Data Capture Workshop

Attendees at RFID Journal LIVE! will hear many case studies during the event. They will talk to many different hardware, software and systems-integration companies in the exhibit hall. But your company and business issues are likely to be unique, and you are likely to still have questions about the most appropriate RFID or auto-ID solution. This interactive post-conference seminar, designed to explain how RFID can coexist with other technologies, will answer attendees' questions.

Attendees with an All-Access or Fast-Track Training Pass can choose to attend any postconference seminar. Download a PDF of the full conference agenda.

May 11 2:00 PM

Introduction to the Complex World of Auto-ID Technologies

Introduction to the Complex World of Auto-ID Technologies As you heard during the conference and experienced in the exhibit hall, there are many different types of RFID technologies. In addition, there are other auto-ID technologies—ultrasound and infrared systems, 2D bar codes, computer vision and so on—that compete with or complement RFID. This session will examine some of the alternatives to RFID, and how and where they can be used effectively, either alone or in conjunction with RFID.
May 11 2:30 PM

Auto-ID Standards and Regulations: What You Need to Know

Different industries are developing standards for the use of RFID, and the technology could play a role in identification requirements set by governments around the world. This session will explain what you need to know about standards and regulations, and about converting current part numbers to RFID-compliant data based on requirements set by the AIAG, the FDA, the DoD and other organizations. Panelists will also address attendees’ questions in these areas.
May 11 3:00 PM

Data Integration Options: Making it all work together

The discussion will continue beyond the standards and regulations, delving into the challenges that companies can face when trying to integrate current identification formats with RFID-compliant formats. Methods and tools for data translations will be discussed as well as approaches for managing the increased data burden.
May 11 3:30 PM


May 11 3:45 PM

Hands-on Demonstrations

AIM Global’s RFID experts will provide a series of demos that will show how part numbers can be translated into RFD-compliant data, simple to complex encoder and reader solutions, a variety of mobile solutions, and other critical aspects of any RFID deployment.
May 11 4:30 PM

RFID Deployment Best Practices

Many RFID deployments have been carried out throughout the past decade, and best practices have emerged for tagging objects, overcoming hardware implementation hurdles and addressing back-end issues (database design, data formatting and so on). Panelists will address these issues, as well as answer questions from the audience.
May 11 5:15 PM

Q and A with Auto-ID Experts

During this session, attendees will have an opportunity to ask the RFID experts any questions they might have.