LIVE! 2007 Speaker
Todd Matthews
Manager of Americas RFID Solutions
Psion Teklogix

Todd Matthews

Mr. Matthews is Manager of Americas RFID Solutions for Psion Teklogix, a global provider of mobile computing solutions with leading expertise in rugged hardware, integration, service and support and in new and emerging technologies including image capture and RFID.

Mr. Matthews has over seventeen years of experience specifying and integrating radio frequency automated data collection and RFID systems in manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain and Department of Defense (DoD) applications. His broad and comprehensive experience spans technology management, software engineering, business process consulting and systems integration of RFID systems.

Mr. Matthews has experience with various RFID technologies including EPC, HF, LF, Active and RTLS technologies. Mr. Matthews has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Auburn University.

Relevant Experience
• Provided technical and project leadership of EPC compliant RFID systems at Coca-Cola and Sara Lee for the Wal*Mart mandate.
• Led project for business process review and technology selection of RFID systems for DoD asset tracking at Boeing.
• Developed proprietary method for encrypted mobile data synchronization over classified government networks.
• Specified and integrated mobile data collection solutions for DoD logistics tracking and asset tracking systems with integration to SAP R/3.