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RFID Journal LIVE! Brasil 2013 has Concluded.

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The world's leading companies are using RFID in large-scale deployments to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and achieve other significant business benefits. LIVE! Brasil is designed to help Brasilian companies considering using RFID technology to address real business challenges, determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward.

RFID Journal LIVE! Brasil is the only event where you will:

  • Hear speakers from leading end-user companies candidly discuss new applications for RFID, the business benefits they deliver and how to overcome implementation challenges
  • Learn from a range of sessions that include leveraging RFID to enhance visibility and traceability, improving supply chain management and boosting operational efficiency
  • Meet the leading end users, experts and RFID solution providers
  • And so much more!
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Wilson José da Cruz

Bloch da Silva

Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica–ITA



RFID Journal Brasil


Rodgers Vargas



Chaves Jr.


Augusto Machado Ligeri

Figueiredo, Júnior


Henrique de Oliveira

Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia



Washington Luis Maia
de Souzedo


Fabricio Fernandes

PC Sistemas

Conference Agenda

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November 6, 2013    November 7, 2013   

November 6, 2013

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8:30 AMRegistration Opens
9:00 AMExhibit Hall Preview
9:00 AMRFID Journal University
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2:30 PMWelcome and Introduction
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Kami Saidi, Supply Chain Operations Director, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
2:45 PMOpening Session
Henrique de Oliveira Miguel, Executive, Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia
3:15 PMHow RFID Solutions Drive New Business Benefits
RFID hardware has become more reliable over the past few years, enabling companies to take advantage of RFID data in new and powerful ways. Software solutions are enabling firms to reengineer processes and deliver more value. In this session, our panel of experts will explain how businesses are leveraging these new capabilities.
Edson Perin, Editor, RFID Journal Brasil
Marco Carbonari, Division Director, CCRR
Carlos Conti, Managing Director, SOLA, Intermec
Guillermo Ibarraran, Latin America Sales Manager, HID Global
Ricardo Kimura, Technical Director, ACURA Global
Julie Rodgers Vargas, Market Development Manager, Avery Dennison
4:15 PMHewlett Packard's RFID Experience: Trends and Perspectives
During the past 10 years, Hewlett Packard Brasil has had a leading role in implementing RFID in HP's manufacturing operations, disseminating RFID knowledge through educational programs at the RFID Center of Excellence, and innovating with the implementation of several RFID research projects. During this session, Marcelo Pandini, HP's GTM operations manager, will present HP's journey through the technology's early adoption in manufacturing, supply chain strategies and benefits, current research and development projects, and, especially, what lies ahead regarding RFID implementation trends, perspectives and challenges.
Marcelo Pandini, Go to Market Operations Manager , Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
5:00 PMReception in Exhibit Hall

