“I cannot begin to tell you
how great your shows are.
They should be televised.”]]>
“Thank you for a great
conference. I really enjoyed
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“I would like to say thanks for
another great RFID conference.
We learned some valuable insights
from our fellow colleagues
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“My goal was to learn as
much as possible, so the
conference has helped me
tremendously. Talking to
some of the folks here
on the floor, I'm learning
everywhere I go.”]]>
“The general sessions were
really good. And it's great to
be able to see the technology,
put your hands on it, to see
how it all works.”]]>
“The speakers are very insightful.
You can gain from their experience.
They're very honest and they're
able to give you the upside and
the downside.”]]>
“I picked up a lot of new information–
the capabilities, and also some of the
possible pitfalls that I could run into.
Now I'm hoping to find some people
who can help me put it into
project mode.”]]>
“I have been in the IT business
for over 20 years and this is
one of the best conferences
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believers and non-believers
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“My compliments to RFID Journal
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