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Spacer RFID Academic Convocation

RFID Journal LIVE! 2006 will host the RFID Academic Convocation, which brings together leading RFID researchers labs, end user companies and RFID technology providers to address research issues surrounding the implementation of RFID. This event is part of a series of meetings that are being organized around the world to build collaboration across institutions, academic disciplines and geographic boundaries. Participation by qualified academic and industry researchers and governmental agency representatives is invited.

The convocation is hosted by the Auto-ID Labs at MIT and is led by a Conference Committee consisting of RFID research directors who are responsible for the academic integrity of the RFID Academic Convocation proceeding separate from RFID Journal LIVE!. It is a unique opportunity to learn what research is happening around the world and to participate in the road-mapping of future research projects.

Spacer Identify specific industry issues that require a coordinated research response
  Define the underlying core technology research areas required to address these issues
  Begin a technology road-mapping process
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7:30 am
Registration and continental breakfast
8:30 am
Welcome and Introduction

  Steve Miles, Conference Committee Co-Chair and Research Sientist,
     Auto-ID Labs at MIT

Welcome From the Auto-ID Labs:
  John Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Auto-ID Labs at MIT
8:45 am
Opening Remarks
A discussion on the importance of standards for RFID sensors.

Networked RFID and Sensors—Standards and the Standards Creation Process:
 J.T. (Tom) Cain, Department of Electrical and Computer
     Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
 Kang B. Lee, Leader, Sensor Development and Application Group,
     Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of
     Standards and Technology

EPCglobal Business Action Group Standards Creation Process:
 Ian Robertson, Director, Global Industry Development, GS-1 US

Research Issues in the EPCglobal Community:
 Trevor Pierce Giselle Ow-Yang, Global Standards, GS-1

Introduction to AIM Global and ISO/IEC SC31:
 Dan Mullen, President, AIM Global
9:15 am
RFID Vendor Research & Development:
Opportunities for Academic Research Collaboration

In this session, panelists will discuss vendor-sponsored research and areas where academics and vendors can collaborate to solve issues facing end users of RFID technologies.

Cross-Industry & Cross-Continent Opportunities for RFID Research Collaboration:
  Chris Clauss, Business Mgr., IBM Websphere EPC Information Service, IBM

Business Application Perspective on Auto-ID Technology:
  Tao Lin, SAP Labs

Chip Availability and Functionality for Researchers:
 Chris Segura, Product Line Manager, RFID, Impinj

HF/UHF Research Roadmap:
 Alastair McArthur, CTO, Tagsys

IEEE 1451, ISO and EPC Research Collaboration with Philips :
 Michael R. Guillory, Dir., Industry Relations Business Line ID, Philips

  Mark Roberti, Editor and Founder, RFID Journal

NOTE: Vendors with specific research requirements are invited to contact moderator or convocation co-chairs with their interests.
10:15 am
Refreshment break
10:30 am
R&D Opportunities in the Largest Supply Chains
Panelists in this session present the response of the academic research community to research requirements presented in the first RFID Academic Convocation, while providing an update on areas requiring collaboration.

Opportunties for RFID Research in the Aerospace Industry:
 Alan Thorne, Aero-ID Program, Auto-ID Labs at Cambridge University

Other Session Leaders:
 Representative TBA, Airbus
 Representative TBA, ATA
11:00 am
R&D Opportunities That Cut Across Industries and Geographies

University Research in the Technology of RFID Tags, Readers and Apps:
  Marlin H. Mickle, et. al., Professor and Director,RFID Center of
     Excellence, University of Pittsburgh

Surface Acoustic Wave RFID Devices Using Thin Piezoelectric Films at 2.45 GHz:
  Vadim Shahov, et. al., Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Privacy and Opportunity in Passive RFID—Authentication Using CDMA:
  Daniel Deavours, Information and Telecommunications Technology
    Center, University of Kansas

Engineering Asset Management Using Product Embedded Information
   Devices (PEID); The PROMISE Approach with Application to Assets
   of Intracom Telecom, Athens Greece:
  Dimitris Kiritsis, Associate Director, Lab of Informatics for Design and
    Production, LICP, EPFL, Switzerland
12:00 pm
Break for lunch
1:00 pm
Convocation splits into simultaneous tracks


EPC Network Use Case Workshop and "Many to Many" EPC-IS
     Data Exchange Demonstration

Building a Global RFID Network Simulator:
 John Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Director, Auto-ID Labs at MIT

End-User Perspective of a Fortune 50 Company Research Sponsor:
 Brian Schulte, Altria Corporate Services, Inc.

