LIVE! 2007 Speaker
Mark Wrubel
Material Planning & Logisitics Launch Manager
Ford Motor

Mark Wrubel

Recognized for a distinguished 20-year career in the automotive manufacturing and logistics industry, Mark Wrubel began his career at Central Transport where he was Logistics and Automotive Supervisor.  He then went to Ford Motor Company where he has held several supervisory-level positions in the materials handling and procurement arenas.

Wrubel began his tenure at Ford as a pre-production change analyst where he coordinated procurement of raw materials and the production of new model parts.  From there, he has held several supervisory positions where he was responsible for the manufacturing scheduling and materials handling for both incoming and outgoing parts.  He was then promoted to the material handling manager where he was responsible for the synchronous material flow of materials.  In this role, he led a team of supervisors responsible for coordinating all shipment of materials.