Retail and apparel companies have been among the early adopters of RFID technologies, both internally and within their shared supply chains. Many businesses are already seeing benefits, and are prepared to share their insights about those benefits, as well as the implementation issues they needed to address before achieving them.

16 Nov. 11:30

River Island Uses RFID to Improve Visibility and Combat Loss

Fashion brand River Island operates more than 350 stores throughout Europe, the Philippines and the Middle East, as well as a high-traffic website that ships to more than 100 countries worldwide. This session will cover River Island’s use of RFID from its initial trial to its rollout. Hear how the trials have been implemented, the benefits and learnings the company has obtained, and how the technology is delivering value today.
Speaker: Anna Szelag, Senior Safety & Loss Analyst, River Island
16 Nov. 12:15

Solution-Provider Session: Inventory Accuracy: The Key to Unlocking Omnichannel Conversion and Enhancing Consumer Experience Both On and Offline

Avery Dennison is a global leader in RFID-enabled solutions, with more than 800 patents, and applications and global manufacturing capabilities that have produced more than 10 billion RFID tags and labels to date. The company has an industry-leading solution-development team that supports customers from business case development to complete solution rollout. During this session, you will learn how RFID is enabling omnichannel success and driving consumer experience. For more information, visit, and follow Avery Dennison RFID on LinkedIn.
Speaker: Pete Moylan, Director of Market Development RFID Solutions, Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), Avery Dennison
16 Nov. 12:30

Solution-Provider Session:The Ultimate RFID Solution Has Arrived: PervasID Launches a Fully Integrated Remote Inventory, Portal and Checkout System

Following the company's recent launch of its patented "world first" 99%+ accurate wide-area passive RFID detection Space Ranger 9200 technology, PervasID has now launched a complete customer solution which includes an anti-theft RFID system using its Gate Ranger 9200 technology and a point-of-sale RFID system (POS Ranger). This allows retailers and other industries to not only see the stock that they have throughout a shop or building at the click of a button in real time, but also to monitor items entering and leaving the building and being checked out. It uses a network of revolutionary new flat ceiling tile antennas which are located discretely at intervals across a shop floor or stock room, and which reduces the required number of antennas by a staggering 75%. Learn how this groundbreaking ceiling tile antenna RFID reader system now achieves 99%+ detection accuracy and responsiveness, in a very cost-effective way, delivering a 12-month ROI.
Speaker: Dr. Sithamparanathan Sabesan, Founder and CEO, PervasID
16 Nov. 12:45

Solution-Provider Session: Byways and RFID: What Can Go Wrong?

The presentation is an introduction to Byways and how the company supports retailers by ensuring that RFID-enabled products survive the rigors of manufacturing processes and freight, but still work when they arrive in store. RFID is the buzzword in retail at the moment, and rightly so—the benefits are significant. However, there is no point in investing heavily in an RFID project only to find that your products can't be read when they reach stores. This presentation will guide you through the steps Byways has put in place with its customers, including River Island and its suppliers, to ensure that this doesn't happen, and to make sure that RFID works for you. River Island is one of the United Kingdom's largest apparel retailers, with more than 350 stores. Its solutions have helped it to achieve significant benefits through the adoption of RFID technology.
Speaker: David Walker, MIoD, RPICA, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Byways Ltd.
16 Nov. 13:00

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16 Nov. 14:00

Preparing for the Technology-Enabled Future of Retail

Retail is changing, as everyone knows. Social media and ubiquitous connectivity are driving new shopping habits and new consumer expectations. This session will focus on how companies can manage the transition to a new retailing paradigm in a way that is both meaningful and doable. Gain an understanding of the technologies that will enable this change, including RFID, as well as how stores will be reconfigured to serve new shopping habits and how the data-integrated supply chain is going to change. Dr. Hardgrave will share logical, business-driven steps to meet customer expectations and achieve real transformation.
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean, Harbert College of Business , Auburn University
16 Nov. 14:45

RFID Brings Omnichannel to Italy's Store of the Future

Italian footwear retailer Store of the Future (SOTF) is using an EPC ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID-based system to bring more personalized service to customers as they try on shoes, while also enabling omnichannel sales. Customers can automatically view content about a particular pair of shoes and similar products as they try those shoes on, enabling them to select products not in the store and purchase them online. Learn how SOTF is using the technology to define its image as a cutting-edge business, while also bringing visibility to its inventory.
Speaker: Tommaso Andorlini, Owner, Store of the Future (SOTF)
16 Nov. 15:30

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16 Nov. 16:00

Commercial Laundry Improves Visibility and Inventory Control With RFID

Commercial laundry and textiles rental company Fishers Services has equipped its "super laundry" in Glasgow with RFID readers to interrogate tags attached to the linens it provides to its customers, as well as on all bags and roll cages that it uses to ship those linens. This has enabled Fishers to easily view when goods are received, laundered and shipped to customers, and to thereby gain visibility into where those items are located, as well as which are delayed or may be missing. Learn how the use of passive UHF allows the laundry company to better manage its inventory of linens to prevent losses, while providing its customers with access to the collected data.
Speaker: Michael Jones, Managing Director, Fishers Services
16 Nov. 16:45

Improving Sales Through RFID Empowered Visual Merchandising

Many retailers are currently leveraging RFID either to increase inventory accuracy at the store level or to track replenishments from the back room. Retailers can effectively use the technology to avoid out-of-stocks and expand customers' ability to find and buy exactly what they want. Learn how retailers can exploit RFID technology to support visual merchandising and optimize windows, as well as store-area displays and corners. Gain an understanding of RFID-enabled metrics that can be used to improve store turnover per square meter ratio.
Speaker: Antonio Rizzi, Ph.D., Full Professor—Industrial Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Parma
16 Nov. 17:15

The Business Case for RFID in Apparel Retail

RFID Journal has conducted extensive research to understand the business case for RFID in apparel retail, and to create metrics that companies in that sector can use to determine the likely return on investment they could achieve by employing the technology. This session will walk attendees through the financial model. Everyone in attendance will receive a copy of the report on which the presentation will be based, as well as an ROI calculator they can utilize to explore the benefits they can expect to receive.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
16 Nov. 17:30

Conference Concludes