LIVE! 2007 Speaker
Richard Wishart and representative(s)
RFID sub-group of the Universal Postal Union,
Advanced Electronic Services User Group

Richard Wishart

Richard Wishart is currently advising the Universal Postal Union on RFID strategy and in particular on how the use of RFID for mail measurement can be extended. The current mail measurement system using semi-active tags and is regarded as one of the most extensive RFID networks in the world.

Richard is CEO of Delivery Management Ltd which is an international logistics and technology consultancy.

After graduating from Edinburgh University, Richard became a professionally qualified aircraft systems engineer in the Royal Air Force. Later at the London Stock Exchange he developed and implemented some of the market critical information systems associated with "Big Bang" deregulation.

In the British Post office he led major systems implementation projects before taking on commercial responsibility for international relationships. He was Regional Manager for Central Europe and before leaving to establish his own business he was Project Director for International Commercial Development.