Craig Harmon
President & CEO, Q.E.D. Systems

Craig HarmonHarmon has more than 25 years' experience in information systems. He is the author of four books on data collection technology and provides the content for the Web sites autoid.org and qed.org. He also chairs the U.S. committee developing input into the international technical standards community (the U.S. TAG to SC 31/WG 4), serves as senior project editor for the SC 31 Air Interface Standards (ISO/IEC 18000) and chairs the international committee charged with developing application standards for RFID (ISO 122/104 Joint Working Group on Supply Chain Applications of RFID). Previously, he chaired the U.S. committee on RFID technical standards (ASC INCITS T6. In addition, Harmon chairs the RFID Experts Group (REG), dealing with the real-world challenges of RFID. He also serves as the standards advisor to R1--the RFID China Forum--a cooperative agreement between China, Korea and Japan on RFID standards and regulations.