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RFID for Medical Device Management

This special program, co-located with RFID in Health Care, is designed for medical device manufacturers that want to learn how to use RFID to better track and manage medical devices, as well as for hospitals and clinics that want to track instruments and ensure they are properly used and sterilized. Learn which tags will work on specific types of medical devices and the software needed to manage medical devices effectively.

Dec. 3 11:15 AM

Fujitsu America: RFID for Medical Device Management

Speaker: Benjamin R. Portman, Business Development Manager and Consulting, Fujitsu America
Dec. 3 12:00 PM

Using RFID in the Medical Device Supply Chain to Overcome Inefficiencies

Speaker: Peter Bloch, Senior Business Development Manager, Terso Solutions
Dec. 3 12:45 PM

Lunch Break

Dec. 3 2:15 PM

Managing Medical Device Loan Kits via RFID

In Australia and New Zealand, the orthopedic implant industry is successfully using RFID to manage loan-kit, or short-term consignment, of medical devices. Initially installed by medical device companies, the project was ultimately extended to include hospitals. The use of RFID prevents the shipment of incomplete kits or expired items to hospitals and increases a manufacturer's ability to manage urgent shipment requests. Learn how the technology creates a clear record of chain of custody, providing complete, accurate and transparent data, and how it reduces disputes surrounding item usage between suppliers and hospitals.
Speaker: Roger Webber, Principal Consultant, Webber Consulting
Dec. 3 3:00 PM

The Benefits of Tracking Implants via RFID

Stryker Orthopaedics uses RFID to manage medical device implants, including artificial hips and knees, as they travel to 38 regional distribution centers and then to and from hospitals. St. Elizabeth Medical Center is tracking stents, pacemakers and other devices at its cardiology lab with passive UHF RFID. Learn how Stryker cut device kit check-in times by 60 percent and reduced overtime pay, and how St. Elizabeth used RFID to enable $1.3 million in savings from bulk device purchases.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal