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RFID Journal LIVE! 2004

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RFID Journal LIVE! 2004 Speakers

RFID Journal Live! 2004 featured an impressive speaker roster of RFID experts. Our speakers and panelists included major players currently deploying RFID solutions, large customers of RFID-based systems, as well as experts on many of the issues surrounding RFID deployments.

  • Pete Abell, Senior Partner, The ePC Group
  • Dan Adirim, Manager, Accenture
  • Bill Allen, Marketing Communications Manager, TI-RFid
  • Gene Alvarez, Vice President, Technology Research Services, META Group
  • Roy Apple, Vice President, Business Development, SmartCode
  • Jeff Ashcroft, President, Strategic Logistics Partners
  • Kevin Ashton, former Executive Director of the Auto-ID Center; co-founder of EPC Insider
  • Scott Blackmer-, Attorney, International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance
  • Mauro Benetton, Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Benetton Group
  • Sean Campbell, Partner, Supply Chain Solutions, IBM
  • Anthony Cerino, Technology Security Lead, Transportation Security Administration
  • Lisa Clowers, Vice President of Supply Chain Processes & Technology, The Healthcare Distribution Management Association
  • Brooke Coburn, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
  • Edward Coyle, Chief, Department of Defense, Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office
  • Jacob Christfort, Vice President, Server Technologies and CTO, Advanced Technologies, Oracle
  • Shalom Daskal, Chief Executive Officer, Power Paper
  • Michael Dempsey, Industry Strategy Leader, RedPrairie
  • John DiPalo, Director of Technical Sales, Acsis
  • Michael Di Yeso, President and Chief Operating Officer, Uniform Code Council
  • Simon Ellis, Supply Chain Futurist, Unilever HPC-NA
  • Mark Engle, Director of IT, Campbell Soup
  • Jeff Evanson, Senior Research Analyst, Equity Capital Markets, Dougherty & Co.
  • Allyson Fryhoff,Vice President Global Strategic Business Development, Server Technologies, Oracle
  • Neil Gershenfeld, Director, Center for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Greg Gilbert, RFID Product Management, Manhattan Associates
  • Lyle Ginsburg, Partner, Products Operating Group, Accenture
  • Larry Graham, Global AIDC Manager, General Motors
  • John Greaves, Senior Partner, ePC Group
  • James Guenter, Enterprise Architect, Best Buy Co.
  • Bill Helman, General Partner, Greylock
  • Ed Hess, Editor in Chief, Integrated Solutions Magazine
  • Anthony Higginbottom, Global Director for RFID, Deloitte Consulting
  • James Hintlian, Partner in the Pharmaceutical Practice, Accenture
  • Omar Hijazi, Principal, Strategic Technology Practice, A.T. Kearney
  • Bill Hoffman, Chair of the RFID Tire and Wheel Identification Workgroup, The Automotive Industry Action Group
  • Christopher Hook, Director of RFID Market Development, Zebra Technologies
  • Sandra Hughes, Global Privacy Executive and Chief Privacy Officer, Procter & Gamble
  • Jeffrey Jacobsen, President, Applied Wireless Identifications Group
  • Keith Jusas, Vice President Information Systems, Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services
  • Michael Kleper, Professor, School of Print Media, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Joseph LeBlanc, Vice President of R&D, Smurfit-Stone Container
  • Mike Liard, Senior AIDC/RFID Analyst, Venture Development Corporation
  • Steven Ludmerer, President, Parelec
  • Duncan McFarlane, Research Director, Auto ID Lab at Cambridge University
  • David Mezzanotte, President, CHEP USA
  • Erik Michielsen, Senior Analyst, Allied Business Intelligence
  • Richard Montbriand, Director, Wireless e-business, IBM
  • Stephen Moody, RFID Program Coordinator, Combat Feeding Directorate, U.S. Army
  • Tim Motter, Product Manager - Supply Chain Management, SAP Labs
  • Mike Nichols, Manager of Systems Consulting for Global Business Development, Intermec
  • Christine Spivey Overby, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Rick Pople, General Manager, NYK Logistics
  • Prasad Putta, Chief Executive Officer, OATSystems
  • Pat Rary, Manager Baggage Planning & Development, Delta Air Lines
  • Michael Raynor, Co-author, "The Innovator's Solution" and Director, Deloitte Research
  • Matt Ream, Senior Product Manager, RFID Systems, Zebra Technologies
  • Girish Rishi, Senior Vice President, Matrics
  • Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal
  • James Rohrkemper, President, Precisia
  • Vijay Sarathy, Group Marketing Manager for RFID Infrastructure Solutions, Sun Microsystems
  • Paul Schmidt, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering Specialty Group, Accenture
  • Scott Sopher, Supply Chain Principal, Deloitte Consulting
  • Barry Steinhardt, Director, Technology and Liberty Program, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Michael Stiney, Chief Hospital Corpman, U.S. Navy
  • Dan Sutherland, Civil Liberties Office, Department of Homeland Security
  • John Thorn, General Manager, Supply Chain & Brand Solutions Group, Checkpoint Systems
  • Joseph Tobolski, Associate Partner, Accenture
  • Tom Torre, Associate Director Supply Chain Innovation, Procter & Gamble
  • Bryan Thurston, Intel
  • Colin Towner, Senior Manager, Transformation Consulting Practice in Life Sciences, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
  • Steve Van Fleet, Director, Smart Packaging, International Paper
  • Celestine Vettical, Solution Principal, Supply Chain Management, SAP America
  • Peter Wakim, Director New Business Development Americas, Nokia Ventures Organization
  • Randall Walker, McCarran international Airport
  • Christopher Weirup, Manager, Accenture
  • Abbott Weiss, Senior Lecturer, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
  • Gerd Wolfram, Director of IT Strategy, IT Buying and Development Services, Metro MGI Information Technology
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Pete Abell
Senior Partner, Co-Founder
The ePC Group

Pete Abell Pete Abell is the senior partner and co-founder of The ePC Group – an advisory group focused on the physical layer of RFID across global supply chains such as perishables. Prior to this, Abell was responsible for managing AMR Research's Retail Industry Service on a global basis and ensuring that the research focused on key retail industry issues and concentrated on RFID.

