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RFID Journal LIVE! 2004

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Presentations from RFID Journal LIVE! 2004

Click any of the "Download Presentation" links below and enter your user name and password. These presentations are available to RFID Journal Live! 2004 attendees only. Please keep in mind that the copyright for this material belongs to the presenters. If you would like to reproduce any material from these slides, please request permission from the presenter before doing so. Not all of the presentations are available at this time. More will be added as they become available.

Conference Presentations
All-Day Pre-Conference Seminar Presentations
Pre-Conference Seminar for Investors

2004 Presentations: Main Conference

8:30 a.m. RFID and the Future of Business
RFID will have a dramatic impact on the way companies do business. Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, opens the conference by putting the coming changes into perspective.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
Download Presentation: 408 KB
9:00 a.m. The 21st Century Military Supply Chain
The U.S. Department of Defense will require all its suppliers to put RFID tags on shipments beginning in 2005. The DoD wants to transform its supply chain and gain many of the benefits companies are seeking to achieve. One of the leaders of the military's efforts discusses why it is taking this dramatic step and how it plans to deploy the technology.
Speaker: Edward Coyle, Chief, DoD Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office
Download Presentation: 901 KB
9:45 a.m. Case Study: The Army's MRE Pilot Project
In February, the Army completed the DoD's first pilot test of passive RFID implementation - the culmination of a two-year research project. The project officer of this technical demonstration discusses the ability of passive RFID tags to track inventories in an end-to-end military supply chain, and the ability of sensor-equipped RFID tags to provide quality data.
Speaker: Stephen Moody, RFID Program Coordinator, Combat Feeding Directorate, U.S. Army
Download Presentation: 1,267 KB
1:45 p.m. Afternoon Breakouts
Williford B RFID and The Future of Manufacturing
RFID technology promises to fundamentally reshape the way companies make products. Pioneering research is being done at the Auto-ID Lab based at Cambridge, University's Institute for Manufacturing. The leader of that effort discusses the research and its implications for businesses in the short, medium and long term.
Duncan McFarlane, Research Director, Auto ID Lab at Cambridge University
Download Presentation: 1,267 KB
Williford A Case Study: NYK Logistics
Tracking more than 50,000 inbound ocean freight containers and 30,000 outbound trailers passing through its gates annually is no small challenge. NYK Logistics has deployed a real-time locating system at its Long Beach, Calif., distribution facility and now tracks assets to within 10 feet. That has helped cut costs and boost efficiency.
Speaker: Rick Pople, General Manager, NYK Logistics
Download Presentation: 621 KB
Williford C Building a Business Case
Whether you are being forced to adopt RFID by one of your major customers or you just want to understand how the technology can improve your operations, it's important to begin with a strong business case. This session explains where the low-hanging fruit is, and how you can plan an RFID deployment that will deliver a healthy return on investment.
Pete Abell, Senior Partner, The ePC Group
Omar Hijazi, Principal, Strategic Technology Practice, A.T. Kearney
Download Omar Hijazi's Presentation: 216 KB
2:40 p.m. Sponsored Breakout Sessions
Williford B Case Study: Selecting & Implementing Readers and Tags
There are many sizes and shapes of RFID tags, each designed with a particular application or surface in mind. When it comes to RFID readers, you have another choice to make: fixed, portable, mobile, tethered or a combination. In this session we'll explore the tag and reader combinations that solved some of our customers' application challenges, from beef to nuts, and engine blocks to tires. We'll also explore the importance that implementation services played in creating a system that works. You will learn ways to evaluate your operations to determine the RFID hardware combination that delivers a best fit scenario.
Speaker: Mike Nichols, Manager of Systems Consulting for Global Business Development, Intermec
Download Presentation: 385 KB
PDR #2 RFID System Performance: A Key Selection Criteria
International Paper, Conros, McCarran airport, a large fashion designer, a large beverage company and an aerospace company all have something in common when it comes to RFID: they made "performance" a key selection criteria when specifying the elements of an RFID system. This session will discuss customer case studies where criteria such as tag orientation, range, speed, and integration led to successful deployment. We'll also cover the "anatomy of an RFID tag" and how new processes coupled with volume roll-out will bring down RFID tag cost and offer choices for customers.
Speaker: Scott Andersen, Product Manager: RFID Supply Chain Solutions, International Paper
Christopher Enright, CTO, IconNicholson
Girish Rishi, Senior Vice President, Matrics
Download Group Presentation: 537 KB
Williford A RFID: Beyond Compliance
This presentation will explore the limitless possibilities of applications of RFID technology and discuss how companies are using it to gain significant competitive advantage. You will learn to realize tremendous benefits beyond the expensive compliance phase by leveraging enhanced collaboration capabilities and real-time visibility made possible by the RFID infrastructure. This presentation will summarize real-world problems and solutions addressed by RFID, address the key barriers that need to be overcome for maximizing benefits and offer new strategies and best practices for building real-time visibility and velocity into adaptive supply chain networks.
Speakers: Tim Motter, Product Manager for Supply Chain Management, SAP Labs
