April 30 to May 2, 2007
Orlando, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
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RFID Journal LIVE! 2006


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RFID in the Cold Chain

In partnership with
RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 features nine preconference seminars providing in-depth information on specific aspects of RFID. Attendees can choose to participate in one of these prior to the opening of the main conference program. Preconference seminars are available through the Conference + Preconference Pass or the Preconference Seminar + Exhibit-Only Pass.

The Cold Chain Seminar is designed to educate end users and implementers about the benefits of using RFID in the cold chain and the technology needed to achieve those benefits.

12:00 pm General Session: RFID Basics
This session is designed for all precoference seminar attendees who want to gain the foundational knowledge of RFID needed to engage vendors and begin to develop a business case. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems. The need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session also includes a very brief overview of the EPCglobal Network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of RFID and EPC, including the latest EPC generation 2 standard, will be presented.
12:45 pm Break
1:15 pm RFID's Role in the Cold Chain
This session explains what RFID technology is available for use in the cold chain today, how it can be leveraged and what the basic cold chain applications are in various industries, including produce and pharmaceuticals. You will see samples of the RFID data that can be collected, where it can be collected and how it can be used, and you will learn why RFID temperature sensors offer some benefits over existing temperature loggers.
  Bill Hardgrave, Director, RFID Research Center, University of Arkansas
  Jean-Pierre Emond, Co-director, IFAS Center for Food Distribution and
     Retailing, University of Florida
. An understanding of the current state of RFID technology used in the cold chain
. Critical knowledge about how RFID can be used to improve cold chain operations
2:00 pm Making RFID Work in the Cold Chain
Introducing RFID into the Cold Chain can meet multiple objectives, including reduction of product shrink, brand protection and operational improvements. In this session, leading middleware provider Sybase-iAnywhere in conjuction with Sensitech, the leading provider of cold chain visibility solutions, explains how a sensor networking architecture can be used in conjunction with traditional RFID so that Cold Chain sensing systems canbe deployed seamlessly across the enterprise and how this can deliver significant value in cold chain operations.
  Chris Foley, Director, Partner Development, RFID & Sensor Technologies, Sybase-iAnywhere
  Peter Maysek, Vice President of Business Development & RFID Solutions, Sensitech
2:45 pm Refreshment Break
3:15 pm Utilizing Semi-Passive RFID Tags for Monitoring the Conditions of Fresh Products in Transit
Deloitte Consulting will introduce the concept of “intelligent cold chain” and a general description of using temperature logging RFID tags on fresh produce will be provided. Key findings from a temperature monitoring project and observations on what the findings mean to the handling of fresh produce from farm to customer will also be presented.
  Christopher Hook, co-leader, Wireless & Sensor Solutions, Deloitte Consulting
4:00 pm Case Study: C.H. Robinson Uses RFID Temperature Sensors
C.H. Robinson Worldwide has run an extensive pilot of RFID temperature sensors in its supply chain. In this session, the company will explain how and where it has been using RFID temperature sensors. It will also reveal the benefits of the technology and explain how it plans to use the technology in the future.
  Richard A. Mosley, Systems Design and Development, C.H. Robinson Worldwide
4:45 pm Quantifying RFID's Cold Chain Benefits
Researchers at the University of Arkansas and the University of Florida have been studying the potential benefits of RFID temperature sensors. Researchers will discuss the findings of various research projects and discuss the challenges in properly implementing a temperature monitoring system. Learn how and where RFID can deliver real benefits in the cold chain today.
  Jean-Pierre Emond, Co-director, IFAS Center for Food Distribution and Retailing, University of Florida
  Bill Hardgrave, Director, RFID Research Center, University of Arkansas
. An understanding of the business case for using RFID in the cold chain
. Real-world data results from early implementations of RFID in the cold chain
5:15 pm RFID In the Cold Chain Seminar Concludes

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