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10 Nov. 11:55

PKN Orlen Uses RFID-Powered Fuel Tanks to Improve Rail Yard Logistics

PKN Orlen, a major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer, is using RFID to track fuel tanks in rail yards. The firm has tagged more than 5,000 tanks, utilizing 100 fixed readers and 70 mobile readers, using GS1 standards. The project also includes equipping 100 gates with RFID, enabling direction recognition. Learn how PKN Orlen is successfully using the solution to provide transparency into logistics and improve its planning processes.
Speaker: Piotr Dura, Director of Logistics Systems and Settlements, PKN Orlen
10 Nov. 12:35

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Uses RTLS to Create a Real-Time Hospital

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has installed an infrared (IR)-based RFID solution that it believes has made the facility the largest "real-time hospital" in the world, as part of its SafeHands program. The program monitors more than one million hand-hygiene events per month, tracking the interactions of patients and personnel, as well as equipment use, site-wide. By monitoring the locations of assets, patients and staff members, the hospital believes that it can provide a safer and more efficient environment for patients and employees. The facility also utilizes the technology to record patient, staff and asset contacts during disease outbreaks, and to better understand patient dependency by analyzing staff times at bedsides.
Speaker: Clare Nash, Programme Manager, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
10 Nov. 13:15

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10 Nov. 14:20

Poltrona Frau Uses RFID to Increase Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency

Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau, a leader in top-of-the-range furniture recognized throughout the world for the design and production of its Italian-made goods, has been refining its sophisticated expertise in hand-crafted workmanship for more than 100 years. Each year, Poltrona Frau manages a countless number of European full-grain leather pieces, each one with specific characteristics. Due to the very high cost and the strategic role of this material, the firm introduced RFID into its manufacturing process to track and trace leather from the tannery to the production department, where it is then made into a piece of luxury furniture. Learn how the company is using the technology to manage the leather warehouse, where every optimization has a huge impact on the overall efficiency of the production process.
Speaker: Roberto Boselli, CIO and Digital Communications Manager, Poltrona Frau Group
10 Nov. 15:00

Retail Chain Rolls Out RFID Throughout Entire Supply Chain

A leading retailer with 150 stores has implemented RFID from production to shopper. In order to deal with the current economic environment and technological challenges demanded by omnichannel shopping, this private-label retailer decided to increase the efficiency of its entire operations using RFID technology. Learn how the technology is being employed from source tagging through inbound RFID receiving, outbound RFID shipping, RFID sales processes in the store, RFID EAS and omnichannel RFID handheld activities.
Speaker: Chantal Vansumsen, Key Account Manager, Checkpoint Systems
10 Nov. 15:40

Beyond Cool: RFID Technology Disentangles Cryopreservation Storage and Management

Cryopreservation organizations are facing many challenges in the way they store, track, handle and manage bio-material. As storage facilities increase, the pressure escalates to implement efficient handling processes, secure access and tighten inventory controls—including complying with government mandates. During this presentation, HID Global will present the most advanced RFID solution designed to survive harsh cold and liquid nitrogen conditions. Additionally, learn how to untangle the manual mess to manage materials, and how organizations can get a grip on accurate inventory, access samples quickly and reduce human error.
Speaker: Marie Glotz-Bartley, VP of Sales, HID Global
10 Nov. 15:55

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10 Nov. 16:40

Managing Returnable Transit Items (RTIs) Using RFID

PLS, a British provider of plastic pallets and reusable containers, as well as a manager of pallets and containers used by other companies, is deploying RFID to track its own assets—while also helping customers to set up RFID tracking for their reusable pallets and containers. PLS is currently tagging its own products, in addition to installing RFID interrogators at its three European depots (two in the United Kingdom, and one in Germany), and at a number of third-party warehouses that the firm utilizes to ship its pallets and containers throughout Europe. In this session, hear the company's future plans, which include putting readers in customers' warehouses, and enabling them to share information with PLS regarding the containers' movements.
Speaker: Jon Graves, Director of Operations, PLS
10 Nov. 17:20

RFID Works: Business Visibility as a Processes Facilitator

In this session, hear from airline industry veteran Fernando Ferreira Matos about how RFID technology has been used by maintenance and engineering (M&E) divisions to monitor aircraft engine components undergoing maintenance, track GSEs and tools, and increase safety. Learn how the solutions resulted in increased efficiencies in labor-intensive operations within a complex series of processes requiring hundreds of engine components to be removed, cleaned, repaired and reassembled, as well as increased availability of GSEs and tool control. Hear how the technology can provide airline M&E divisions with full real-time visibility into their component-tracking processes, increasing efficiency and safety through process visibility.
Speaker: Fernando Ferreira Matos, MRO Consultant, Independent Consultant
10 Nov. 18:00

Conference Concludes