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RFID Journal LIVE! 2004

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About Us

About RFID Journal LIVE!
RFID Journal LIVE! is a co-production of RFID Journal and Mosaic Media Partners.

About RFID Journal
RFID Journal provides timely, accurate, unbiased news about radio frequency identification, as well as in-depth features, case studies and special reports that help businesspeople understand the technology's capabilities and limits. RFID Journal's mission is to be the ultimate resource for businesspeople who want to understand how RFID can help their companies boost supply chain efficiencies, reduce inventories, limit theft, improve product availability and add convenience for consumers. RFID Journal is an independent media company that publishes daily news online, a weekly newsletter and a quarterly print magazine.


About Mosaic Media Partners:
Mosaic Media Partners is a media outsourcing company. We work with media companies, associations and business marketers to create content-rich reader and customer experiences.

The company, with offices in New York and Northern California, produces high-quality media products and programs designed to engage and educate readers, customers, prospects, employees and business partners. These programs include events and conferences, event and media research, as well as print, online and newsletter vehicles.

Mosaic Media Partners' marketing team develops compelling positioning strategies and creates highly effective marketing programs, sales tools and promotional campaigns. We also provide marketing research, event and online audience acquisition, sales and sales management, production and logistics services.

Over the past two years, Mosaic Media Partners clients have included The Economist, Fast Company, Inc, and Wired magazines, as well as SAP, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, and PTC. To learn more, visit Mosaic Media Partners or call 510.832.1500.

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