, where he was involved in all aspects of Electronic Article Surveillance systems. He also spent time with Sokymat in Switzerland, Deloitte & Touch in London and SEEBURGER B2B Software Integration Atlanta.