Abell has more than 25 years of retailer, retailer-vendor and industry consulting experience. Prior to joining AMR Research, he operated his own consulting firm and developed electronic data interchange standards in conjunction with Arthur D. Little for the food distribution industry and other industries that use UPC and/or EAN for information exchange.

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Dan Adirim

Dan Adirim has more than three years experience implementing RFID-based solutions in industrial, consumer and manufacturing environments. In the process of implementing silent commerce prototypes, pilots and projects, Adirim has obtained practical experience in all aspects of these implementations, including conceptual design, vendor selection, project management, application development, ERP integration, usability, scale-up and roll-out.

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Bill Allen
Marketing Communications Manager
Texas Instruments RFid Systems

Bill Allen Bill Allen is marketing communications manager for TI-RFid Systems. In this position, Allen is responsible for worldwide marketing communications strategy and managing TI-RFid's public relations, advertising and trade show involvement.

Prior to joining Texas Instruments, Allen was the director of marketing for Para Systems, a power protection products manufacturer with worldwide distribution. Previously, he served as marketing manager for I-Concepts and general manager for MICMIX Audio Products.

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Gene Alvarez
Vice President, Technology Research Services
META Group

Gene Alvarez Gene Alvarez has 20 years of IT experience in business impact assessment, vendor management, project management, software development and delivery of complex business applications. He is a recognized authority on retail and consumer packaged goods industry applications and practices and has authored over 60 technology research reports since joining META Group in April 1999. Alvarez is a speaker at industry-related conferences worldwide and has been published, referenced and featured in a variety of media and trade publications.

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Jeff Ashcroft
Strategic Logistics Partners

Jeff Ashcroft Jeff Ashcroft is president of Strategic Logistics Partners, providing innovative services to firms on the leading edge of logistics, supply chain management and the development of end-to-end, sensor-driven supply chains. Under his leadership, Strategic Logistics Partners has assisted in the creation and development of the Supply Chain Network Project, which has recently completed a successful inbound retail pilot utilizing RFID and a number of other chain technologies.

Prior to launching Strategic Logistics Partners in 1997, Ashcroft was the director of business development for the Tibbett & Britten Group, where he was instrumental in securing a contract to provide warehousing and transportation for Wal-Mart in Canada. Ashcroft started his career with The Hudson's Bay Company, and held a senior logistics position when he left that company after 15 years.

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Kevin Ashton
Former Executive Director,Auto-ID Center
Co-founder, EPC Insider

Kevin Ashton speaks from phenomenal personal success and experience on how to manage innovation. By co-founding MIT's Auto-ID Center, Ashton helped to develop one of the newest and biggest technology markets of the early 21st century. As its executive director, he built the Auto-ID Center into a global organization with six laboratories and over 100 corporate sponsors. With RFID Journal editor Mark Roberti, Ashton co-founded EPC Insider, a semi-annual analytical report for current and potential investors. He is a classically trained Procter & Gamble marketer, where he was an associate director prior to founding the Auto-ID Center. Ashton's book on electronic product code and its impact on business and society will be published in early 2005.

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Mauro Benetton
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Benetton Group

Mauro Benetton Mauro Benetton is the senior vice president of marketing for the Benetton Group, a global clothing retailer with more than $2 billion in annual sales. He became interested in RFID more than four years ago and launched his own RFID systems integration company called Lab ID. The company has helped conduct field trials for Benetton and deployed systems for major companies with operations in Italy, including Whirlpool.

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Scott Blackmer
Managing Principal
Potter Group

Scott Blackmer Scott Blackmer is a managing principal of Potter Group, which works with companies seeking to begin, build or leverage their businesses through the use of new technologies.

Formerly a partner in the Washington, D.C. and Brussels offices of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, Blackmer advises global clients and Internet-related start-up companies on technology-related legal and management issues and acts as general counsel to the Trusted Computing Group and the XNS Public Trust Organization. He serves on the board of directors of the International Security, Trust & Privacy Association and the editorial board of Privacy and Information Law Report.

Blackmer earned his J.D. in 1982 from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. He is a frequent speaker and writer on a variety of topics related to technology law, privacy and data protection, e-commerce and information technology standards.

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Anthony Cerino
Technology Security Lead
Transportation Security Administration

Anthony Cerino serves as the communications technology lead for the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the Department of Homeland Security. His group supports all aspects of transportation communications security, with current emphasis on the needs of federal air marshals, transportation terminal C3I centers and active and passive identification and tracking of personnel, vehicles and other assets.

Cerino is an active participant in the IATA Radio Frequency Working Group, which supports efforts towards the development of an international standard for RFID baggage tags. He was the test director for seven RFID tests sponsored by the FAA, and served for four years as the FAA's Security Equipment Integrated Product Team's EDS test director.

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Lisa Clowers
Vice President, Supply Chain Processes and Technology
Healthcare Distribution Management Association

Lisa Clowers Lisa Clowers is the vice president of supply chain processes and technology for the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA), where she is responsible for the direction, supervision and the development of industry initiatives that facilitate improved business processes and knowledge transfer for the healthcare distribution industry. She is the staff coordinator for HDMA's Drug Availability Task Force, an industry coalition that addresses product availability issues and develops guidelines to ensure product availability.

In addition, Clowers serves as the staff liaison to the Collaborative Commerce Committee, an industry-wide committee that identifies emerging trends and technical solutions and develops programs, products and services to improve the movement of product and information throughout the supply chain. She also facilitates technical initiatives and promotes the adoption of automatic identification technology such as RFID and reduced space symbology (RSS).

