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Contact Information

Our goal is to serve the needs of attendees, speakers, sponsors and all those associated with the event. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or suggestions.

If you have any general event questions or require assistance with registration, please contact or call (631) 249-4960.

You'll find a list of our key personnel below.

Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales

Alan McIntosh, Senior Director of Sales
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 4

Matthew Singer, Senior Director of Sales
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 6

Conference Management

Kim Ray, Vice President of Events
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 514

Cheryl Johnson, Senior Director of Events
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 515


Sonja Valenta, Vice President of Marketing
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 8

Quedah Locket, Marketing Coordinator
+1 (212) 584-9400 ext. 505

Conference Agenda and Program

Debbie Hughes, Senior Editorial Director of Events
+1 (561) 504-2627

Debbie Lambert, Editorial Coordinator of Events
+1 (631) 249-4989

IoT Journal Editorial

Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor

Mark Roberti, Founder
+1 (631) 249-4986

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