Panel Discussion—Grey Paper Proposal for Services-Oriented
Architecture WS Transport Profile:

 Tao Lin, Ph.D., SAP Labs LLC
 Christopher Clauss, Worldwide Auto-ID Leader, IBM
 Representative TBA, Intel
 John Williams, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. & Dir., Auto-ID Labs at MIT


HLS Item-Level Tagging

Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer Perspectives:
  Representative TBA, HLS Industry
  Representative TBA, EPCglobal

RFID—Keeping America Safe from Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals:
  Bill Roach, Teresita Levell School of Business, Washburn University

The Impact of RF Radiation on Protein Efficacy
  Vikas Sharma, Bae-Ian Wu, Felicia C.A.I Cox, Alexander M. Klibanov
     and Daniel W. Engels,
Auto-ID Labs at MIT

Localization Interface for WiFi RFID Readers:
  Kaveh Pahlavan, Ph.D., Professor and Director Center for Wireless
     Information Network Studies (CWINS), WPI

Panel Discussion—Health LifeSciences RFID Research Requirements
 Ronald Bone, Sr. VP Distribution Support, McKesson
 Dirk Rodgers, Sr. Sys. Architect, Supply Chain Solutions, CardinalHealth
 Dave Mitchell, RFID Project Leaders, Johnson & Johnson R&D
 Gisele Bennett, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer
     Engineering; Co-Chair, Georgia Healthcare Initiative; Director,
     Logistics and Maintenance Applied Research Center; Director,
     Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory, Georgia Tech Research Institute


Supply Chain Research

RFID and Business Strategy:
  Chang E. Koh, Associate Professor & Associate Director of Research,
     Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences, College
     of Business Administration, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

ROI Reality—Financial Analysis and Mgmt. of RFID Platform Investments:
  Michael E. Thompson, Waterstone GroupResearch sponsored
     by Alien Technologies

Managerial Issues Related to the Adoption, Usage and Impact of RFID:
  Fred Riggins, RFID Project Leader & Assistant Professor, Carlson School
     of Management, MIS Research Center, University of Minnesota

Panel Discussion—The Future of the RFID-enabled Supply Chain
and Research Needed to Drive it Forward:

 Alan Melling, Symbol Technologies
 John Dumalac, Dir., Emerging Technologies, Intel Solution Services
 Simon Langford, Dir., RFID Strategy and Transportation Systems, Wal-Mart
 Richard Lee, Group Manager, EPC Business Planning & Analysis, P&G
 Mike O'Shea, Dir., Auto-ID Sensing Technologies, Kimberly-Clark Corp.
 Bill C. Hardgrave, Ph.D., Edwin & Karlee Bradberry Chair in Info.
     Systems, Director, RFID Research Center, Sam M. Walton
     College of Business, University of Arkansas


Cold Chain Applications in Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Meat

Learning from Animal Identification with UHF RFID Technology
  Gregory J. McCarthy, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Nanoscale
     Science and Engineering, North Dakota State University

Smart Containers for an Autonomic Supply Chain:
  Dieter Uckelmann, Manager, RFID-Application and Demonstration Center,
     BIBA-IPS, Institute for Production and Logistics, LogDynamics Lab,
     University of Bremen, Germany

Panel Discussion—The Future of the RFID-enabled Supply Chain
and Research Needed to Drive it Forward:

 Representative TBA, Department of Agriculture
  Jean-Pierre Emond, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological
     Engineering, Co-Director, Center for Food Distribution and Retailing,
     University of Florida

 4:30 pm
Convocation Concludes

Organizing Committee

Topic Committee Member/Session Leader
EPC network John Williams, Ph.D., Conference Committee Co-Chair; Director, Auto-ID Labs at MIT
RFID enabled Business Models  Stephen Miles, MS, Conference Committee Co-Chair; Research Engineer, Auto-ID Labs at MIT
Supply Chain Bill C. Hardgrave, Ph.D., Conference Committee Co-Chair; Director, RFID Research Center, University of Arkansas
Smart Containers Gisele Bennett, Ph.D., Director, Logistics and Maintenance Applied Research Center; Director, Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory, Georgia Tech
Cold Chain Jean-Pierre Emond, Ph.D.; Co-director, Center for Food Distribution and Retailing, University of Florida
Anti-Counterfeiting Elgar Fleisch, Ph.D.; Director, Auto-ID Labs at University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich
Aerospace Duncan McFarlane, Ph.D.; Director, Auto ID Labs at Cambridge University, United Kingdom
EPC network Jun Murai, Ph.D.; Director, Auto-ID Labs at Keio Univeristy, Japan
Tom Cain, Ph. D.; Radio Frequency Prototyping and Measurements Laboratory, University of Pittsburg
Peter Cole, Ph.D.; Director Auto-ID Labs at the University of Adelaide
Sang-GUG Lee Ph.D.; Director, Auto-IDLabs at the Information and Communications University, South Korea
Hao Min, Ph.D.; Director, AutoID Labs at Fudan University, China
Mark Roberti, Editor and Founder, RFID Jour

Registration Fees:
Academics, researchers and students wishing to attend the RFID Academic Convocation will receive a special rate of $300. End users and vendors will be charged the normal rate for RFID Journal LIVE! preconference. Registration for the convocation can be bundled with the main RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition as part of a Deluxe Conference Pass.

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Download Brochure

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