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Brooke Coburn
Managing Director
The Carlyle Group

Brooke Coburn Brooke Coburn, managing director of the global private equity firm, The Carlyle Group, focuses on early and growth-stage investments and small leveraged buy-outs in the telecommunications sector. Since joining Carlyle's telecommunications practice in 1996, Coburn has been actively involved with the firm's investments in Neptune Communications, Pacific Telecom Cable, Bredbandsbolaget (B2), Core Location, Prime Cable, Genesis Cable, NorthPoint Communications, WCI Cable, Air Cargo and Matrics.

Coburn has served on the boards of directors of BioNetrix, Matrics, WCI Cable, and Air Cargo. He also is on the Information Technology and Telecom Committee at the Northern Virginia Tech Counsel (NVTC). Prior to joining The Carlyle Group, Coburn worked in the media and communications group at Salomon Brothers, Inc.

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Edward Coyle
Department of Defense, Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office

Edward Coyle is chief of the Department of Defense's Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office. He started his federal career in 1973 at Marine Corps Headquarters, where he developed transportation plans for mobilizing Marine Corps' reserve units and was the Marine Corps transportability agent.

Coyle has held a number of different positions at the DoD, including deputy director of the Transportation Operations and Policy Division, where he was responsible for setting Navy material transportation policy and monitoring transportation operations worldwide. In 1994, he became the head of the supply and acquisition transportation team for the Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office. He participated in a series of cost analysis and organizational teams before being appointed deputy chief of distribution in August 1997 and head of the Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office in November of 1997.

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Jacob Christfort
Vice President, Server Technologies & CTO, Advanced Technologies

As vice president of server technologies and chief technology officer for advanced technologies at Oracle , Jacob Christfort oversees product management and development of wireless, mobile and voice components of Oracle's server technologies, including Oracle9i Lite, Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle Collaboration Suite. Christfort has held a variety of development, product management and marketing positions at Oracle since joining the company in 1997.

Prior to joining Oracle, Christfort was with McKinsey & Company, consulting for Global 500 companies in a number of industries, including telecommunications. Previously, he co-founded and served as the chief technology officer of a Danish startup designing industrial hand-held computers and related enterprise software. He also served as a special consultant on technology issues to the Danish government's foreign aid program in West Africa.

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Shalom Daskal
Chief Executive Officer
Power Paper

Shalom Daskal Shalom Daskal joined Power Paper, a leading provider of micro-power source technology, in 2002. He brings to the company more than 25 years of broad-based, high-tech experience in managing high-growth companies and has been instrumental in creating numerous strategic partnerships as well as more than tripling revenues each year.

Prior to joining the company, Daskal served as COO of Crystal Systems Solutions Ltd., where he managed the company's international operations, and as CEO of E-Sim, a leading provider of simulation software development technologies for embedded products.

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Michael Dempsey
Industry Strategy Leader

Michael Dempsey Michael Dempsey is industry strategy leader for RedPrairie, where he is responsible for the company's market and product strategy. Dempsey has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain management solutions. Prior to joining RedPrairie, Dempsey was executive vice president for TrenStar, and a co-founder and principal of eSYNC International, a supply chain consulting and system integration services provider.

Dempsey is an active member in and spokesman for a number of trade associations, including the Council of Logistics Management (CLM), the Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC) and the Material Handling Institute of America (MHIA). An industry thought leader on RFID, he has authored, as well as been the subject of, numerous trade press articles.

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John DiPalo
Director of Technical Sales

As director of technical sales, John DiPalo is responsible for management of all Acsis' presales activities for both RFID and data collection projects. DiPalo is a computer professional with more than 18 years of system analysis and design experience. He has implemented numerous applications on both midrange and client-server systems.

Prior to joining Acsis in 1998, DiPalo was the director of SAP consulting for both IMI systems and IntelliCorp. Before that, he worked for ARMS for more than eight years in various positions, including director of SAP consulting. As director of SAP consulting, DiPalo was responsible for the day-to-day management of the SAP consultants as well as pre-sales support.

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Michael Di Yeso
President and Chief Operating Officer
Uniform Code Council

Michael Di Yeso Michael Di Yeso is president and chief operating officer of Uniform Code Council (UCC). He is responsible for the global operations of the organization's coordinated entities, which include its main standards entities—EAN.UCC System, RosettaNet, and EPCglobal, a new joint venture between the UCC and EAN International to commercialize the electronic product code on a worldwide basis—eBusinessReady, the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code and UCCnet.

Di Yeso brings to the UCC nearly twenty years of experience in consumer and industrial business operations. Prior to joining the UCC, he served as vice president of the global supply chain accessories business for the Black and Decker Corporation, responsible for all aspects of the company's global supply chain activities.

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Simon Ellis
Supply Chain Futurist
Unilever HPC-NA

Simon Ellis Simon Ellis is the supply chain futurist for Unilever HPC-NA, a $4.5 billion division of Unilever, the maker of products such as Dove, Suave, Wisk, all, Q-tips and Vaseline. He is responsible for charting the future course of the HPC-NA supply chain, working as the 'outside-in' person for the strategy and integration department, soliciting supply chain views from Unilever's customers, vendors, 3PLs, major universities, and other technology/supply chain innovation providers. Ellis also is the leader of the supply chain capabilities team, a group tasked with managing pan-supply chain issues.

Since joining Unilever in 1985, Ellis has worked extensively in both sales and finance. As director of efficient consumer response in sales, Ellis was responsible for leading the team that conceived and then rolled-out Unilever's HPC-NA terms of sale program.

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Mark Engle
Director, IT
Campbell Soup Company

Mark Engle Mark Engle is the director of information technology for Campbell Soup Company, where he has worked for more than 15 years. During this time, Engle has created the strategic direction for meeting customer requirements around data synchronization and led the implementation of Campbell's data synchronization project and UCCnet implementation. He is currently a member of the team charged with meeting the RFID requirements of Wal-Mart, Campbell's largest customer.

