19-21 October 2009 • Darmstadtium Science & Congress Center • Frankfurt, Germany
Preconference Seminars:

EPC Standards and Benefits

EPC Standards and Benefits will help companies become EPC-compliant and achieve internal and supply chain benefits. This is your unique opportunity to learn how to encode tags and associate them with the proper items, integrate tagging with back-end systems, use EPC data to drive benefits and hear how early adopters did it.

October 19, 2009



Dávid Kétszeri, GS1 Europe Coordinator, GS1 Europe


The Basics of RFID Technology

The Electronic Product Code is based on RFID, a technology able to rapidly capture the data written on a tag, as well as simultaneously read bulk volumes of tags. This session will explain the basics of RFID, illustrating how a reader can communicate and exchange data with tags. Gain an introduction to the different types of tags, readers and frequencies available around the world, and understand which set-up is best for fulfilling your business needs.

Thomas Holstiege, Technical Manager, European EPC Competence Center EECC


What Is the Electronic Product Code?

This session will explain, in detail, the Electronic Product Code (EPC)—the GS1 Identification Key used to individually identify a product or object to which it is attached. The EPC allows a user to point to additional information available in an existing IT system. Attendees will learn how the EPC goes one step further than traditional GS1 ID keys, such as GTIN and GLN, by serializing the information to be captured, thus ensuring a new level of granularity and a foundation for increased visibility along a supply chain.

Craig Alan Repec, Senior Manager, EPCglobal Technology, GS1


Coffee Break


The EPCglobal Network and Standards

Visibility along a supply chain can not be achieved alone. In this session, discover how EPCglobal's network and standards allow users to exchange relevant data with trading partners, in order to improve processes and business intelligence. Key EPCglobal standards, such as ALE and EPCIS, will be detailed to help attendees fully understand the ins and outs of sharing this information with trading partners.

Craig Alan Repec, Senior Manager, EPCglobal Technology, GS1


Lunch Break


Applications and Benefits of EPC RFID—Outcomes from the BRIDGE Project

In this session, hear clear business cases and applications of EPC RFID in a number of industry sectors. Discover the various benefits these implementations provide to early adopters currently developing additional tools for improving business decisions, and learn how EPC RFID might impact your company's business processes.

Emilie Danel, Project Executive, GS1 Germany


Benefits for Consumers

Consumers are vital to a business's success, and should not be left behind. This is especially true when one considers that we are all consumers. In this session, gain a better understanding of how RFID can benefit consumers, and learn how several companies are currently leveraging those benefits—and how they are complying to the data policy framework for EPC RFID applications involving consumers.

Marisa Jimenez, Public Policy Director Europe, GS1


Coffee Break


Readiness Assessment and EPC Adoption Roadmap

Companies that are being asked by retail partners to place EPC RFID tags on product shipments face many questions: How will EPC RFID adoption affect our company? Which functional areas of our organization should participate in an EPC RFID adoption program? And how can we determine if our organization is ready to launch such a program? This session will present an EPC adoption roadmap that will support your implementation, answering these and many other questions companies might have.

Andreas Blache, Senior Project Manager, EPCON GmbH



In this session, hear about the estimated values of the Russian RFID market through 2015, as well as information regarding current and potential applications and market players in that region.

Dmitry Suschov, Non-Executive Director, GALILEO NANOTECH


Closing Session: Question-and-Answer Period

Attendees can obtain additional information by asking presenters any questions they might have regarding EPC RFID technologies.

Dávid Kétszeri, GS1 Europe Coordinator, GS1 Europe
Andreas Blache, Senior Project Manager, EPCON GmbH
Emilie Danel, Project Executive, GS1 Germany
Marisa Jimenez, Public Policy Director Europe, GS1
Craig Alan Repec, Senior Manager, EPCglobal Technology, GS1


Preconference Seminar Concludes

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