April 30 to May 2, 2007
Orlando, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
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How to Deploy RFID

RFID hardware and software have improved dramatically over the past two years, but implementing a system that can deliver a significant ROI is still a challenge. Technical staff charged with driving RFID forward within their organizations must understand the importance of standards developments and emerging industry best practices to complete a successful project. Below, you'll find the featured speakers, what you will learn in this track and the agenda.

RFID Journal University, EPC Essentials, RFID Channel Seminar, RFID in Packaging, and RFID in the Cold Chain preconference seminars are recommended as strong complements to the How To Deploy RFID conference track. You can attend one of these preconference seminars in addition to all eight conference tracks by selecting the Conference + Preconference Pass when you register.

What You Will Learn In This Track:
Spacer Best practices for meeting RFID tagging mandates while getting internal benefits
  Insights into the mistakes you should avoid
  Benchmarks for evaluating Gen 2 RFID readers and printer/encoders
  How to do RFID system design and software selection
  How to analyze RFID data from partners
  What off-the-shelf software is available for analyzing and using RFID data
  How to make use of EPCglobal Network standards for sharing data with supply-chain partners
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Tuesday, May 1
  11:30 am—Breakout Session
    How to Deploy:
Best Practices—Meeting RFID Mandates While Preparing for Internal and
Cross-Supply-Chain Applications

There's a right way (and many wrong ways) to meet customers' RFID mandates. In this session, some of the leading early adopters of RFID spell out the best practices they developed as they met mandates from their customers and prepared to leverage RFID internally and across their supply chain.
  Carl Gardner, Senior Functional Analyst, DOD, SRA International, Inc.
  Mike O'Shea, Director, Auto-ID Sensing Technology, Kimberly-Clark
  Stephen Miles, Research Scientist, MIT Auto-ID Labs
. Best practices for meeting RFID mandates from customers
. Insights into the mistakes you should avoid
. How to prepare to use RFID mandates to achieve internal benefits
  12:20 pm—Platinum Session
    How to Deploy:
Business Process Management and Service-Oriented Architecture for RFID and
Sensor Applications

Business Process Management and Service-Oriented Architecture for RFID and
Sensor Applications
Many sensors, many applications - this is the challenge facing global enterprises that want more awareness of the physical world. To win, companies must rise above the level of the sensor technology itself, and focus instead on using sensor data to improve business practices. This talk presents a robust architectural approach based on Service-Oriented Architcture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM), which focuses on solving business problems at the business level, and employing a mix of sensor technologies as needed. Real-world use cases show how this approach scales gracefully as requirements and technology change over time.
  Ken Traub, CTO, RFID and Edge Servers, BEA Systems
. Understanding the value of sensor data
. Best tips on how to prepare for future requirements by using multiple
senor technolgies today
  3:00pm—Platinum Session
    How to Deploy:
How to Find the ROI from RFID

In this session, we will discuss and evaluate the value of RFID solutions in the supply chain for the major markets. What ROI models are some of the top retailers using? What are the benefits for retail and the retail supply chain? Can you really reduce shrinkage, save labor and improve sales - and if so, to what extent? What lessons can be learned from major retailers' pilot programs? We will also discuss the traditional supply vs. the on-demand, VMI models.
  Andre Coté, Senior Director, Worlwide Business Development, Checkpoint Systems
. Understanding the potential of RFID solutions in the supply chain
. Insight into the results of carious pilot programs in the retail sector
  3:50 pm—Breakout Session
    How to Deploy:
Ten Things You Need to Know About Choosing UHF RFID Readers and Label Printers

UHF readers differ in performance, ease of use, setup and total cost of ownership—even those based on the same EPCglobal Gen 2 standard. The same is true of RFID label printers. This session explains how to evaluate readers and label printers, and how to choose the right one for your needs.
  John Onderko, Senior RFID Packaging Engineer, Kimberly-Clark
. Benchmarks for evaluating Gen 2 RFID readers and label printers
. A method for evaluating readers and printers
Wednesday, May 2
  11:30 am—Platinum Sessions
    How to Deploy:
Active RFID - The Technology and How BMW MINI delivered the World’s first Active RFID Interactive Marketing Innovation

In this session, Wavetrend will give an overview of Active RFID technology. The attendees will learn how BMW MINI and their marketing agency in the USA (BSSP) delivered a world first use of Active RFID for driver loyalty and interactive marketing. Wavetrend will provide details of the project such as initial scoping, the importance of site surveys, the challenges, the value of the project to BMW MINI and their plans moving forward.
  Saleem Miyan, VP, Worldwide Sales, Marketing & Professional Services,
. Lessons learned from the World's First Interactive Marketing Innovation
. Insight into where BMW MINI will be heading with Active RFID
  12:20 pm—Breakout Session
    How to Deploy:
A Guide to RFID System Design and Software Selection

This session focuses on how to go about designing an RFID system for meeting customer tagging mandates. Learn the best positions for applying and encoding tags, as well as the proper place to install readers to confirm that the right EPC is on each product, and that products are being shipped to the correct customers.
  Pankaj Sood, Founder/Manager, McMaster Applications Lab
. Best practices for designing a system to meet RFID mandates from customers
. Critical information for choosing the right middleware
  2:30 pm—Breakout Session
    How to Deploy:
Making Use of RFID Data from Supply-Chain Partners

The big benefits of using RFID in the supply come when partners share data. Learn how companies are learning to trust each other, sharing information among their supply-chain partners and using that data to create significant business value.
  Gary Clement, Director of RFID, General Dynamics Info. Tech.
  Chris Maciejewski, IT Program Manager/RFID, Campbell Soup Co.
  Mark Morrow, EPC Technology Leader, Procter & Gamble
  Ernie Redfern, Chief Information Officer, Blommer Chocolate
. Stephen Miles, Research Scientist, MIT Auto-ID Labs
. How to analyze RFID data from partners
. Best practices for working together to change business processes
. Description of off-the-shelf software for analyzing data
  3:20 pm—Breakout Session
    How to Deploy:
Using EPCglobal Network Standards to Leverage RFID Data

See a demonstration of EPCglobal Network reader protocols, middleware and EPC Information Services (EPCIS). You will learn how to use these tools to run a small pilot, along with simulations to help you fine-tune applications before starting a field trial.
  Stephen Miles, Research Scientist, Auto-ID Labs—US
. Open-source software tools to launch a pilot or run network simulations
. An understanding of EPCglobal Network standards, and how to use them effectively
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