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Spacer Supply Chain Management Sessions

RFID technology will have a profound impact on the way companies manage their supply chains. Greater visibility of the movement of parts and raw materials upstream and pallets, cases and items downstream will allow companies to streamline processes, reduce costs and achieve greater efficiencies. Many of the sessions at RFID Journal LIVE! 2006 cover issues critical to supply chain management professionals involved in RFID deployments. You'll learn:

Spacer The ROI of tracking shipments of products and parts internally
  Strategies for reducing safety stocks
  How to reduce spoilage in the supply chain
  Methods for tagging and tracking metal parts
  How to share supply chain data securely with partners
  Strategies for improving cold chain management with RFID sensors
  How to reduce shrinkage from theft and administrative error
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Supply Chain Management Sessions

Tuesday, May 2
11:15 am  A Method for Evaluating RFID's Potential
Germany's MTU Aero Engines, one of the largest aircraft engine manufacturers in the world, developed a process- and knowledge-based analytical model. The company has used this model to identify potential RFID applications throughout its supply chain and determine the best one to implement this year.
  Sebastian Resch, Project Manager RFID, MTU Aero Engines
A proven method for evaluating RFID applications
Knowledge of how one company evaluated potential apps
11:15 am Meeting Mandates and Making Money
This session explains what you need to do to become compliant with retail requirements for tagging pallets and cases. Panelists also explain how companies can move tagging back in their operations to achieve benefits.
  Steven Hall, Senior Vice President, Xterprise
  Michael Putnam, Product Marketing Manager, Markem
  Matt Ream, Senior Manager, RFID Systems, Zebra Technologies
  Jan Svoboda, Business Development Director, USA, UPM Raflatac
  Mark Roberti, Editor and Founder, RFID Journal
How to meet retail tagging requirements
Where consumer products makers can benefit internally from RFID
2:45 pm Case Study—Publix Tracks Fresh Produce with RFID
Florida supermarket operator Publix, three produce suppliers and the University of Florida IFAS's Center for Food Distribution and Retailing (CFDR) have tested the potential for using the EPCglobal Network to improve the distribution of fresh produce. Learn the results of this ground-breaking pilot.
  Tom Casas, VP of Information Technology, Tanimura and Antle
  Terri Crawford, Business IT Manager/Distribution, Publix
  Jean-Pierre Emond, Co-director, IFAS Center for Food Distribution
     and Retailing, University of Florida
How to reduce spoilage and improve on-shelf availability
2:45 pm Tracking 190,000 Vehicles at Gulf States Toyota
Gulf States Toyota, a Houston regional distributor for 145 Toyota dealers, uses an active RFID tracking system for processing nearly 200,000 cars annually. It enables Gulf States Toyota to locate new Toyotas at its processing center, replacing the previous method of sending employees out on foot throughout its 84-acre lot to identify cars that needed to be customized for particular dealers and buyers. The system has reduced processing and labor costs, while achieving better quality and customer service.
  Gary Cole, Sr. Manager, Planning and Logistics, Gulf States Toyota
Inner workings of a vehicle tracking system
The ROI of RFID in a logistics environment
3:35 pm Transportation/Logistics: Tracking High-Value Assets in
     Challenging Environments with PowerID Battery Assisted
     Labels—Evidence From the Field

Companies looking to track high value assets in challenging environments--those containing metals, liquids, or foils--now have an affordable alternative to active tags: PowerID battery-assisted labels. This session will showcase a number of applications in the field, demonstrating how PowerID effectively and affordably allows companies to use RFID to track high value assets without having to expend the costs associated with active tags.
  Gidy Weisglass, Director of Sales, Europe, Power Paper
Inner workings of a vehicle tracking system
The ROI of RFID in a logistics environment
Wednesday, May 3
1:55 pm Virgin Atlantic Airways Tracks High Value Parts
Virgin Atlantic Airways tagged airplane components in its Heathrow Airport warehouse in a pilot study last year in London. The airline reports on the test of RFID and how it affected the time spent searching for missing high-value parts for the servicing of airplanes. Less time locating parts means less expense. Virgin is considering expanding the program to its other warehouses, which would enable employees to locate parts they need anywhere in the world.
  Mark Butler, Systems Implementation Manager, Virgin Atlantic
The ROI from tracking of tracking high-value parts internally
Best practices for tagging and tracking airplane parts
1:55 pm Drug Security and the Value of Data Sharing
Leading players in the pharmaceutical industry have come together to determine what approaches will be effective in securing the supply chain and how serialization with RFID can be used to automate authentication. This session examines the results of their studies and explains what challenges lie ahead for the industry.
  Jim Dowden, Director, Distribution Services, Hoffman-La Roche
  Peggy Staver, Director, Trade Product Integrity, Pfizer
  Shabbir Dahod, President & CEO, SupplyScape
Strategies for serializing drugs and enabling trading partners to authenticate EPCs
Benefits of authenticating drug EPCs electronically
1:55 pm Case Study—Securing Cargo with E-Seals
Learn how one major trading company conducted an error-free field trial for an RFID container seal system that provides automatic container-intrusion detection and enables the tracking of cargo.
  Yoshibumi Kotsuka, Director, Transportation & Logistics, Mitsui & Co.
How to improve cargo security with electronic seals
Strategies for improving the visibility of cargo in transit
1:55 pm Case Study—Using RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain
Third-party logistics provider TNT Logistics provides closed-loop supply chain visibility as it coordinates 24x7 deliveries from its material sequencing centers to assembly lines at automotive manufacturing facilities, including Ford Motor Co. TNT is bullish about the business benefits of RFID.
  Terrence McIntyre, Corporate Technology Services Manager,
     TNT Logistics North America
Best practices for managing "just in time" parts inventory with active RFID
How to boost manufacturing throughput with RFID inventory management
Active RFID-based automated processes drive more flexible, lean manufacturing operations
2:45 pm Case Study—Using Auto ID Technologies to Facilitate
     "Track and Trace" at Dow Chemical

