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RFID in Energy, Mining and Construction is the only conference and exhibition in the world focused solely on using radio frequency identification and related technologies to improve operations in these critical sectors. It attracts RFID technology providers with solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of companies in these industries. Conference sessions feature end users at energy, mining and construction companies speaking about how RFID was able to solve business issues for them or help them to become more efficient. Here are seven reasons why you should exhibit.

1. You'll meet the world's most qualified RFID buyers. This is the only event where you will meet business executives and technical professionals at energy, mining and construction companies that plan to deploy an RFID solution within the next 12 to 18 months.

2. You'll get a return on your investment. Participation is extremely affordable, starting at $3,000 for a 9 square meter hard-walled stand, making it easy for you to achieve a significant return on your investment.

3. You won't lose business to your competitors. There are a limited number of solution providers targeting the energy, mining and construction sectors, so if you are not here, your competitors will win business you could have won. And if your competitors aren't exhibiting, you'll have an opportunity to win business they might have won.

4. You can build awareness of your company globally. Our aggressive global marketing campaign means your company will enjoy extensive promotion that will create awareness of what your company does among energy, mining and construction companies, and this can have a long-lasting impact on your business.

5. You'll hear what end users are doing and how they are benefiting from RFID. Like all RFID Journal events, RFID in Energy, Mining and Construction will features the most authoritative speakers in these industry segments and from around the world. They share their latest case studies and learnings, which will help you explain the value of RFID to potential customers.

6. Get on the trade media's radar. The editors of RFID Journal and other trade publications are looking for good RFID stories, and being at the event will help you get coverage in the trade media and develop relationships with editors and reporters.

7. Meet potential partners. RFID Journal's events attract solution providers around the world, so you'll have the opportunity to build relationships with systems integrators and potential resellers.

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