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Spacer  Manufacturing Track

Whether or not they face mandates from customers, many manufacturers are finding that RFID has the potential to bring major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. The technology can increase productivity and reduce costs by enabling you to track inventory, reusable containers, work in process and finished products. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer Best practices for managing parts inventory with active RFID
  How to improve the tracking of work in process with RFID
  Strategies for linking Six Sigma and RFID projects
  How to reduce parts defects with RFID
  Methods for migrating parts tracking to RFID from bar codes
  Where and when to increase factory throughput with active RFID
  How to overcome challenges of deploying active RFID in a factory
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Manufacturing Speakers
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Craig Casto
Global Auto-ID/Label Technology Leader
Dow Chemical

Daniel Engels, Ph.D.
Director of Research
MIT Auto-ID Labs

Rick Garber
VP of Marketing
Colder Products

Dan Mullen
AIM Global

Jim Noble
Group Vice President & CIO
Altria Group, Inc.
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Manufacturing Track Sessions

Tuesday, May 2
11:15 am Case Study—Embedding RFID in Products and Processes
By embedding RFID transponders in its couplings, Colder Products has created a new product line of smart couplings that help its customers avoid costly manufacturing mistakes and reduce liabilities.
  Rick Garber, VP of Marketing, Colder Products Company
How to embed RFID tags in individual products
How RFID can be used to add value, improve customer relations and boost sales.
12:05 pm Automating Shop Floor Business Processes With Data-Link
Acsis, Inc., enables customers to utilize their ERP systems to manage shop floor level activities and automate shop floor processes. Using Acsis Data-Link Enterprise, companies can implement automated and head-less operations using RFID, barcode and any device that captures event level data. Learn more about you can increase visibility and automate business process on the shop floor.
  John DiPalo, Vice President of Technical Sales Support, Acsis
2:45 pm Should Tags Be HF, UHF or Active in the Factory?
RFID performs very differently at 13.56 MHz (HF) and 915 MHz (UHF). Which is right for tracking parts, tools and reusable containers within a factory? Or should companies use active RFID tags? Our panelists discuss which technology is right for your situation.
  Edward Gonsalves, Business Development Manager,
     Identification, Philips Semiconductor
  Shawn Hufendick, Applications Eng. Mgr., The Kennedy Group
  Bradley Todd, Director of Marketing, Escort Memor Systems
  Dan Mullen, President, AIM Global
Insights into how different RFID technologies perform in challenging manufacturing environments
Strategies for choosing the RFID system that's right for your needs
3:35 pm RFID and the Creation of the Integrated Manufacturer/
     Retailer Value Chain

This session discusses the challenges that occur between the supplier teams, the retail replenishment teams and the retail store. It also provides a first look at how RFID data and event-based forecasting will improve this critical business process. How to improve store replenishment operations, increase shelf availability, improving promotional effectiveness and new product introductions and reducing inventory will be discussed, along with thoughts on what you can do today, even if you are not tagging items, to start your company moving along in the right direction.
  Steve David, Retired CIO ad Chief B2B Officer, Procter & Gamble
  Eric Peters, CEO, TrueDemand Software
  John Raudabaugh, Retired VP of Systems Implementation,
Wednesday, May 3
11:45 am Ingenuity in Manufacturing
RFID has the ability to automate the manufacturing process. But much of the value is obscured by "the way we've always done it". Join Symbol and Rush Tracking Systems to learn how large industrial manufacturers are leveraging RFID to track work orders, tools and assets in new and creative ways.
  John Rommel, Sr. Mngr., RFID Channel Dev., Symbol Technologies
  Toby Rush, President, Rush Tracking Systems
1:55 pm Case Study—Using RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain
Third-party logistics provider TNT Logistics provides closed-loop supply chain visibility as it coordinates 24x7 deliveries from its material sequencing centers to assembly lines at automotive manufacturing facilities, including Ford Motor Co. TNT is bullish about the business benefits of RFID.
  Terrence McIntyre, Corporate Technology Services Manager,
     TNT Logistics North America
Best practices for managing "just in time" parts inventory with active RFID
How to boost manufacturing throughput with RFID inventory management
Active RFID-based automated processes drive more flexible, lean manufacturing operations
2:45 pm Case Study—Using Auto-ID Technologies to Facilitate
     "Track and Trace" at Dow Chemical

Using a combination of bar codes, RFID and GPS technology, Dow Chemical is tracking its product containers around the world. Whether their products are in a cylinder, truck, railcar or ship, the company is implementing a "track and trace" strategy to locate all shipments at any given time. The goal: improved asset visibility, security, reduced inventories, and increased supply chain efficiency. Dow also will offer insight into its plan for Auto ID technologies for the next decade.
  Craig Casto, Global Auto-ID and Label Tech. Leader, Dow Chenical
Deploying multiple technologies for asset tracking
Best practices for track and trace
3:35 pm RFID, ROI and Process Improvement
ChainLink Research will unveil its survey of 275 manufacturers' use of RFID to make concrete changes and improvements to their businesses. The study will examine differences between mandate-driven and process-improvement-driven approaches; ways that large and small companies are using or planning to use RFID to improve processes and operations; and examples from across the enterprise. The study will document ROI—what manufacturers are spending on RFID and whether they are realizing ROI.
  Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research
Insights and valuable lessons from the actual implementations
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Positively Impact Business Processes In Key Functional Areas

Information Technology:
Integrate RFID data with existing MRP and warehouse management applications
Map EPCs to existing industry parts numbering schemes
Choose the right systems for use in challenging health care environments
Set up an RFID network to share data securely
Systematically choose the right RFID applications
Choose the right RFID tags for metal parts
Track work in process
Launch a carefully planned field trial with measurable results;
Supply Chain:
Learn how to become compliant with industry mandates
Benefit from tracking goods internally
Secure cargo with electronic RFID seals
Choose the right technology for your supply chain applications
Warehouse Management:
Reduce paperwork associated with parts tracking
improve inventory accuracy
Overcome challenges of deploying in noisy warehouse environments
Learn from the experience of early adopters

Get To the Next Level

Getting Started: Find out how RFID works, whether it's right for your business and which vendors to engage
How to Deploy: Learn how to tag products, collect and analyze data, and change processes to create benefits
Executive Strategy: Go beyond compliance and achieve real ROI across the enterprise
Comptia RFID+ Certification Training: In partnership with RFID4U

One Event That Meets All Your Business Needs
See manufacturing case studies presented by early adopters sharing insights
Hear top-quality speakers detailing what works—and what doesn't
Touch the latest RFID products that could benefit your business
Network with your peers across major industries

Download Brochure
Download Brochure

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