April 30 to May 2, 2007
Orlando, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
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Getting Started

There are many different types of RFID--active, passive, UHF, HF--and each is used for different applications. This track will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to determine when to invest in RFID, which technology to use and where to apply it. Below, you'll find the featured speakers, what you will learn in this track and the agenda.

RFID Journal University, EPC Essentials, RFID in Packaging, RFID in the Cold Chain, RFID Legal & Public Policy and the RFID Investors' Forum preconference seminars are recommended as strong complements to the Getting Started conference track. You can attend one of these preconference seminars in addition to all eight conference tracks by selecting the Conference + Preconference Pass when you register.

What You Will Learn In This Track:
Spacer The fundamentals of the different RFID technologies
  Where and how your company can benefit from RFID today
  The potential ROI of various applications
  Benchmarks for the cost of RFID system components
  Who the leading vendors are and how they can help you
  How to choose the right company to advise you on where to deploy
  How to pick the proper equipment
  How to seize the low-hanging fruit and get a quick ROI
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Tuesday, May 1
  11:30 am—Breakout Session
    Getting Started:
Choosing the Right Type of RFID Technology for Your Needs
Learn the fundamental differences among the various RFID systems, including passive high-frequency and ultrahigh frequency, active, sensor-based and real-time locating systems. This session will explain how and where each type of system is used for different applications, such as tracking cases in the supply chain, items in a store or warehouse, assets in a hospital or office building and tools in a manufacturing facility.
  Toby Rush, President, Rush Tracking Systems
. Understand the differences among various RFID technologies
. Learn how to choose the right technology for your application
  12:20 pm—Platinum Sessions
    Getting Started:
Event-Driven Architectures and RFID: Move Beyond Data Capture to Actionable Business Insight
Event-driven, service-oriented architectures (SOA) allow organizations to move beyond basic RFID and sensor data capture to actionable business insight. We will show you how to leverage your physical RFID infrastructure to drive greater business value by monitoring, analyzing, and acting on RFID data in the context of your business processes. Join us and learn how Oracle Sensor-based Services can help you achieve and move beyond visibility to bottom-line results.
  Stephanie McReynolds, Product Management Team, Oracle
. Where do you need to integrate RFID into your current business process?
  What RFID, product and asset information do you need to optimize business processes?
. How can you use an event-driven architecture to ensure the agility to adapt to changes?
  3:00 pm—Platinum Sessions
    Getting Started:
Increased supply chain value and intermodal optimization through the enablement of active RFID
Establishing real time shipment level detail early in the process allows for shippers and carriers to collaborate and optimize their supply chain. Active RFID tracking system offers shippers detailed intermodal shipment visibility and the potential for direct cost savings from tighter inventory control, logistics and warehousing scheduling. In this session we will discuss how the deployment of the first fully functional intermodal RFID solution for end to end real time visibility is transforming transportation logistics. This is a significant step in solving the intermodal "black hole."
  Peter Linke, President and CEO, Americas, Identec Solutions US
. Understanding how to achieve ROI with intermodal RFID Solutions
  Best tips for increasing supply chain value
  3:50 pm—Breakout Session
    Getting Started:
The Cost of RFID System Components

An RFID system consists of more than just tags and interrogators. This informative session explains what the different components are, and what each is likely to cost.
  Mary Catherine O'Connor, Senior Editor, RFID Journal
. Complete descriptions of all the components of an RFID system
. Benchmarks for the cost of each component
Wednesday, May 2
  11:30 am—Platinum Sessions
    Getting Started:
Insider Insights from Large Production Deployments

As you move from pilot to production, benefit from cutting-edge techniques that the thought leaders in manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical, and retailing have discovered that can make your project successful. Automate business processes while leveraging your existing investments in your ERP and WMS systems by extending that information down to the edge of operations where it can be immediately used. Hear ways in which companies have created fascinating hybrid systems using multiple RFID technologies and industrial sensors, and how to make your system “worker friendly.” Learn about innovative approaches to tying multiple automation projects together to lower the total cost of ownership of all of your projects.
  Nancy Anderson, CEO, Blue Vector Systems
. Learn about the latest innovation approaches to tying multiple automation projects
. Best tips on how to use various RFID technologies and industrial sensors
  12:20 pm—Breakout Session
    Getting Started:
Low-Hanging Fruit: How to Get a Quick ROI from RFID

Whether you are facing a mandate or not, there are many applications of RFID that can deliver a quick return on investment. This session looks at a number of applications across industries that will help you get started with an RFID system that delivers benefits right away.
  Sylvanus Bent, CEO Bent Systems
  Daniel Deavours, Director of Research, RFID Alliance Lab
  Gerardo Flores, VP, Business Development, Intelligentz Corporation
  Guillaume Oget, RFID Solutions Manager, Manufacturing & Distribution Industries, Hewlett Packard
  Toby Rush, President, Rush Tracking Systems
. Insights into where the short-term benefits are
. How to deploy a system that will pay for itself and other applications
  2:30 pm—Breakout Session
    Getting Started:
Ten Tips for Choosing RFID Vendors
There are many options for companies looking to take advantage of RFID's potential. But how do you choose the right hardware company, the right software company and/or the right systems integrator? This session offers invaluable advice for choosing the right partners.
  Craig Harmon, President & CEO, Q.E.D. Systems
. Learn what you need—and who can provide it
. Insight into who the leading players are, and how they can help you
. Ten tips for choosing the right technology partners
  3:20 pm—Breakout Session
    Getting Started:
Low-Hanging Fruit—How to Get a Quick ROI from RFID
Whether or not you are facing a mandate, there are many applications of RFID that can deliver a quick return on investment. This session looks at a number of apps across industries that will help you get started with an RFID system that delivers benefits right away.
. Insights into where the short-term benefits are
. How to deploy a system that will pay for itself and other applications
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