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New Product Announcements

See the latest new products and innovations at RFID Journal LIVE! 2008.

Here are just some of the new products and innovations being showcased at the event. The RFID Journal awards logos below indicate companies that have been selected as a finalist for the 2008 RFID Journal Awards 'Best in Show' category.

Academia's RFID PRO, a university-level, business-infused, technical certification designed for those looking for industry-recognized training and professional accreditation. Read more
Afilias Discovery Services's line of RFID products, designed to provide secure, selective visibility into the supply chain. Read more
American RFID Solutions' Trusted eSentry Security system, the world's first facial biometrics security system enhanced with RFID technology (and a "Best in Show" finalist for the 2008 RFID Journal Awards). Read more
Bielomatik's and NXP's new manufacturing process for UHF transponders, which they say will revolutionize UHF tag and smart label and ticket production. Read more
Confidex's new Confidex Pino, a unique RFID tag designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets. Read more
CYBRA Corporation, MarkMagic bar-code and RFID label software, as well as EdgeMagic, the only RFID control system custom built for the IBM System i. Read more
Domino Integrated Solutions Group, a provider of track-and-trace systems introduces HIDE-Pack, a patent-pending technology available commercially. This RFID- enabled packaging solution consists of embedding an RFID inlay within the structure of a package so the inlay is not visible from outside or inside the package, making the inlay an integral part of the packaging medium. Read more
Ekahau Vision's Web-based visual interface, which enables enterprise users of the Ekahau Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to automatically monitor the location of tagged assets and people in real time. Read more
Ferroxtag high-frequency tags that work in metal-heavy environments. Read more
IBM's WebSphere Premises Server 6.1, designed to deliver new and enhanced capturing services. Read more
Intelleflex's new "key fob" tag, offering the same read range, extended memory and reliability as previous models, but in a smaller package. Read more
Intermec's IP30 handheld RFID reader for mobile computers, built to offer customers versatility and investment protection. Read more
Kenetics' Compact Flash Type II Gen2 UHF reader, which utilizes the CF interface found in many mobile computing terminals. Read more
Metalcraft's RFID Hard Tag. Read more
Laird Technologies' Mini RFID 902-928 MHz circularly polarized panel antenna. Read more
Lexmark's RFID UHF Option, which positions the radio and antenna directly into the drawer assembly, as opposed to on the printer itself. Read more
ODIN's EasyMonitor suite, which automates the entire RFID infrastructure, including readers, printers, handhelds and peripherals. Read more
Omni-ID's new UHF RFID tag, which it says offers the smallest form factor and best performance in its class. Read more
PINC Solutions expanded portfolio of Yard Hound products, tailored to address the needs of DC yards of all sizes. Read more
Pramari's Rifidi Product Suite, an open-source development tool for RFID. Read more
Seeonic SightWare and SmartWatch product lines. Read more
SkyeTek's M4 Reader Module, designed to offer secure RFID applications at a low cost. Read more
SkyeTek's SkyeModule M7, which the company deems the world's smallest globally compliant UHF RFID reader module. Read more
Sonitor Technology's RTLS ultrasound-technology, which enables room-level and bed-level location accuracy. The company's new solutions include Semi- Disposable Patient Tag, PC-Detector and Patient Fall Detection capabilities. Read more
Tracient Technologies' Padl-R UF reader, which provides mobile RFID read/write capability to any Bluetooth- or USB-enabled devices, including PDAs, cell phones, smart phones, PCs and laptops. Read more
WaveTrend's globaleyes integrated global tracking solution. Read more

— BOOTH 400
GlobalEyes Offers Unparalleled Capabilities for Tracking, Management and Control of Assets, People and Vehicles

Wavetrend Technologies Ltd., a world leader in the deployment of active RFID application solutions, announced today that it is expanding its portfolio of innovative products with the release of GlobalEyes, a revolutionary global tracking solution, incorporating multiple communications and tracking technologies with a software management suite. GlobalEyes is set to revolutionize the way in which assets, people and vehicles are monitored and tracked across the globe. Wavetrend is currently working on several pilot projects within the container logistics and vehicle tracking sectors.

GlobalEyes delivers real-time visibility and intelligence on the location, condition, status and other important information on high-value assets—making it ideal for monitoring of shipping containers; military, construction and mining personnel in high-risk environments; and tracking of transportation modes such as vehicles, cargo ships and rail cars. GlobalEyes delivers unprecedented, end-to-end supply chain visibility and addresses the challenge of providing high security and reliability in complex global applications. It is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for mission-critical applications such as end-to-end supply chain visibility, logistics and international security initiatives.

“We are already working on multiple projects around the world where GlobalEyes is offering unparalleled reliability in ensuring that the assets, containers or vehicles being tracked are completely visible and manageable remotely through the system,” said Saleem Miyan, President & CEO of Wavetrend. “Customers are already recognizing the ROI potential that the GlobalEyes solution offers, and we welcome any enquiries from other prospective customers wishing to conduct trials of our GlobalEyes technology.”     

GlobalEyes uses multiple modes of two-way communication—including active RFID, GPRS, SATCOM GPS, GSM, and ZigBee wireless mesh networks—combined with a web-based information management bureau that offers remote and real-time visibility in critical applications. GlobalEyes offers a completely mobile reader infrastructure and therefore does not require the use of a fixed reader.

By utilizing continuous data transmissions generated by multiple sources, GlobalEyes overcomes the limitations inherent in traditional supply chain infrastructures that rely solely on fixed readers to gather data. The complementary technologies incorporated into GlobalEyes provide the greatest visibility of assets in transit, fostering real-time decision-making when it matters most.

GlobalEyes is the result of a partnership between Wavetrend and System Planning Corporation (SPC) of Arlington, VA. The GlobalEyes solution combines Wavetrend’s portfolio of superior, high-performing active RFID products with the flexible, worldwide capabilities of System Planning Corporation’s asset tracking and condition monitoring system.

“Unlike any other solution, GlobalEyes addresses a multitude of application challenges that our customers in industries such as container logistics, robust vehicle tracking and asset management are facing today. Rather than relying on one source technology, it provides an overlapping solution that assures visibility that our customers demand while at the same time providing an appropriate complementary range of technologies to deliver visibility in the harshest and most difficult of environments,” said Mr. Miyan.

About Wavetrend:
Operationally headquartered in the United Kingdom with regional offices in South Africa, Asia, and the United States, Wavetrend is a world leader in the deployment of active RFID and track-and-trace solutions. Wavetrend technology enables enhanced management of people, assets, and logistics for improved business performance while optimizing customer return on investment and payback time. Through both its direct Professional Service teams and its global network of accredited application and integration partners, Wavetrend delivers a wide selection of proven, superior-performing active RFID products and track-and-trace solutions to customers around the world and supports a variety of industries including transport, automotive, defense, healthcare, aviation, and construction.

For additional information on GlobalEyes, visit Wavetrend at: www.wavetrend.net/globaleyes

About System Planning Corporation:
System Planning Corporation was founded in 1970 to provide the government with solutions to complex security problems through the application of systems engineering concepts. For 37 years, SPC has been a research/studies organization focusing on arms control, nuclear weapons, and advanced technologies. SPC also designs and builds specialty “low-observables” radars. Visit SPC at:  www.sysplan.com 

Agency Contact:
Glenda Laudisio
Eight Eleven Inc.
E-mail: glaudisio@eight-eleven.com

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