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Looking for a complete ASIC supply chain solution? Flexibility, quality and competitiveness – DELTA offers solutions at any part of the ASIC development and production process to allow the customer to get the most cost effective combination of services. We master in-house ASIC design, wafer procurement, packaging using Far East partners, in-house wafer or component test and storage of ICs. DELTA’s experienced ASIC design team is specialised in payment systems, RFID, sensor interfaces and optical chips. See more at

FARSENS is a company providing products for wireless sensor networks. We focus on the design of full passive UHF RFID sensors. Our proprietary RF IC that is able to supply and communicate with external commercial sensors without the need of a battery on the tag. It is compatible with EPC C1G2 commercial readers. Ambient temperature, pressure, orientation, switch, moisture, LEDs, relays, load cells, magnetic field and other condition monitoring tags are already available.

Netclearance provides one of the industry’s largest, most differentiated active beacon hardware and software portfolio enabling low power wireless proximity solutions to meet a broad range of applications including active rfid, mobile payments, presence analytics, asset tracking and many more.

Phase IV Engineering designs specialized wireless sensor solutions to give you the cutting edge. Our miniature wireless sensors use the latest battery-free RFID technology and ultra-low-power, ultralong-life battery-powered designs to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, tamper, shock and more. Phase IV Engineering is a leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of wireless and RFID sensors and systems. Let us design a custom or semicustom sensor system for your unique situation.

Q-Track's patented low-frequency Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER) technology enables real-time location systems for challenging industrial environments. Typical accuracy exceeds 1 meter at ranges of 30 to 60 meters or more.

RF Technologies is a leading provider of wireless safety and security solutions for healthcare, hospitality, and education. Leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) and PinPoint real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies, the RF Technologies brand family includes Help Alert Mobile Staff Duress, ExacTrack, Wireless Asset Management, Code Alert Wandering (Elopement) Management, Quick Response Wireless Call, Safe Place Infant and Pediatric Security, and Sensatec Fall Management Solutions. 800.669.9946,

Tyco Retail Solutions, now a part of Johnson Controls, is a leading provider of retail Loss Prevention, Inventory and Traffic solutions. We deliver real-time visibility and predictive analytics to help maximize business outcomes in today’s digitally driven shopping world. Our more than 1.5 million data collection devices in the retail marketplace capture 40 billion shopper visits and track and protect billions of items each year. Our retail portfolio features the premier Sensormatic®, ShopperTrak® and TrueVUE™ brands, as well as a full suite of Johnson Controls building technology and security solutions. For more information, please visit

Wernher von Braun Center, also known as Von Braun Labs, is an independent, private-owned research center based in Brazil. We offer complete solution in IoT - from semiconductor design to BackOffice systems and the entire ecosystem of industrial companies - providing to its customers a special and direct access to foundries and Contract Manufacturers, dramatically reducing the need for Systems Integrators and OEMs. We make innovative ideas come true as new products, services and relationships.