LIVE! 2007 Speaker
Carolyn Walton
Vice President Information Systems

Carolyn Walton Carolyn Walton joined Wal-Mart in 2004 and currently serves as Vice President, Information Systems. Her responsibilities include developing strategic partnerships with leaders in government, industry and academia, focusing on the development of solutions for global initiatives such as healthcare and sustainability.  She has overall leadership in a number of broad areas that include the development of standards and fostering collaboration with a number of partners including Wal-Mart’s pace-setting initiatives with electronic product codes and radio frequency identification.  Carolyn is actively involved with EPCglobal, the non-profit international standards organization, in their efforts to facilitate adoption of electronic product codes.

Prior to coming to Wal-Mart, Carolyn was Chief Information Officer for a large electric, gas, and telecommunications company.   She also served in Governor Huckabee’s Cabinet as Executive CIO for the State of Arkansas.