Engle is responsible for strategy and delivery of B2B activities for key retailers and suppliers and for Campbell's use of public and private exchanges, including data synchronization with the retail community. He also builds and maintains strategic relationships with the company's customer service center, customer account teams and key vendors.

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Allyson Fryhoff
Vice President, Global Strategic Business Development, Server Technologies

Allyson Fryhoff is vice president of global strategic business development for Oracle, with responsibility for worldwide business development, strategic partnerships and implementation services for the Oracle's server technology products, including mobile, wireless and voice. She is also responsible for the company's global RFID program office.

Fryhoff previously served as senior director of business development for Oracle's mobile and embedded products division and as a top producing sales representative helped to establish the company as a leading provider of mobile technology.

Prior to joining Oracle in 1994, Fryhoff held management positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and at Control Data Corporation. She was a founding member of the board of directors of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi), an industry group established to define and promote an open standard for connecting the coming generation of smart consumer and small business appliances with commercial Internet services.

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Neil Gershenfeld
Massachusetts Institutional of Technology's Center for Bits and Atoms

FIRST LAST Neil Gershenfeld is the director of Massachusetts Institutional of Technology's Center for Bits and Atoms. His unique laboratory investigates the relationship between the content of information and its physical representation, from molecular quantum computers to virtuosic musical instruments.

Gershenfeld holds numerous patents and is the author of several books, including When Things Start To Think, The Nature of Mathematical Modeling and The Physics of Information Technology. He has been featured in media such as The New York Times, The Economist, CNN and the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour. He holds a B.A. in physics from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. from Cornell University and was a Junior Fellow of the Harvard University Society of Fellows as well as a member of the research staff at Bell Labs.

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Greg Gilbert
Product Manager, RFID
Manhattan Associates

Simon Ellis Greg Gilbert joined Manhattan Associates in January 2003. He was hired to develop the company's RFID strategy and integrate RFID applications with Manhattan Associates solutions. He is also responsible for developing relationships with leading RFID hardware and software providers.

Gilbert joined Manhattan Associates from Accenture, where he spent seven years focusing on RFID initiatives and supply chain execution solutions. His activities included serving as a member of the AutoID Center go-to-market team and working on a variety of supply chain execution and planning design and implementation projects.

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John Greaves
Senior Partner
The ePC Group

John Greaves John Greaves formed The ePC Group in May of 2003. Four months later, The ePC Group teamed with Deloitte to provide the only fully integrated RFID platform able to maximize benefit from RFID in the food and consumer business channel. Greaves is a frequent speaker on the implementation of advanced technology, including RFID, in the business, military, and financial sectors. He first recognized RFID as the emerging advanced solution for automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) in 1995 when he formed Symbology Strategy International.

Greaves began his career in AIDC by pioneering the use of automatic data capture with the application of bar code in logistics management. He established strategies and concepts for the application of bar code in material management in engineering projects.

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James Guenter
Enterprise Architect
Best Buy Co.

James Guenter As enterprise architect for Best Buy, James Guenter is the company's lead RFID architect and is responsible for systems strategy development in demand creation and fulfillment.

Before joining Best Buy, Guenter was with Accenture, where he worked as a consultant to the retail industry. In this role, he advised on systems development and integration, involving various enterprise inventory, store, warehouse, transportation and financial systems. Before joining Accenture, Guenter was an officer in the armor branch of the United States Army, where he held a variety of roles, including platoon leader and battalion maintenance and logistics officer.

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Bill Helman
General Partner

Bill Helman Bill Helman joined Greylock, a private venture capital firm with committed capital of over $2.2 billion under management, in 1984. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Harvard Business School. Helman represents Greylock on the boards of director of OATSystems, CentrePath, Incipient, iPhrase, netNumina, Reveal, Upromise, and Vettro. Helman also led Greylock's investments in Exact Sciences, Tessera (merged with iXL), Ontogeny, Hyperion Software, Filene's Basement, Pharmacopeia, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Staples.com (acquired by Staples) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

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Ed Hess
Editor in Chief
Integrated Solutions

Edward Hess Ed Hess is the editor in chief of Integrated Solutions magazine, which details successful implementations of enterprise-wide technologies at major companies. Hess is responsible for the editorial direction of the publication and interviews some of the top IT executives in the end user community. Prior to assuming his present role, Hess was an associate editor at Business Solutions magazine. In this capacity, he specialized in information management and mass storage technologies. He also wrote extensively about hardware/software vendors and their relationships with the people who sell, implement, and support these vendors' products. Both Integrated Solutions and Integrated Solutions for Retailers are owned by Corry Publishing.

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Anthony Higginbottom
Global Director for RFID

Anthony Higginbottom Anthony Higginbottom is global director for RFID at Deloitte, one of the world's leading professional services firms. With over 10 years of Big Five consulting experience, and having worked with numerous Fortune 50 companies, Higginbottom's consulting focus is in the consumer business industry, to which he brings his strong technology and business knowledge. Most recently, he has worked with clients in RFID, focusing on the challenges of change management, process change and technology integration.

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Omar Hijazi
Principal, Strategic Technology Practice
A.T. Kearney

Omar Hijazi Omar Hijazi, a principal of A.T. Kearney's Strategic Technology Practice, has more than 17 years of experience providing strategic consulting services and IT implementation leadership. His areas of expertise include consumer marketing, e-business strategy, new product development, supply chain strategy and IT transformation. Hijazi's consulting experience includes work for one of the largest CPG firms, where he directed delivery of a next-generation shared services model and led the development of an enterprise business case and executive strategy for the deployment of RFID technology within the supply chain.

Hijazi also has worked on an e-business strategic plan for one of the Middle East's premier online business-to-business marketplaces. He led the product development and technology team for World Wide Retail Exchange, a B2B consortium of more than 50 of the world's largest retailers, and was the product and technical architect for UCCnet, an Internet-based B2B net market maker.

