LIVE! 2007 Speaker

Andrew Nathanson
Lockheed Martin

Andrew Nathanson Drew Nathanson has more than 15 years experience in industrial enterprise program management, general management, strategy consulting and business development. As a consultant and senior management advisor, he has worked with a broad range of companies in a number of basic and advanced AIDC technologies, including: RFID, kiosks, bar code scanning, mobile printing, wireless sensors, and data acquisition. At VDC, Mr. Nathanson is responsible for the firm's multi-million-dollar AIDC and RFID technology practices. In this capacity, he works closely with VDC clients, analysts, consultants, and senior management to design, execute, manage, and deliver proprietary research and syndicated programs. Prior to joining VDC, Mr. Nathanson launched and served as Principal of BlueFlame, a management consulting firm focusing on the advanced materials and sciences industry and their related tech markets.