November 7, 2013

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8:30 AMCoffee Break
8:30 AMRegistration Opens
9:00 AMWelcome Back and Introduction
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
9:15 AMThe State of RFID Adoption Globally
As the editor of RFID Journal Brasil, Edson Perin has had a unique view of the RFID industry's development in that country and around the globe. In this presentation, Perin will bring attendees up to date regarding global developments expected to accelerate adoption throughout the coming 18 months, as well as the impact this trend will likely have on companies in Brasil. He will also share insights into which industries are adopting RFID most quickly, and which applications are delivering a return on investment in the short term.
Edson Perin, Editor, RFID Journal Brasil
10:00 AMGS1 Brasil Update
Wilson José da Cruz Silva, Innovation & Strategic Alliances, GS1 Brasil
10:30 AMIdentifying and Tracking Returnable Assets Via RFID
Veiling Holambra is the largest distributor of flowers and plants in Latin America. In this session, hear how the firm is using RFID to identify and track returnable assets. The technology is being utilized throughout the integrated supply chain from the producer, including production delivery, auction flowers and ornamental plants, distribution, customer delivery and return control of the assets, as well as after a customer has made  deliveries nationwide, thereby ensuring security, reliability and agility in the customer's operations. Learn how Veiling Holambra moves 1 million units weekly within the complex, with the help of the RFID portals and collectors. Find out how RFID technology is being used to go beyond simple reading of assets and logistics fulfillment, enabling the firm to achieve high levels of technological innovation.
Francisco Pereira, Logistics, Veiling Holambra
11:15 AMNetworking Break on Exhibit Floor
11:45 AMRFID as a Lean Tool in Manufacturing
The key to employing radio frequency identification as a lean tool is the education and buy-in of operations-level IT technicians and production support-staff members. Lean manufacturing involves identifying and eliminating waste and other non-value-adding activities, and focuses on start-to-end value streams. Learn how waste in manufacturing systems can be reduced by using RFID to move toward a lean organization. The speaker is a researcher at the Competence Center for Manufacturing (CCM), which specializes in all stages of a product's lifecycle, conducts research aimed at the industry's development and encourages innovation in manufacturing.
Samuel Bloch da Silva, Researcher, Centro de Competência em Manufatura, and Ph.D. Candidate, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica–ITA
• Opportunities for visibility and cost savings through the use of RFID
• How the technology can improve operations within a manufacturing environment
12:30 PMAchieving Real Business Value From RFID
Game-changing technologies enable early adopters to gain competitive advantage and drive shareholder value. Leading companies in many industries are already gaining that advantage from RFID, and our panel of experts will focus on how other businesses can do the same.
Edson Perin, Editor, RFID Journal Brasil
Claudio Chaves Jr., Director, TCG
Ivan Figueiredo, Júnior, Technical Account Manager, Giesecke y Devrient Brazil
Fabricio Fernandes Santos, Logistics Manager, PC Sistemas
1:15 PMLuncheon Break on Exhibit Floor
2:45 PMTraceability in Manufacturing: Using RFID and a SAP Warehouse-Management System to Improve Production and RTI Flow
This session will reveal how Deca, one of Brasil's largest ceramic and metal-fitting providers, has implemented RFID to monitor the movements of products between its manufacturing units and processes, and how it has integrated the technology into its inventory-management procedure, using a SAP warehouse-management system (WMS). Deca currently has more than 80,000 returnable containers that are used for handling and storing all components produced for its porcelain and metal product lines. RFID was chosen to modernize the facilities, and the technology has increased value, reduced labor costs and added to the company's high degree of automation. Learn how the firm is using the RFID and WMS technologies for 100 percent of its handling, shipping and receiving operations.
Abdon Augusto Machado Ligeri, Coordinator for Duratex, DECA
3:30 PMManaging Returnable Assets in the Supply Chain: RFID for Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)
MAN, one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world, is utilizing radio frequency identification to track returnable containers and racks used to transport truck parts. In this session, learn how the firm analyzed the performance of the RFID tags, and how this information will be used in the future.
Washington Luis Maia de Souzedo, IT Process Analyst, MAN Latin America, Volkswagen Brasil
4:00 PMNetworking Break on Exhibit Floor
4:30 PMUsing RFID in the Cold Chain to Improve Visibility and Preserve Product Integrity
The transportation of perishable goods, including biological materials, fresh food products and frozen goods, pharmaceuticals or other environmentally sensitive items, poses unique challenges. Cold-chain shipments require close monitoring of temperatures in order to maintain product quality and integrity. In addition, one of the main issues faced by cold-chain managers is the tracking of specific products in picking and sorting operations, as well as knowing specific product temperature, rather than environment data. Learn how Tevec, a logistics technology provider, is using RFID-based technology, coupled with thermodynamic models and data-analytics tools, to enhance traceability and reliability in the supply chain. Gain insight into how the RFID-enabled tracking system is being used on specific items, rather than to monitor only truck and warehouse data, thereby providing precise information to properly manage and control cold chains.
Sérgio Galvão, Consultor, TEVEC Metodologias e Sistemas Ltda.
5:15 PMMonitoring Occupational Records of Health and Safety With RFID
During this session, learn how a recently deployed pilot is using radio frequency identification to control and monitor the Certificates of Occupational Health and Instruction Requirements for Critical Activities, in order to improve safety and meet standards.
Carlos Teixeira, Senior Analyst, Vale
6:00 PMConference Concludes

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