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RFID technology provides wireless identification of individuals and assets. Working in conjunction with an organization's information technology (IT) infrastructure, a company can use RFID-enabled solutions to track IT assets, individual servers, storage media and other critical business elements—and the technology is increasingly being utilized to improve such business processes as inventory management and visibility into an enterprise's information systems. Sessions will demonstrate how radio frequency identification is being used effectively within the high-tech industry, and provide details regarding case studies and ongoing projects at various organizations.

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October 11, 2012

8:45 AMOpening Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
9:00 AMIntel and the Future of Consumer Electronics

Intel is actively exploring the use of embedded UHF RFID to revolutionize and advance the electronics industry. Embedded RFID will deliver new capabilities and benefits to electronics manufacturers, retailers, corporate IT departments and service providers. Learn about Intel's progress and its plans for this year, and get a glimpse of the future of RFID in electronics.

Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, Senior Principal Technologist, Intel
9:45 AMCisco Benefits From Tracking IT Assets

Cisco Systems has long been one of the world's most sophisticated users of information technology. Managing that infrastructure, from a physical standpoint, can be challenging. The company considered key policy, process and technology solutions, including the use of RFID to enable it to quickly identify and locate individual servers, storage devices and other assets. Hear how Cisco has reduced the amount of time required for workers to conduct inventories, and the additional benefits that the firm achieves from using the system.

Maryanne Flynn, Director, Operations, Cisco Systems
10:30 AMNetworking Break on Exhibit Floor
11:00 AMThe Next Wave: UHF RFID Embedded in Electronic Devices

The majority of today's UHF RFID applications focus on retail inventory visibility. But a UHF tag can accomplish much more than inventorying. Electronics companies are now embedding UHF RFID tags and readers within their products to enable or disable functionality, authenticate consumables, and gather system-performance metrics. In this session, Chris Diorio, UHF Gen 2 project editor and Impinj's CTO, will discuss the technology's capabilities and use in embedded applications—today, and in the future.

Chris Diorio, CTO, Impinj
11:45 AMImproving WIP Tracking and Production Control Within the PCBA Process Via RFID

Cisco,a worldwide leader in networking, has teamed up with Jabil, its electronic manufacturing systems (EMS) partner, to use embedded RFID tags on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for board identification and work-in-process (WIP) tracking within the PCBA process. The project was implemented in October 2011 at Jabil's Shanghai manufacturing facility. As an alternative to manual bar-code scanning, WIP tracking with RFID provides Jabil with a more accurate, real-time method of capturing serial numbers into its shop-floor control system. Learn how the company has realized productivity improvements of approximately 80 percent, by reducing the number of manual bar-code scans for WIP tracking and material purges, as well as improving asset visibility.

B.J. Favaro, Manager, Supply Chain, Cisco Systems
Bill Hajje, Global Process Manager, Jabil
12:30 PMReal-Time Visibility and ROI in the Data Center

Does your company really have a handle on its servers, routers and network equipment? Data-center acquisitions, consolidations and the dynamic movement of IT assets quickly lead to physical inventories and financial records being out of sync. RFID solutions deliver real-time business intelligence and an immediate return on investment, as well as faster, more accurate inventories, better asset utilization and improved accountability.

Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global Solution
12:55 PMLunch Break on Exhibit Floor
2:30 PMAchieving Real Business Value From RFID

Game-changing technologies enable early adopters to gain competitive advantage and drive shareholder value. Leading companies in many industries are already gaining that advantage from RFID, and our panel of experts will focus on how other businesses can do the same.

Ed Nabrotzky, Executive VP of Sales (Americas) and Product Development, Omni-ID
2:45 PMSmarter Operations in High Tech With RFID

Applied Materials (AMAT) is a provider of equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, flat-panel display, solar photovoltaic products and related industries. AMAT's Metal Deposition Products (MDP) group has transformed its lab operations by deploying an RFID-based asset-visibility solution. The company has optimized the utilization of its assets, reduced unnecessary purchases, improved productivity and minimized compliance risks, by effectively tracking the identity, location, movement, status, ownership and service-management parameters of its equipment, components and consumables. Learn more about MDP's experiences with deploying an enterprise-class asset-visibility solution for smarter engineering operations.

Dinesh Saigal, Senior Manager, Applications Laboratory, Applied Materials
3:30 PMNetworking Break on Exhibit Floor
4:00 PMReducing Data-Center Energy Consumption

RFID-enabled sensors, which can be deployed more quickly and at a much lower cost than wired sensors, can reduce energy consumption within data centers. Sensors can blanket a very large data center, providing detailed information regarding the temperature around each server rack. This enables data-center managers to cool a room more efficiently and at a lower cost. Overheating servers can also be detected more quickly, allowing managers to reroute data to an underutilized server. These systems can reduce cooling energy costs by 75 percent and deliver a return on investment in nine months. Learn about the solutions now available, and how they can reduce your company's energy costs.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
4:45 PMRFID Strategies and Best Practices for RFID in High Tech

Despite its potential for generating tremendous business value, RFID creates significant demands on an organization. Learn what has worked at companies that have successfully deployed RFID systems, and what has not worked in projects that struggled or failed. These best practices minimize risks while increasing the likelihood of a well-executed project. From early-stage analysis through implementation, there are strategies and methods that every RFID project manager can use to ensure success.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
5:30 PMConference Concludes

October 12, 2012

7:30 AMFast Track RFID Applications Developers Training

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5:00 PMFast Track RFID Applications Developers Training Concludes

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