General Sessions

10 Nov. 8:15

Coffee in Exhibit Hall

10 Nov. 8:45

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
General Session
10 Nov. 9:00

Creating Business Value by Enabling the Internet of Things

Radio frequency identification and RF sensors are one way in which companies can link things—assets, products, inventories and environments—to the internet. Learn how RFID technologies are being added to products to enhance their functionality by connecting them to the internet, and how RFID and sensors are being employed to make environments smarter and more responsive. In addition, hear what strategies leading-edge companies are employing to take advantage of the emerging Internet of Things.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
General Session
10 Nov. 9:40

DePuy Synthes Improves Efficiency With RFID

The DePuy Synthes Companies, part of Johnson & Johnson, provides orthopaedic and neurological products and services. An early adopter of UHF RFID technology, the firm has used the technology to efficiently manage its large-scale loaner processes, as well as within its distribution centers for shipping, receiving, auditing and replenishment. Learn how RFID is currently being used, and how DePuy Synthes plans to move toward cloud computing and big data analytics to help improve operational visibility in the future.
Speaker: John Eck, Senior Network Engineer, DePuy Synthes
10 Nov. 10:20

Laying the Foundation For an Omnichannel Strategy With RFID

Using the analogy of building a house, Dr. Bill Hardgrave will discuss the key components of omnichannel retail and how each component is integral to having a successful and sustainable initiative. Critical to any house is a proper foundation— in this case, the foundation of omnichannel retail is high inventory accuracy, enabled by RFID. With each of the omnichannel components, key metrics will be discussed and insight into how to evaluate the success of an omnichannel initiative will be given. Pitfalls to avoid will be provided to ensure your omnichannel house is built on solid ground.
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean, Harbert College of Business , Auburn University
10 Nov. 11:00

Networking Break in Exhibit Hall