Using a combination of bar codes, RFID and GPS technology, Dow Chemical is tracking its product containers around the world. Whether their products are in a cylinder, truck, railcar or ship, the company is implementing a "track and trace" strategy to locate all shipments at any given time. The goal: improved asset visibility, security, reduced inventories, and increased supply chain efficiency. Dow also will offer insight into its plan for Auto ID technologies for the next decade.
  Craig Casto, Global Auto-ID and Label Tech. Leader, Dow Chenical
Deploying multiple technologies for asset tracking
Best practices for track and trace
2:45 pm Case Study—Gillette Boosts Promotional Sales with RFID
Gillette's analysis of EPC data provided by a retail partner showed that stores that delivered product to the shelves on time saw a 48% sales lift. Now Gillette is looking to use the software to make sure stores deliver.
  Jamshed Dubash, Director of Technology—EPC, Procter & Gamble
How to improve promotional sales using EPC data
Best practices for promotions tracking
2:45 pm Finding Internal ROI From RFID
Spirit AeroSystems, a 76-year-old former division of Boeing, uses RFID internally to tag parts, track work in process, and automated decision-making (informing workers which process to perform as parts are scanned). Its next goal is to find ways to integrate RFID with its suppliers and vendors to achieve benefits for all.
  Debbie Fogg, RFID Project Manager, SPIRIT AeroSystems
How to integrate RFID data on work in process with legacy systems
Benefits of tracking of parts and tools with RFID
3:5 pm The Benefits of Standardized EPC Data Formats
Sharing data over the EPCglobal Network is critical to enabling track and trace, e-pedigrees and other applications in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. This session reveals the work being done to develop standardized data formats and how they will drive benefits for manufacturers, wholesales, retailers and health care providers.
  Bob Celeste, Director, Action Groups, EPCglobal
  Ted Ng, Director, IT Pharmaceutical Group, McKesson
How to improve drug tracking by sharing standardized RFID data
Insights into data requirements and formats for sharing pharmaceutical supply chain information
3:35 pm Using RFID to track HAZMAT
NASA is using UHF RFID system linked with temperature sensors to track the location, handling and condition of potentially dangerous chemicals. The result: improved management, security and safety of hazardous materials.
  Ralph Anton, Chemical Program Manager, NASA Dryden Flight
     Research Center
  Vince Kinsey, Sr. Information Systems Manager, NASA Dryden Flight
     Research Center
How to improve safety by using RFID to track hazardous materials
Where and when to deploy RFID temperature sensors to track goods
3:35 pm RFID's Impact on Retail—Lessons Learned
For more than a year, researchers have studied RFID's potential impact on the retail supply chain, particularly its potential to reduce out of stocks. In this session, find out what lessons early adopters have learned.
  Bill Hardgrave, Director, RFID Research Center, Univ. of Arkansas
The results of retail-related research on the benefits of RFID
How to reduce out-of-stocks with RFID
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RFID Journal LIVE! Is the one conference and exhibition that meets the needs of everyone in the RFID community. In addition to our Getting Started track, there are also tracks for those about to deploy or who have already deployed the technology and for executives who are leading RFID efforts.

Learn to Deploy RFID Successfully In These Industries:

Spacer Retail/Consumer Goods
Health Care/Pharmaceutical
  Defense/Aerospace Manufacturing

Positively Impact Business Processes In Key Functional Areas

Information Technology:
Link RFID to product data to achieve global data synchronization
Choose the right middleware for your needs
Integrate RFID data with existing inventory management systems
Set up an RFID network architecture that will scale
Systematically choose the right RFID applications
Choose the right RFID tags for your products
Launch a carefully planned field trial with measurable results
Learn when and how to set up an internal lab to test applications
Supply Chain:
Learn how to become compliant with retail mandates
Benefit from tracking goods internally
Secure cargo with electronic RFID seals
Choose the right technology for your supply chain applications
Warehouse Management:
Improve inventory accuracy
Overcome challenges of deploying in noisy warehouse environments
Reduce safety stocks through better visibility
Learn from the experience of early adopters

Get To the Next Level

Getting Started: Find out how RFID works, whether it's right for your business and which vendors to engage
How to Deploy: Learn how to tag products, collect and analyze data, and change processes to create benefits
Executive Strategy: Go beyond compliance and achieve real ROI across the enterprise
Comptia RFID+ Certification Training: In partnership with RFID4U

One Event That Meets All Your Business Needs
See case studies presented by early adopters sharing insights
Hear top-quality speakers detailing what works—and what doesn't
Touch the latest RFID products that could benefit your business
Network with your peers across major industries

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