Celestine Vettical, Solution Principal for Supply Chain Management, SAP America
Download Presentation: 4,010 KB
Williford B Case Study: International Paper
International Paper has deployed an RFID system in its Texarkana warehouse. The system has been operational since June 2003, and the paper manufacturing giant is looking to roll it out to its other warehouses. A senior IP executive explains why the system was developed and how it is benefiting the company.
Speaker: Steve Van Fleet, Director, Smart Packaging, International Paper
Download Presentation: 1,532 KB
PDR #2 RFID and your Cell Phone
RFID is bringing a new level of usability and functionality to cell phones. It will enable the easy initiation of mobile services, ticketing, payment solutions, and exchanging business cards by touching two phones together. Nokia explains why it is introducing an RFID reader cell phone and how businesses immediately can start using this technology to save money and streamline processes. Simply by touching RFID tags attached to assets or control points, employees can send real-time attendance logs and automate routine reporting tasks over the cellular network.
Speaker: Peter Wakim, Director New Business Development Americas, Nokia Ventures Organization
Download Presentation: 1,057 KB
Williford A RFID In the Airline Industry
RFID technology promises to help airlines to dramatically improve their efficiency in handling some 2 billion checked luggage items. It can improve safety at airports and save everyone money. Some of the obstacles to adoption are falling and there is new optimism about the future of RFID in the industry.
Speakers: Anthony Cerino, Technology Security Lead, Transportation Security Administration
Pat Rary, Manager Baggage Planning & Development, Delta Air Lines
Randall Walker, McCarran international Airport
Download Rary's Presentation: 1,822 KB
4:50 p.m. Tuesday's Program Ends
Williford C Recognizing Value From A Consumer-Driven Supply Chain
On Demand computing and business models put a renewed emphasis on being flexible and responsive. e-business applications are now extending beyond employees and customers and are integrated more tightly with corporate information systems and "intelligent" operational systems providing capabilities for a truly consumer-driven supply chain. Join IBM in an interactive discussion of the challenges of identifying and realizing value from RFID in supply chain management and retail in-store operations.
Speakers: Sean Campbell, Partner, Supply Chain Solutions, IBM
Richard Montbriand, Director, Wireless e-business, IBM
Download Presentation: 1,003 KB
9:15 a.m. EPCglobal and EPC Adoption
The Uniform Code Council and EAN International have set up EPCglobal to commercialize EPC technology. In this session, the head of EPCGlobal will explain what the organization has been doing, how it envisions companies using EPC technology and how companies can participate in the process of developing standards and promoting adoption.
Speaker: Mike Di Yeso, President and COO, Uniform Code Council
Download Presentation: 595 KB
Williford C Will "Slap-and-Ship" Work? A Pragmatic Approach to RFID
Although sometimes dismissed as a "slap-and-ship" approach to RFID, localized application of the technology is providing early benefits for many companies. They also are positioned to reap RFID's significant long-term advantages that will help them outstrip their competitors. This session will discuss a pragmatic approach to RFID implementation that can help executives meet their immediate requirements and realize a strong ROI. You will learn how localized deployment makes future large-scale deployment and ROI easier, quicker, and more cost-effective.
Speaker: Anthony Higginbottom, Global Director for RFID, Deloitte Consulting
Download Presentation: 90 KB
11:30 a.m. Breakout Sessions Continue
Williford B Case Study: Tire Tagging And RFID Within The Auto Industry
When the rubber meets the road, RFID will be involved. Major auto and tire manufacturers have established a standard for printing and placement of passive read/write RFID tags inside of tires for product identification. It marks the first item-level RFID tracking and traceability standard in the world. The auto industry also is working on standards for Real Time Locating Systems for continually monitoring the locations of assets and personnel.
Speakers: Larry Graham, Global AIDC Manager, General Motors
Bill Hoffman, Chair of the RFID Tire and Wheel Identification Workgroup, Automotive Industry Action Group
Download Larry Graham's Presentation: 1,044 KB
Download Bill Hoffman's Presentation: 6,112 KB
Williford A Metro Future Store
Metro AG, one of the largest retailers in Europe, has created a Future Store, where it is experimenting with RFID tagging and other advanced technologies, including smart scales and wireless computers on shopping carts. The company explains the benefits and limitations of these advanced technologies.
Speaker: Gerd Wolfram, Director of IT Strategy, IT Buying and Development Services, Metro MGI Information Technology
Download Presentation: 746 KB
PDR #2 Case Study: Saving Soldiers in Iraq
During the war in Iraq, the U.S. Navy's Fleet Hospital 3 based in Pensacola, Fl., tested an RFID system for tracking wounded soldiers in Iraq. An RFID wristband stores the soldier's name and information about his condition and treatment as he's moved from the battlefield to a hospital.
Speaker: Michael Stiney, Chief Hospital Corpsman, U.S. Navy
Download Presentation: 885 KB
PDR #2 RFID: The Cure for Counterfeit Drugs?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes that low-cost RFID tags could be the best medicine for a global scourge: counterfeit drugs. This panel will discuss the pros and cons of deploying RFID to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Speakers: Lisa Clowers, Vice President of Supply Chain Processes & Technology, The Healthcare Distribution Management Association
James Hintlian, Partner in the Pharmaceutical Practice, Accenture
Colin Towner, Senior Manager, Transformation Consulting Practice in Life Sciences, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Download Lisa Clower's Presentation: 274 KB

