LIVE! 2007 Speaker
Jean-Pierre Emond, PhD
Co-director, IFAS Center for Food Distribution and Retailing,
University of Florida

Jean-Pierre Emond Jean-Pierre Emond, PhD, is an associate professor with the Packaging Science Program in ABE Dept. at the University of Florida. He is also the co-director of the UF/IFAS Center for Food Distribution and Retailing. Since 1997, Dr. Emond has been the principal advisor for perishables and pharmaceuticals with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). His main research sectors involve the packaging, handling and transportation of perishable and pharmaceutical products and post-harvest technology. Dr. Emond is currently leading 12 research and pilot projects related to RFID applications in the food industry including methods for optimizing RFID Technology for perishables. Dr. Emond is the 202 recipient of the Agcellence Award (Natonal Finalist), Outstanding contribution to the agri-food industry in Canada. Ministry of Agriculture.