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EPC Europe Conference
5 November 2008 • Prague

General Session: Metro Group Deploys RFID Along the Entire Retail Value
Metro Group is a leading user of EPC RFID in European retailing. In this presentation, Dr. Gerd Wolfram, managing director of MGI Metro Group Information Technology, will focus on multiple application cases for RFID in today's retail value chain. The insights offered will cover lessons learned from Metro Group's operative RFID deployment in logistics, as well as its pilot projects in warehouse management, apparel item-level tagging and quality control for fresh food products.

Gerd Wolfram, Managing Director, MGI Metro Group Information Technology

General Session: BRIDGE—Preliminary Results of the Groundbreaking Initiative
BRIDGE is a three-year, EU-funded, integrated research project exploring methods for resolving barriers to European adoption of RFID and EPCglobal technologies. End users and solution providers have launched projects in the areas of anti-counterfeiting, textiles, pharmaceuticals, reusable assets, manufacturing and retail. In this session, Nestlé will present the initial results of EPC RFID implementation in a production environment. The project's goal is to improve product quality, traceability and labor productivity, as well as to reduce waste. Carrefour will highlight the opportunities and challenges arising from applying RFID in-store to various product categories, including textile products and video games.

Henri Barthel, Director Global Partnerships and Projects, GS1
Paul Roberts, Engineering Manager, Nestlé

General Session: Mojix Takes EPC RFID to a New Level
The Mojix STAR system, unveiled in April 2008 at RFID Journal LIVE!, has created excitement worldwide for its technological breakthroughs in passive RFID read range, distributed architecture and new capabilities for location and security. Mojix will showcase the system for the European market, demonstrating how new solutions and markets are being enabled by the system's economics and functionality, offering new possibilities for large-scale RFID deployments, as well as the application of EPC RFID to RTLS and markets previously thought unsuitable for passive RFID.

Roelof Koopmans, Managing Director, Mojix
Ramin Sadr, Founder and CEO, Mojix

General Session: EPC Standards Adoption Gathers Momentum
RFID based on EPCglobal standards delivers value in numerous applications and industries across Europe. This session will explain the key hardware and software standards that have been created, and explore companies using them to cut costs and boost sales. In addition, GS1 will share its plans and activities regarding how to further drive adoption of EPC RFID in Europe.

Chris Adcock, President, GS1 EPCglobal
Stephane Pique, Director of EPC/RFID, GS1 in Europe

Lunch in the exhibit hall

Results of the European Pallet Association's EPC RFID Pilot Program
EPAL and UIC, the associations behind the Euro pallet, have launched a major EPC RFID pilot program that is expected to have a significant impact on the European supply chain. EPAL has the vision to identify each pallet individually, as this will help to improve the control of production and repair; allow clear authentication; give users a valuable tool to control flow, quality and ownership of pallets; and open new possibilities in supply chain management. To achieve this vision, EPAL has decided to explore EPC RFID technology. There are currently more than 500 million wooden Euro pallets in circulation. Under the control and license of EPAL, more than 60 million new pallets are produced each year by more than 400 producers in 30 countries, with more than 1,000 repair centers worldwide. To respond to market requirements and gain a better understanding regarding the future business model, EPAL has opted to launch an EPC RFID pilot program. This presentation will provide an inside look at, and the first results of, that pilot.

Harry Jacobi, CEO, EPAL

RFID Innovations at Rewe Group
Last year, German retailer Rewe began using RFID in the day-to-day operations of its distribution center in Norderstedt, in northern Germany. Europe's third-largest food merchant has now expanded its RFID application. Learn how the company is developing innovative ways to employ RFID to improve its business operations, and to better serve its customers.

Jörg Hirt, Project Manager, Rewe Group

Using RFID to Halt Counterfeiting of Swiss Army Products
The Victorinox Group, which manufactures the world-famous Swiss Army Knife, has turned to RFID to reduce the counterfeiting of its popular products. The company is tracking a new product, Swiss Army Parfums, from the bottling plant to the point of sale, and plans to use RFID for protecting its brand on other products. Learn how the system was designed, and how the company is utilizing RFID to authenticate products and reduce losses due to the sale of pirated products.

Bruno Lifart, Victorinox

How RFID Delivers Value for Daimler and Auto Industry
Daimler AG has been an RFID pioneer, using the technology early on to track car chases. Now it employs RFID in many applications, including a kanban system for getting the proper parts to the correct assembly line at the right time, and for tracking assembly racks so they can automatically be sent for preventive maintenance, thereby reducing failures. Learn how this German car manufacturer employs RFID to improve its operations, and why Daimler is trying to help create RFID standards and harmonize them across the auto industry.

Stephan Eppinger, Daimler AG



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