Conference Presentations
All-Day Pre-Conference Seminar Presentations
Pre-Conference Seminar for Investors

2004 Presentations: Introductory Pre-Conference Seminar

8:30 a.m. Optional Tutorial: The Basics of RFID
If you're relatively new to RFID technology, you're invited to join us for coffee and casual conversation before the official opening of the seminar. We'll cover the 10 essentials of the technology, including what it is, how it works, its benefits and current status. Bring your curiosity and your questions.
Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
Joseph Tobolski, Associate Partner, Accenture
Download Presentation: 870 KB
11:00 a.m. The Value of "Silent Commerce"
What is RFID technology and why is everyone saying that it is "The Next Big Thing"? What can it do for you and your organization? Through real-world examples, we'll look at how RFID can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase security and boost profits for companies in a multitude of industries. We'll describe the incredible potential for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We'll also try to see beyond the hype and drill into a practical examination of why this technology is key for business.
Speaker: Lyle Ginsburg, Partner, Accenture Products Operating Group
Download Presentation: 516 KB
1:00 p.m. Building a Business Case
Whether you are being forced to adopt RFID by one of your major customers or you just want to understand how the technology can improve your operations, itÂ’s important to begin with a strong business case. This session explains where the low-hanging fruit is, and how you can plan an RFID deployment that will deliver a healthy return on investment.
Speaker: Paul Schmidt, Senior Manager, Accenture
Download Presentation: 203 KB
3:00 p.m. Managing RFID Data
RFID involves a lot more than buying tags and readers. The benefits of RFID never will be realized unless companies adapt their business processes to take advantage of the technology. Plus, it calls for new investment and integration of IT systems to use the data collected. How do you upgrade your IT infrastructure? How dramatic are the business and IT changes? Where do they need to occur? In this session, we'll cover the "how to" of RFID data integration, and talk about middleware solutions that can ease the pain of integration.
Speaker: Christopher Weirup, Manager, Accenture
Download Presentation: 125 KB

Conference Presentations
All-Day Pre-Conference Seminar Presentations
Pre-Conference Seminar for Investors

2004 Presentations: Investors' Pre-Conference Seminar

11:00 a.m. RFID Fundamentals for Investors
This introduction to RFID covers the fundamentals of RFID, its interplay with related technologies, and the current state of standards for various RFID tags and readers. This session will cover core essentials of the technology, including what it is, how it works, its benefits and current state of RFID and Electronic Product Code technology.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
Download Presentation: 264 KB
2:00 p.m. Where the RFID Market Is Going
Tagging cases and pallets is only the first stage of RFID's evolution, just as the IBM PC represented the first small step towards empowering the masses with computers. This session will look at how RFID will develop through the end of the decade. It will cover the likely changes in the software market, the use of sensor technology and other areas that represent business opportunities.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
Download Presentation: 166 KB
3:00 p.m. Five Areas of Opportunity
The session focuses on areas of RFID where there are opportunities for small companies to bring innovative technologies to market. It will include presentations from four companies already doing pioneering work in the areas of printed electronics, mass-assembly technology, sensors and agent-based software.
Presenters: Shalom Daskal, Chief Executive Officer, Power Paper
Edward Holcomb, Chief Executive Officer, SmartWrite
Jeffrey Jacobsen, President, Applied Wireless Identification Group
Steven Ludmerer, President, Parelec
Avi Ofer, President, SmartCode
Host: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
Download Shalom Daskal's Presentation: 134 KB
Download Jeffrey Jacobsen's Presentation: 168 KB
Download Steven Ludmerer's Presentation: 652 KB
Download Avi Ofer's Presentation: 98 KB

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