Main Track

10 Nov. 11:30

Enabling Transparency and Control in the Automotive Supply Chain With Passive UHF RFID

BCA Marketplace is the United Kingdom's and Europe's largest outsource service provider operating in the automotive sector to deliver remarketing, vehicle preparation and logistics services to major OEMs. The company is employing a passive RFID solution to track vehicles and control processes at the Port of Immingham, on England's east coast. This is a key part of the automotive supply chain as vehicles are imported, prepared and delivered to retail locations. The solution is based on BCA's in-house IT operating platform, Evolution, integrated with a range of mobile and fixed RFID readers, and an EPC Gen 2 passive UHF RFID tag attached to each vehicle. The firm deployed the RFID system to enhance the visibility of vehicle inventory, as well as increase efficiency and control daily transactions worth more than £10 million. Learn how the solution helps BCA ensure that processes remain error-free and transparent throughout every stage of the automotive supply chain, while unlocking labor savings through automated inventory counts and vehicle tracking.
Speaker: Chris Higgins, Head of IT, BCA Marketplace
10 Nov. 12:15

EPC RFID Along the Supply Chain: A GS1 UK Update

The existence and promotion of the GS1 EPC RFID standard has, in no small way, contributed to the wider adoption of RFID since 2005, particularly in the retail industry's apparel and general-merchandise sectors. In this presentation, GS1 UK's Markus Mueller will give an update on source tagging for apparel, as well as an outlook on what to expect from EPC RFID in the shoe sector. He will also provide an introduction to the Tagged Item Performance Protocol (TIPP) grading system.
Speaker: Markus Mueller, Director of Industry Engagement, Apparel and General Merchandise, GS1 UK
10 Nov. 12:45

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10 Nov. 14:00

Jack Wills Deploys RFID to Drive Stock Accuracy

British retailer Jack Wills is using RFID to improve visibility into its stock movements. After a successful proof-of-concept at two of its stores, the chain—which operates more than 300 locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia, the United States and the Middle East—is expanding the deployment. The firm is utilizing a plug-and-play solution that has enabled employees to count stock on a weekly or daily basis, allowing it to immediately experience the benefits of a highly accurate stock inventory. Learn how the plug-and-play system enables the chain to deploy the technology quickly.
Speaker: Gary Tattersall, Head of Asset Protection and Risk Management, Jack Wills
10 Nov. 14:45

Automating Asset Information in Construction Using RFID and the Internet of Things

Speedy Services, a leading provider of tools and equipment in the U.K. construction and industrial services industry, is using the latest innovations in RFID to track assets onsite with its ePod. The automated rental solution provides tools and equipment 24-7-365, improving asset efficiency while reducing cost and environmental impact to its customers. Learn how, with the rapid expansion of the IoT and new sensor technologies, construction will change thanks to the ability to know not only where assets are, but how well they are working onsite. Hear how RFID will work with building information modelling to help manage a building's lifecycle.
Speaker: Glyn Matthews, Head of Transformation (Operate), Speedy Services
10 Nov. 15:30

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10 Nov. 16:00

How Malibu Rum Executed the CPG World's Largest Trial of NFC

Malibu Rum recently deployed 40,000 Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled bottles across the United Kingdom at Tesco stores. Cameron Worth, the founder of IoT agency SharpEnd, will provide a detailed case study of how his company supported Malibu Rum across all elements of this project, to deliver a unique and exciting trial of emerging technology at scale.
Speaker: Cameron Worth, Founder, SharpEnd Agency
10 Nov. 16:45

RFID ROI for Brands and Manufacturers: Fulfillment Center and Distribution Center Operations and Data Exchange

RFID technology is rapidly moving up the supply chain to distribution centers and fulfillment centers. Some users have found a variety of ways in which to leverage RFID, from operational changes to the earliest emergence of item-level data exchange between supply chain partners, focusing on such high-cost issues as claims and electronic proof of delivery. The presenter will share four key points throughout a DC at which RFID can apply the most leverage, including potential hardware setups, data-capture accuracy and the real business value of increased visibility.
Speaker: Justin Patton, Director, RFID Center, Auburn University
10 Nov. 17:30

Conference Concludes