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Spacer RFID Journal LIVE! 2006 Tracks

RFID Journal's 4th annual executive conference and exhibition will feature eight tracks with content designed for those with different levels of RFID experience and those looking for industry specific solutions.

Getting Started Track
With so many different frequencies, protocols and standards in use, RFID can be baffling for those just beginning to learn about the technology and its potential business applications. RFID Journal LIVE! 2006 is the only conference and exhibition that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to determine where, when and how to invest in RFID. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer The fundamentals of the different RFID technologies
  Where and how your company can benefit from RFID
  The potential ROI of various applications
  Benchmarks for the cost of system components
  Who the leading vendors are and how they can help you
  How to choose the right company to advise you on where to deploy
  How to pick the proper equipment
  The right questions to ask hardware providers
How To Deploy Track
RFID technology is fast-moving, with new generations of equipment constantly rolling out from vendors, while industry associations work on new domestic and international standards. The technical staff charged with driving RFID forward at their organizations must stay on top of the latest developments and emerging industry best practices to achieve a successful implementation. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer A proven method for evaluating RFID applications
  The capabilities of EPC Gen 2 tags in the real world
  A step-by-step approach to launching a field trial
  Common mistakes you should avoid
  "Do"s and "don't"s for deploying interrogators at choke points
  How to design an RFID network architecture
  Strategies for storing RFID data
  How to make data available to a variety of legacy applications
Executive Strategy Track
Senior managers at companies in virtually every industry are pondering the how, when and why of investing in RFID. It's important to do a careful business analysis, develop a well-thought-out strategy and execute it effectively. In this track, you'll learn:

Spacer Strategies for developing the business case for investing in RFID
  How to get top management buy-in for an RFID deployment
  Best practices for setting up an RFID cross-functional team
  How to evaluate whether your company needs an internal RFID lab
  Strategies for getting support from front-line employees
  The strategic potential of radio frequency identification
  Keys to ensuring RFID projects deliver on their promise
RFID At Work

Retail/Consumer Goods Track
Companies across the retail and consumer packaged goods supply chain have been among the early adopters of RFID and EPC technologies. Many are already seeing early benefits and are prepared to share their insights at RFID Journal LIVE! 2006. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer The results of retail-related research on the benefits of RFID
  How to meet retail tagging requirements
  Where consumer products makers can benefit internally from RFID
  Strategies for getting EPC data synchronization right
  How to reduce spoilage with RFID
  Best practices for improving promotional sales using EPC data
  How to reduce out-of-stocks with RFID
Manufacturing Track
Whether or not they face mandates from customers, many manufacturers are finding that RFID has the potential to bring major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. The technology can increase productivity and reduce costs by enabling you to track inventory, reusable containers, work in process and finished products. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer Best practices for managing parts inventory with active RFID
  How to improve the tracking of work in process with RFID
  Strategies for linking Six Sigma and RFID projects
  How to reduce parts defects with RFID
  Methods for migrating parts tracking to RFID from bar codes
  Where and when to increase factory throughput with active RFID
  How to overcome challenges of deploying active RFID in a factory
Health Care/Pharmaceutical Track
Hospitals plan to deploy RFID to identify patients, call up records, reduce medical errors and improve overall productivity. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has endorsed the use of RFID as a way to reduce the counterfeiting of prescription drugs. Early adopters in both sectors are finding RFID can deliver operational and supply chain benefits. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer How to reduce nurse workload with a patient ID system
  Benefits of tracking pharmaceutical drugs electronically
  How to improve patient safety with RFID
  The benefits of tracking lab samples with item-level RFID tags
  Best practices for securing track-and-trace data from RFID systems
  Strategies hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical makers, distributors and retailers can use to choose the right technology for their needs
Defense/Aerospace Track
Companies supplying the U.S. Department of Defense and airplane makers Boeing and Airbus will be required to put RFID tags on shipments to these major companies. Companies that meet tagging mandates can also achieve benefits internally and across the supply chain change on defense page. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer How to meet DOD, Boeing and Airbus tagging requirements
  The benefits of tracking high-value parts and products internally
  How to tag and track metal parts
  Strategies for using RFID to reduce counterfeiting of parts
  The "do"s and "don't"s of managing RFID data for inter-company and intra-company benefits
  Methods to improve safety by using RFID to track hazardous materials
  How to track work in process
Transportation/Logistics Track
Transportation and logistics companies will play a key roll in ensuring end-to-end visibility in the supply chain. Some are already tagging product for their customers. Others are examining how they can benefit internally, by improving the utilization of containers and chassis with RFID tracking. In this track, you will learn:

Spacer The ROI from improving asset utilization
  How to boost container yard throughput with RFID tracking
  How to improve cargo tracking with RFID
  Strategies for integrating passive and active RFID systems
  How logistics hubs can benefit from a real-time locating system
  Strategies for improving the visibility of cargo in transit
  How to improve cargo security with electronic seals

Download Brochure
Download Brochure

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