LIVE! 2007 Speaker

Mike Celentano
Associate Director, Supply Chains & RFID Systems
Purdue Pharma

Mike Celentano Mike Celentano is the associate director of Supply Chain Systems, as well as director of logistics IT at Purdue Pharma, a mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturer operating several production and distribution facilities on a SAP R/3 4.7 platform. Mr. Celentano recently oversaw Purdue's successful RFID pilot project to add an RFID label to individual bottles of pharmaceutical product on a high-speed bottling line. He and his team have overcome the complex challenges unique to taking on a unit-level RFID tagging initiative in a pharma manufacturing and distribution environment. Mr. Celentano currently serves as co-chair of the policy committee of EPCglobal's business action group for health care and life science.