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Bill Hoffman
Chair, RFID Tire and Wheel Identification Workgroup
Automotive Industry Action Group

Bill Hoffman Bill Hoffman chairs the RFID tire and wheel identification workgroup at the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). He has been involved in RFID-related projects for nearly 20 years, including the development of the first GPS-based RFID tag used by the government and the creation of RFID tags for tires.

Along with his product and project management-related experience, Hoffman also is active in various standards bodies. He is a current member of the AIAG TREAD Act workgroup, which published the seminal TC-5 Resource Kit document. Also, he is the former Chair of the AIAG B-11 RFID tire and wheel identification workgroup, which published the world's first item-level RFID standard. In addition, Hoffman is business development manager for RFID for Intermec Technologies.

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Christopher Hook
Director of RFID Market Development
Zebra Technologies

Christopher Hook Christopher Hook contributes to Zebra Technologies' RFID strategy and product plans. He works with Zebra's customers and partners to help them understand RFID technology and how to deploy it successfully throughout the supply chain.

Prior to joining Zebra Technologies, Hook directed RFID standardization activities for the Uniform Code Council (UCC), where he, was closely involved with the business integration and commercialization of research from the Auto-ID Center. Prior to his position at the UCC, Hook served as business development manager for RFID activities at Symbol Technologies and led the team that created the Tag-it "smart label" technology at Texas Instruments.

Hook also is credited as being the inventor of the first RFID system to achieve simultaneous identification of tags.

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Sandra Hughes
Global Privacy Executive and Chief Privacy Officer
Procter & Gamble

Sandra Hughes
Sandra Hughes serves as the global privacy executive at the Procter & Gamble Company. Procter & Gamble's privacy program has been designed to promote trust among consumers, employees and other constituencies by protecting individual's rights to privacy, while at the same time providing superior products and services to meet their needs. In this role, Hughes reports to the vice-chairman of the board.

Hughes has responsibility for managing new growth areas and the corporate competitive and technical intelligence organization, whose objective is to build capability and understanding of P&G's competitive environment, while upholding compliance to high ethical intelligence collection.

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Jeffrey Jacobsen
Applied Wireless Identifications Group

Jeffrey Jacobsen is president of Applied Wireless Identifications Group, which develops innovative products for the access control, asset tracking and electronic article surveillance markets. Jacobsen joined Applied Wireless in 2003, and is focussed on the development of less costly readers and new higher performance antennas.

An industry leader in low cost RFID tag manufacturing, Jacobsen was founder, chief executive officer and president of Alien Technology Corporation, a supplier of radio frequency identification hardware. He has been involved in three high-tech startup companies, all of which became publicly traded companies on NASDAQ. Jacobsen holds 36 patents in IC design, IC assembly, antenna fabrication and advanced roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies.

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Keith Jusas
Vice President
Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services

Keith Jusas Keith Jusas is the vice president of information systems for Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services. The firm is a subsidiary of Clintrak Pharmaceutical Services, supplying technology driven products and services to the pharmaceutical industry in support of clinical trial efforts.

Jusas is responsible for the company's RFID strategy, software development in support of its RFID initiatives and the evaluation and procurement of RFID hardware. He has more than 15 years experience in software development, including mainframe, n-tier client server technologies and web-based technologies.

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Michael Kleper
Professor, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology

Michael Kleper Michael Kleper is a professor in the School of Print Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has more than 35 years of teaching experience in the area of graphic communication technology, with an emphasis in digital publishing and imaging, electronic prepress, cross-media publishing and digital workflows. His research deals with the generation beyond print on paper and technologies that enrich paper with intelligence.

Kleper is a faculty associate of the RIT Printing Industry Center, a new partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The center is an innovative think tank for the printing industry designed to work to increase knowledge of the complex influences that shape business enterprises, from new technologies and workforce issues to the impact of globalization.

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Joseph LeBlanc
Vice President of Research and Development
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

FIRST LAST Joseph LeBlanc is vice president of research and development for Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation, a leading integrated manufacturer of paperboard and paper-based packaging. Emerging RFID technology was identified early on by Smurfit-Stone as an opportunity to enhance customer support, and the company's RFID activities have included sponsorship of the MIT Auto-ID Center, active participation in EPCglobal and sponsorship of the MIT Packaging Special Interest Group.

In his position at Smurfit-Stone, LeBlanc is engaged in new technical developments, customer support and product development. Prior to joining the company, LeBlanc held positions in research and development at Union Camp Corporation.

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Michael Liard
Research Director, AIDC/RFID Group
Venture Development Corporation (VDC)

FIRST LAST Michael Liard is research director of the AIDC/RFID Group of Venture Development Corporation (VDC), providing market research, strategic analysis and consulting services to technology companies worldwide. Liard's research has covered the global and domestic markets and applications for radio frequency identification and the U.S. market for retail automation equipment and systems. His recent work on RFID middleware solutions is to be published in early 2004.

Liard has contributed to and is regularly cited by publications such as Business Solutions Magazine, SCAN: The Data Capture Report, Frontline Solutions, Wired.com and ID World. Prior to joining VDC, Liard worked in Accenture's organization and human performance practice.

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Steven Ludmerer

Steven Ludmerer Steven Ludmerer has been president of Parelec since 1999. Previously, he worked at Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical) and at DuPont. Ludmerer also headed two technology-based entrepreneurial ventures, as president and chief executive officer of Quantix, a diagnostics company from 1992 to 1994, and as president of Top Source Petrochemicals in 1996.

Ludmerer has more than 30 years of expertise in building specialty chemical and materials businesses. He was instrumental in he development of many well known products, including Teflon® Finishes for cookware, Reach® toothbrush, Tychem® and Barricade® protective apparel, and Quantix® diagnostics.

In 2002, Ludmerer was elected to the board of the Commercial Development & Marketing Association, a 600-member international organization of executives dedicated to value creation in the chemical industry.

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David Mezzanotte

David Messanotte David Mezzanotte is president of CHEP USA. He joined the company in 2001 as senior vice president of U.S. sales and was appointed president of its container business in 2002.

