Retail and apparel companies have been among the early adopters of RFID technologies, both internally and within their shared supply chains. Many businesses are already seeing benefits, and are prepared to share their insights about those benefits, as well as the implementation issues they needed to address before achieving them.

16 Nov. 11:30

Global Retailer Deploys RFID to Drive Stock Accuracy

A U.K.-based retailer is using RFID to improve visibility into its stock movements. After a successful proof-of-concept at two of its stores, the chain—which operates more than 300 locations throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia, the United States and the Middle East—is expanding the deployment. The firm is utilizing a plug-and-play solution that has enabled employees to count stock on a weekly or daily basis, allowing it to immediately experience the benefits of a highly accurate stock inventory. Learn how the system enables the chain to deploy the technology quickly.
16 Nov. 12:15

Solution-Provider Sessions

Open to all conference attendees, these sponsor-led sessions feature some of the industry's most innovative solutions. Hear real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.
16 Nov. 13:00

Lunch Break in Exhibit Hall

16 Nov. 14:00

Men's Clothing Retailer Uses RFID to Prevent Shrinkage, Track Inventory

A high-end men's custom and ready-to-wear clothing retailer based in London, with more than 200 stores worldwide, has deployed a radio frequency identification system at one of its stores. The solution tracks goods as they are received and stored in the back room or store front, then prevents unpurchased merchandise from being taken out the front door by sounding an alert, as well as storing data regarding which item is being removed. Learn how the company is expanding its RFID deployment to additional locations, and how it may eventually begin tagging goods at the point of manufacture.
16 Nov. 14:45

Fashion Retailer to Deploy RFID Throughout European Stores

A fashion retailer is rolling out a radio frequency identification solution at all 280 of the stores it owns and operates across Europe. The retailer will track all of the garments it sells within those stores, using tags applied by suppliers. The deployment follows a multi-phase pilot carried out at a total of seven stores during the course of several years. Learn how the deployment will initially monitor only the overall inventory levels within each store, and thereby enable a more accurate count.
16 Nov. 15:30

Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

16 Nov. 16:00

Interview With a Retail RFID Thought Leader

During this session, an executive from a global retailer will discuss why the firm has adopted RFID, where the benefits are, and how the company has managed the change to a new, faster and more efficient data-collection system. Learn how the technology is enabling the firm's omnichannel retailing strategy.
16 Nov. 16:45

Boutique Increases Sales With RFID

A purveyor of specialty food products has launched an RFID-based solution at its stores in Paris and New York, enabling customers to digitally record their favorite products. The system has already been implemented at the firm's London location to allow patrons to use RFID-tagged cutlery to indicate the products they sampled and liked during their visit. Patrons receive a record of the products they favored, thus creating customer engagement that lasts after they have left the store. Learn how the firm uses information regarding customer preferences to help it develop products and understand shopping behaviors.
16 Nov. 17:30

Conference Concludes