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With different frequencies, protocols and standards, RFID can be baffling for those who are just beginning to learn about the technology and its potential business applications. RFID Journal LIVE! 2006 is the only conference and exhibition that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to determine where, when and how to invest in RFID. In this track, you'll learn:

Spacer The fundamentals of the different RFID technologies
  Where and how your company can benefit from RFID
  The potential ROI of various applications
  Benchmarks for the cost of system components
  Who the leading vendors are and how they can help you
  How to choose the right company to advise you on how and where to deploy
  How to pick the proper equipment
  The right questions to ask hardware providers
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Getting Started Speakers
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Marlo Brooke
Avatar Partners

Craig Harmon
President & CEO
Q.E.D. Systems

Mary Catherine O'Connor
Associate Editor
RFID Journal

Toby Rush
Rush Tracking Systems

Louis Sirico
RFID Industry Evangelist
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Getting Started Track Sessions

Tuesday, May 2
11:15 am  What Is RFID and How Does It Work?
This primer explains the basic types of RFID systems, including active tags, passive tags, sensors and beacons and real-time locating systems. It also explains the different frequencies used and how the behavior of radio waves at those frequencies determines which technology is appropriate for certain applications.
  Craig Harmon, President & CEO, Q.E.D. Systems
Insights into the fundamentals of RFID technologies
12:05 pm  Deploy RFID With an ROI
RFID projects can achieve an ROI. Learn step-by-step how your company can achieve an ROI with RFID. You'll learn where to find value and how to avoid the pitfalls others have made.
  Louis Sirico, RFID Industry Evangelist, AWID
Calculating costs of RFID deployments
Specific steps to achieve a measurable ROI
2:45 pm  Is RFID Right for My Business?
RFID can be applied in a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of companies in a wide variety of industries. The session examines what types of businesses are likely to see the most benefits from using RFID for specific applications.
  Marlo Brooke, President, Avatar Partners
Where, when and how your company can benefit from RFID
Insights into the potential ROI of each application
3:35 pm  Moving Beyond Slap-n-Ship to Online RFID Solutions
In this session, attendees will learn how, as the demand for RFID compliance increases, solutions will be required to keep up with increased production rates that exceed "slap-n-ship" capabilities. They will be introduced to the many options used to achieve these application rates including using programmed tags from "slap-n-ship" solutions to applying automatically; programming, validating and applying tags on-line; printing, programming and validating tags on-line; integrated tags; and ink jet dual technology systems.
  Craig Heidorn, Product Manager, Diagraph
  Kent Swart, Chief RFID Architect, Diagraph
Wednesday, May 3
11:45 am   Competitive Advantage from Innovative Adoption: Lessons Learned
     from RFID Initiatives Across the Globe

This session will be a panel discussion with industry experts from the retail, manufacturing, aerospace, health care, transportation/logistics and oil/gas/chemicals industries on lessons learnt from innovative adoption of RFID by enterprises in North America, Europe and Asia.
  Greg Aimi, Research Director, AMR Research
  Terri Crawford, Vice President & COO, Franwell
  Patrick King, Ph.D., Global Electronics Strategist, Michelin
  Puneet Swahney, Global Program Manager, CHEP
  Shashi Shekhar Vempati, Principal Architect & Head of RFID
      Technology Practice, Infosys Technologies
1:55 pm   What Do I Need And How Much Will It Cost?
A successful RFID system includes many different components. This session explains what they are and what each component is likely to cost.
  Damon Bramble, Gen. Mngr., RFID Solutions Center, Alien Technology
  Mike Kuhno, RFID Solutions Specialist, Accu-Sort Sstems
  Patrick Sweeney II, President & CEO, Odin Technologies
  Kenneth Traub, Ph.D., CTO, RFID & Edge Servers, BEA Systems
  Jonathan Collins, European Editor, RFID Journal
Complete description of a typical RFID system
Benchmarks for the cost of each component
2:45 pm  Who Can I Turn to For Help?
Choosing the right company to advise you on how and where to deploy readers, and to integrate those readers with middleware and your backend system, is critical. This session explains the options available to companies that need help deploying an RFID system.
  Mary Catherine O'Connor, Associate Editor, RFID Journal
Knowledge of the services provided by integrators and consultants
Insight into who the leading players are and how they can help you
3:35 pm  What Questions Should I Ask Hardware Providers?
It's critical to choose the right RFID tags for your products and readers that will not only work in your facilities but that can be managed cost effectively and be upgraded on the fly. This session looks at the dos and don't of choosing hardware providers.
  Toby Rush, President, Rush Tracking Systems
10 questions to ask hardware providers
Insights into who the leading providers are and how they can help you
How to pick the right equipment for your needs
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Learn to Deploy RFID Successfully in these Industries:

Spacer Retail/Consumer Goods
Health Care/Pharmaceutical
  Defense/Aerospace Manufacturing

Positively Impact Business Processes In Key Functional Areas

Information Technology:
Link Map EPCs to other industry parts numbering schemes
Choose the right middleware for your needs
Integrate RFID data with existing inventory management systems
Set up an RFID network architecture that will scale
Systematically choose the right RFID applications
Choose the right RFID tags for your products
Launch a carefully planned field trial with measurable results
Learn when and how to set up an internal lab to test applications
Supply Chain:
Learn how to become compliant with retail mandates
Benefit from tracking goods internally
Secure cargo with electronic RFID seals
Choose the right technology for your supply chain applications
Warehouse Management:
Improve inventory accuracy
Overcome challenges of deploying in noisy warehouse environments
Reduce safety stocks through better visibility
Learn from the experience of early adopters

Get To the Next Level

Getting Started: Find out how RFID works, whether it's right for your business and which vendors to engage
How to Deploy: Learn how to tag products, collect and analyze data, and change processes to create benefits
Executive Strategy: Go beyond compliance and achieve real ROI across the enterprise
Comptia RFID+ Certification Training: In partnership with RFID4U

One Event That Meets All Your Business Needs
See studies presented by early adopters sharing insights
Hear top-quality speakers detailing what works—and what doesn't
Touch the latest RFID products that could benefit your business
Network with your peers across major industries

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Download Brochure

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