Before joining CHEP, Mezzanotte worked for AlliedSignal as vice president of technology for the polymer business, vice president/general manager of the chemical intermediates business, and vice president of global sales for AlliedSignal/Honeywell after the merger. Mezzanotte began his career as a research engineer with DuPont, where he received DuPont's marketing excellence award for the development and commercialization of microdenier fiber. He holds a B.S., an M.S. and a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering and materials science from the University of Notre Dame.

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Erik Michielsen
Senior Analyst
ABI Research

Erik Michielsen Erik Michielsen leads RFID, machine-to-machine (M2M) and home automation systems market research and services for ABI Research, a technology research think tank which is widely considered to be a definitive source for the wireless industry.

Previously a business process consultant with Accenture, Michielsen also worked as a consultant for Competitive Strategies Group and as an account executive with MatchLogic/Excite@Home. While with the business development group at Hughes Spaceway, he developed advanced media products for broadband and video-on-demand initiatives. Michielsen is regularly cited in leading business publications, including the Washington Post and Business Week.

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Stephen Moody
RFID Program Coordinator
Combat Feeding Directorate, U.S. Army

Stephen Moody Chief Warrant Officer Stephen Moody has served in the U.S. Army for more than 21 years, currently serving as RFID Program Coordinator for that service's Combat Feeding Directorate. Moody received an M.S. in food science from Kansas State University and is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, holding dual certification as a Certified Quality Auditor and a Certified Quality Engineer. From July 2002 to August 2003, Moody was deployed as the U.S. Army Central Command's food safety officer.

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Tim Motter
Product Manager, Supply Chain Management
SAP Labs

Within SAP's global research and development organization, SAP Labs researches, designs and delivers software solutions that enhance and extend the company's mySAP Business Suite. Tim Motter has been with SAP Labs for five years as a product manager for supply chain management in the company's business solutions group for manufacturing industries. He has 15 years of supply chain and logistics experience, with a focus on supply chain software solutions, and holds a B.S. in transportation and logistics.

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Mike Nichols
Manager of Systems Consulting for Global Business Development

Mike Nichols Mike Nichols is manager of systems consulting for global business development for Intermec Technologies. Nichols has been involved in the automatic identification and data capture industry since 1976, when he worked for MSI Data Corp. He has served in various maintenance, systems design, software development, sales support and management roles. Prior to working at Intermec, Nichols was the southwest area services director for Symbol Technologies.

Nichols has been working with radio frequency technologies, including radar, narrowband data communications and spread spectrum communications, since 1973. RFID is one of his current focuses and he has been instrumental in developing and delivering the current internal RFID training at Intermec.

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Christine Spivey Overby
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research

Christine Spivey Overby Christine Spivey Overby works with Forrester's consumer markets research team and analyzes the impact of technology change on consumer packaged goods manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Her research reveals how new technologies can improve critical activities like advertising, promotions, consumer marketing and collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

Overby has led Forrester's research on RFID adoption in retail and consumer packaged goods. She is the primary author of the firm's 2002 report, "RFID: The Smart Product (R)evolution," and she has helped dozens of consumer and industrial manufacturers with their RFID strategies. Her research has been cited in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Boston Globe and Fortune.

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Prasad Putta
Chief Executive Officer

Prasad Putta Prasad Putta is the chief executive officer of OATSystems, developer of the world's most widely deployed standards-based RFID solutions. Prior to co-founding OATSystems in 2001, Prasad started Auripay, a company that provided secure, flexible e-commerce payment solutions. He later sold the company to Cyota. Putts' experience also includes work at i2 Technologies, where he implemented supply chain solutions.

Prasad holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from M.I.T., and an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India.

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Rick Pople
General Manager
NYK Logistics

Rick Pople joined NYK Logistics, a leading provider of global supply chain and logistics services, as general manager in February 2003. Pople manages NYK Logistics' Long Beach, California facility, which processes more than 50,000 inbound ocean freight containers and 30,000 outbound trailers every year.

Prior to joining NYK, Pople spent 23 years at FedEx, where he began as a courier/ramp agent in 1979 and then entered management in 1983. Pople spent the last six years of his career at FedEx as managing director of the company's district operations in Los Angeles, California.

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Pat Rary
Manager, Baggage Planning & Development
Delta Air Lines

Pat Rary Pat Rary is a 23-year Delta employee with an extensive background in the airline operations and customer service areas. Most recently he has been responsible for Delta's worldwide baggage operations as manager of baggage strategy.

Rary played a key role in modifying the International Air Transport Association's RF standards document, RP 1740c, to include multiple frequencies. He has recently agreed to participate in Uniform Code Council efforts to introduce RF into the airline world.

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Michael Raynor
Co-author of The Innovator's Solution

Michael Raynor A galvanizing speaker, Michael Raynor is a uniquely qualified expert on "Creating and Sustaining Growth," the subtitle of his much anticipated and groundbreaking book on innovation strategy, The Innovator's Solution. Raynor is a valuable and articulate new voice on innovation-how to innovate in ways that create profitable growth again and again-and on uncertainty-how to make strategic commitments that recognize and exploit the unavoidable uncertainty that complicates virtually every competitive context.

The Innovator's Solution, which Raynor co-authored with Clayton Christensen, builds on Christensen's earlier work, The Innovator's Dilemma, which described the process by which upstart innovators overtake industry leaders. The Innovator's Solution is a practical guide to strategy and implementation in today's disruptive and hypercompetitive business environment. Raynor is a director in Deloitte, the global professional services firm, and part of Deloitte Research, its thought leadership arm.

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Matt Ream
Senior Product Manager, RFID Systems, Zebra Technologies

Matt Ream With more than 14 years in the high-tech engineering industry, nine of them specifically in RFID, Matt Ream currently is responsible for worldwide RFID product management, development and strategic planning for Zebra Technologies. He was responsible for launching Zebra's first RFID product, the R-140 smart label printer/encoder. Since then, Ream has been responsible for setting subsequent product direction, participating in international standards development, and helping to develop a dedicated RFID sales channel.

