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About LOGyCA

For the last 20 years, LOGyCA has focused on delivering the tools and capabilities that enterprises need to successfully establish collaboration initiatives within their value networks. Through innovative educational, technological and applied research offerings and consulting services, LOGyCA has worked with over 17,000 small, medium and large companies in Colombia and Latin America. LOGyCA’s 5-acre EPC RFID research campus in Bogotá - the largest of its kind in Latin America - includes warehouses, retail outlets, residential and medical buildings, provides the ideal environment for applied research in technology and logistics best practices. Also CLI is a initiative of LOGyCA and MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. CLI is Part of MIT Global Scale Network.

CLI is an internationally renowned center of excellence for logistics, transportation and supply chain research and education, enabling innovation and economic growth in Colombia and Latin America. CLI is part of LOGyCA; Foment the innovation and economic growth of Colombia and Latin America through research and education in transport, logistic and value networks.


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Todas as sessões da conferência são passíveis de mudança e o RFID Journal se reserva o direito de alterar datas, programas e palestrantes a quelaquer momento, conforme ditem as circunstâncias. As sessões sem palestrantes designados indicam um tema-alvo; todo esforço será feito para assegurar que um programa de padrão e valor equivalente esteja disponível.

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