Before joining Zebra, Ream worked at Omron Electronics Inc., where he served as RFID and bar code product manager for North and South America and was responsible for product promotion and strategic planning in the RFID and bar code sales channels as well as RFID product development.

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Girish Rishi
Senior Vice President of Marketing

As senior vice president of marketing at Matrics, Girish Rishi has responsibility for corporate strategy, product marketing, RFID ecosystem development and marketing communications.

Prior to joining Matrics, Rishi headed the combined European, Middle Eastern and African operations for Symbol Technologies, based in London, England. Previously, Rishi worked with Frost & Sullivan and Venture Development Corporation, where he led the firm's industry consulting practice, focused on RFID and other auto-ID technologies, including wireless data collection and printing solutions. He has also worked as an industry analyst, product manager, vertical industry manager responsible for supply chain applications and general manager.

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Mark Roberti
RFID Journal

Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal. He has reported on business and technology for major publications worldwide since 1985. Roberti's work has appeared in Business 2.0, Fortune, The New York Times, The Industry Standard, The Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune and many other publications. He lived in Hong Kong from 1984 to 1992, and his book on Hong KongÂ’s return to Chinese rule in 1997, which was a best seller throughout Asia, stands as the most authoritative account of the secret negotiations between Britain and China.

In early 2002, Roberti launched RFID Journal as an independent source of news and information for business and IT executives looking to tap RFID's enormous potential. The Journal has since become one of the largest supply chain technology Web sites, read by more than 80,000 people each month. Roberti has emerged as an expert in RFID technology and a leading thinker in how it can improve the way companies do business.

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James Rohrkemper

James Rohrkemper James Rohrkemper is president of Precisia, a business unit of Flint Ink, the world's largest privately owned ink manufacturer of inks and coatings for publication, packaging, commercial, UV/EB and digital printing applications. Precisia was launched in 2003 to build Flint Ink's radio frequency identification business in addition to other printed electronics applications, including "smart" packaging, printed electronic solutions, lighting and displays.

Rohrkemper has been with Flint Ink since 1994, where he served as vice president of the company's emerging business segments prior to the launch of Precisia. Previously, he spent more than 17 years in the information systems industry at IBM.

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Vijay Sarathy
Group Marketing Manager, RFID Infrastructure Solutions
Sun Microsystems

Vijay Sarathy Vijay Sarathy is the group marketing manager for Sun Microsystem's RFID infrastructure solutions. In this position, Sarathy is involved in defining and driving the company's overall RFID strategy as it pertains to solutions for EPC and non-EPC applications.

Prior to his current position, Sarathy was a product manager in Sun's Java marketing organization, where he helped drive J2EE adoption and was responsible for J2EE integration technologies, including the J2EE Connector Architecture, JDBC and JMS. He is an mechanical engineer by training and has more than 13 years of experience with software technology.

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Paul Schmidt
Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering Specialty Group

Paul Schmidt joined Accenture in 1988 and leads research, business development and delivery of solutions related to silent commerce in Accenture's consumer goods and retail industry vertical. Schmidt's current focus is Auto-ID, EPC and RFID technologies and the impact these technologies can have on supply chains.

Prior to his current position, Schmidt was the director of Accenture's supply chain practice alliance program, with responsibility for Accenture's alliance partners across the entire spectrum of supply chain functions. Schmidt has more than 12 years experience delivering supply chain, ERP and CRM software solutions.

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Scott Sopher
Supply Chain Consulting Principal

Scott Sopher As a supply chain consulting principal for Deloitte, one of the leading professional services firms, Scott Sopher is focused on the RFID supply chain marketplace. He leads Deloitte's RFID supply chain practice and is responsible for business development and engagement management across all industries.

Sopher has more than 24 years of consulting and industry experience in the areas of supply chain strategy, operations and technology. He has assisted clients in the areas of supply chain optimization, facility rationalization, operations improvement, supply chain planning and execution systems, warehouse management systems and transportation.

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Barry Steinhardt
Director, Technology and Liberty Program
American Civil Liberties Union

Barry Steinhardt Barry Steinhardt is the inaugural director of the American Civil Liberties Union's program on technology and liberty. Prior to this new post, he served as associate director of the ACLU for more than ten years. He also was a co-founder of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC), an international coalition of non-governmental organizations concerned with the rights of Internet users.

Steinhardt has served as a member of the advisory committee to the U.S. Census, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Genetics of the National Conference of State Legislatures and the U.S. delegation to the recent G-8 Government and Private Sector Tokyo conference on cyber crime.

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HMC Michael Stiney
Program Manager, Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
United States Navy

Michael Stiney The Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab is one of the U.S Navy's operational research labs which conducts research and development in aviation medicine and allied sciences to enhance the health, safety, and readiness of Navy and Marine Corps personnel. For the last five years of Chief Michael Stiney's 20-year career with the U.S. Navy, he has been involved in a development effort that utilizes radio frequency identification technology to track casualties from the point of injury through transport and definitive care.

Stiney has an extensive background in the research and development arena and has been involved in many other critical U.S. Navy projects. He has authored several scientific abstracts and presentations, co-authored three scientific journal publications, and holds one patent.

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Daniel Sutherland
Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Department of Homeland Security

Daniel Sutherland In 2003, President Bush appointed Daniel Sutherland to be the officer for civil rights and civil liberties at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This unique position calls for Sutherland to provide legal and policy advice to the Secretary and the senior leadership of the department on a full range of civil rights and civil liberties issues.

As he examines the connections between homeland security, civil rights, civil liberties and privacy protection, Sutherland is working on issues such as the use of race or ethnicity in law enforcement and intelligence activities; detention policies relating to aliens deemed of "special interest" to national security investigations; the development of biometric identifiers without creating a national identification system; and the need to integrate people with disabilities into emergency planning and preparedness.

Sutherland spent 14 years with the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where he litigated a number of civil rights cases, and nearly two years with the office for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Education, where he provided legal and policy advice on issues such as racial preferences in postsecondary education, the development of race-neutral approaches to diversity and disability law and the harassment of Arab-Americans.

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John Thorn
General Manager

John Thorn John Thorn is the general manager overseeing Checkpoint's business initiatives to develop and integrate RFID and identification tools that help retailers and manufactures track, merchandise and secure their goods along the supply chain. Thorn's group is developing solutions to help brand manufactures track case and pallet, protect their brands from counterfeit and diversion and track their point-of-purchase and trade promotion compliance. His group is already piloting "open architecture" EPC-enabled merchandise management systems with retailers. Thorn worked for Checkpoint through the 1990s as director of product management for the electronic article surveillance offering.

For several years, Thorn served as director of business development with E Ink Corporation, after which he rejoined Checkpoint to spearhead its supply chain initiative.

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Joseph Tobolski
Associate Partner

Joseph Tobolski is an associate partner in Accenture Technology Labs . He also serves as director of Accenture's Silent Commerce Center – the focus of the company's research and creation of applications related to intelligent objects and host first-to-market client projects.

Tobolski and his team examine how microprocessors linked with continuous Internet connectivity and environmental sensors are creating a new infrastructure for the collection of data and delivery of services. Tobolski helps develop prototypes that demonstrate the business application of the emerging technologies that enable Silent Commerce.

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Tom Torre
Associate Director, B2B Supply Chain Innovation
Procter & Gamble

Tom Torre Tom Torre is the associate director of B2B Supply Chain Innovation for Procter & Gamble. He has worked for P&G for more than 24 years, spending the first 10 years of his career in the company's customer business development organization. Torre has held a number of assignments in the supply chain area, working with customer teams and leading several supply chain projects. He has been involved on P&G's EPC project since 2002.

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Colin Towner
Senior Manager, Transformation Consulting
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Colin Towner is a senior manager in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's (CGE&Y) transformation consulting practice in life sciences, where he specializes in strategic analysis, operational excellence and supply chain strategy and effectiveness. Towner is the RFID co-leader within CGE&Y for the pharmaceutical area and has led the development of the business case for the adoption of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry in collaboration with MIT Auto ID Labs. The scope of that work included analysis across the pharmaceutical value chain as well as analysis of the impacts and benefits to other participants in the supply chain, such as wholesalers and hospitals.

Towner has worked with numerous pharmaceutical, medical products and biotechnology companies on supply chain issues and life science companies on establishing new business models. He has authored white papers on commercial transformation in pharmaceuticals and the future of the medical devices supply chain.

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Steve Van Fleet
Director, Smart Packaging
International Paper

Steve Van Fleet Steve Van Fleet is the director of smart packaging for International Paper. He has 28 years experience in the pulp, paper, packaging and semiconductor industries. Van Fleet began the smart packaging group in early 1999 and since that time has created a group that has delivered RFID-based supply chain products that are presently delivering business value to International Paper and their customers.

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Celestine Vettical
Solution Principal, Supply Chain Management
SAP America

Celestine Vettical has worked for SAP America for seven years. As a solution principal for supply chain management in SAP's industry solutions group, Vettical in involved in driving the rollout of the company's RFID solution in the U.S. Vettical has more than 16 years of experience in software development and solution architecture, application platform suites, web services platforms and collaboration and holds a B.S. in electrical engineering and an M.S. in computer science.

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Peter Wakim
Director, New Business Development Americas
Nokia Ventures Organization

Peter Wakim Nokia Ventures Organization exists to create new business ideas outside the natural development path or focus of the company's current activities. In his position as director of new business development for the Americas, Peter Wakim is responsible for identifying and developing new internal business ventures for the organization and for supporting existing ventures as Nokia looks to expand into the region. In a past assignment for Nokia, Wakim headed an investigation into RFID technology based in Helsinki.

Prior to joining Nokia, Wakim spent 11 years working for KONE Corporation, a global service and engineering company that specializes in moving people and goods, holding a variety of international positions.

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Randall Walker
Clark County Department of Aviation

Randall Walker has been director of aviation for Clark County since 1997, and is responsible for the oversight of McCarran International Airport. One of the busiest airports in the United States, McCarran generates over $260 million a year and has a yearly impact on the local economy of approximately $25 billion. In addition, Walker directs the operations and expansion projects for the county's other airports.

Previously, as deputy director for the department, Walker was involved in the implementation of the passenger facility charge program for McCarran International, among the first airports in the nation to have their PFC application approved by the FAA.

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Christopher Weirup

Christopher Weirup Christopher Weirup joined Accenture in 1997. For the past three years he has worked with Accenture's Silent Commerce Center, which explores how advanced tagging and sensor technologies can make everyday objects intelligent and interactive. Weirup's research focuses on radio frequency identification, and he has developed RFID-enabled supply chain prototype systems and worked with Accenture clients in a broad range of industries to develop their RFID strategies.

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Abbott Weiss
Senior Lecturer
MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

Abbott Weiss Abbott Weiss has been a leader implementing technology and business solutions across multiple supply chain functions for more than 35 years.

He is currently a consultant and a senior lecturer at MIT in logistics and supply chain management. Weiss has a D.B.A. in Logistics from Harvard, a S.M. from MIT, and a B.S. from Webb Institute.

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Gerd Wolfram
Director IT-Strategy, IT Buying and Development Services
Metro MGI Information Technology

Gerd Wolfram Gerd Wolfram has more than 12 years of IT experience within the Metro Group, one of Europe's largest retailers. His responsibilities include IT Strategy, IT Procurement, and development services. He currently is executive project manager for the Metro Group future store initiative, the company's most innovative project. In addition, Wolfram is a member of a number of national and international standardization organizations and user groups within EPCglobal. He also is co-chair of the GCI EPC Working Group for the Global Commerce Initiative.


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